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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Massage experience

This clip reminded me of something which happened to me a few months ago whilst I was in Malaysia:


I had a free afternoon and decided to have a massage after I'd been swimming in the hotel pool. I went to dry myself off first in the locker room and then went to reception to check in for my massage. I was wearing just my speedos and as she led me to the massage room the girl who was going to do my massage said something which I couldn't understand to her colleague on reception but at the same time let her hand brush across my speedos. She clearly felt my cock as she did so but as we were in reception I thought it must have been accidental. She was probably in her late twenties, petite, long black hair and very attractive.

Once in the room I stripped off my speedos and lay face down on the massage table. She didn't at this stage cover me with a towel and I lay there totally naked whislt she massaged my back and legs. When I turned over she still didn't make any attempt to cover my with a towel. By this point I was totally relaxed and as she massaged the top of my legs I could feel my cock growing. It wasn't long before it was erect. Now when this happens I never know whether to ignore it or apologies. But as she couldn't speak much English I decided not to say anything.

I lay there with my eyes closed and after a few minutes I felt her hands touch my cock and balls. I opened them and smiled. She leaned down and licked the tip of my cock with her tongue. Without saying anything she took her polo shirt off and then her bra so I could see her tits. I leant across and felt them. They were small but perfect in their way. She obviously liked this as she smiled. I lay back down and let her play with my cock.

She moved closer to me and I reached out and felt her cunt through her trousers. I took a deep breath and began to unzip her. At this point she stopped me and proceeded to do it herself. She pulled her trousers down to reveal a white g-string which she quickly removed. She then went back to my cock while I began to finger her cunt. By this time she was beginning to get wet and I leant up with my head and started to use my tongue on her. Before I knew what was happenign she had climbed up and straddled me so we could 69 each other. She had a perfect little cunt with nicely trimmed pubic hair. I ate her out for what seemed like ages as she sucked my cock. She tasted so good. I think she must have come a few times until I eventually came in her mouth. My orgasm was really powerful and I spurted deep in to her throat. She swallowed everything I gave her. We lay still for a few minutes before she finished off my massage and then dressed herself.


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