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Friday, April 27, 2007

A massage

The room is surprisingly big. As well as a hand basin, towel rails
and the massage table, the room also contains a leather fabric sofa and a
double-door locker. Spotlights in the ceiling give the room a subdued
feeling, and my first impression as to the size of the room proves to be
false as the main, uncluttered wall is mirrored from ceiling to
floor. Although air-conditioned the room is quite warm. Ben adjusts the
thermostat. 'Still getting things right,' he says. 'You don't mind if I
take my t-shirt off, do you?' he asks. 'Not at all. Make yourself
comfortable,' I answer as I go to the towel rails and hang up my towel. I
stand 6ft 2inches tall in front of the mirrored wall. I look at my uncut cock. Limp it is about 4 inches but hard I reach about 7 and a bit inches. I also wear a cock ring. I look at Ben in the mirror and he is standing with his
hands on his hips, wearing just his shorts, no t-shirt, and no shoes. He
moves over to the table and gestures for me to climb on. 'It's pointless
putting a towel over you now. Will you lay face down please.' I climb on
and place my face in the towel-surrounded hole.

I feel his hands on my shoulders. The oil is just above blood
temperature. It smells of herbs. He goes to work, first standing at the end
of the bed and then one side, then the other, working down my body and
arms. I feel warm oil again on my buttocks. I move my feet apart. I feel
oil running down the crack over my anus, then my balls. His hands knead my
buttocks gently. I move my legs further apart and get comfortable. My cock
is getting half hard. His kneading is getting slightly harder. I lift my
buttocks into his hands as he pushes down. He is massaging the tops of my
legs. His fingers brush my ball sack as they move round and back over my
thighs. He moves down my legs. My anus is contracting as my cock twitches
under me. I am fully hard. He reaches my feet and goes between my
toes. Then nothing. I lay totally relaxed. Ben breaks the silence. 'Worked
up a bit of a sweat here,' he says. I raise my head and look in the
mirror. His white shorts are now totally transparent, and sticking to his
big black jockstrap. He starts to take his shorts off. He bends to pick them up and the two black straps frame his dark anus. He turns back to face me. His jockstrap pouch is filled with semi-hard meat. 'In your own time, turn over onto your back,' he says.

He comes over to help me. He stands at my waist and helps me to sit up. I
see him looking at my hard cock. The skin is pulled half back over the
purple head. It is covered in clear pre-cum. I look at his jock. His cock
is beginning to tent it. I reach round with a hand and feel it. I look up
into his face. His eyes are dancing and that smile plays across his
face. 'May as well take this off or would you like to do it?' he asks.

I hop off the table. My cock is so hard that it points straight up my
abdomen. I come round behind him. I take hold of the jock's waist and pull
him to me. My cock slips on his sweaty buttocks and slips into his
cleft. He pushes back onto me. My cock slides under him and ends up between
his balls and his left leg. He sways back and forth, wanking my cock. I
just stand there luxuriating. I pull away from him and kneel down. He turns
to face me. I start to pull the jock down. He is fully hard now. His cock
catches momentarily on the front of the jock and then springs free. I pull
the jock to the floor and he steps out of it. His cut 8-inch cock waves in
front of me as he moves. I take it in my right hand. A small ball of clear
cum oozes from the piss slit. I lick it off. I feel his hands either side
of my shoulders, lifting. I stand up. Our cocks come into contact like
swords crossed before a match.

'If you will just come over there with me,' he says. He takes hold of my
cock and leads me over to the locker. The two doors open to reveal several
shelves of S & M gear, paddles, restraints etc., and also vibrators,
dildoes and butt plugs. I reach in and take a butt plug to look at. It is
violet and pliable. He starts to gently wank me. 'Is there anything else
you would like?' I take a 12 inch ribbed dildo from its place. He takes the
two items from me and leads me back to the table.

He places them on the leather surface and, pushing my neck gently, makes me
bend over the table. I put my hands out on it for support. He gets lube and
a condom and picks up the dildo. He rolls the rubber down the length of the dido and lubes it, whilst I watch him, my cock twitching and pulsing.

He puts a lubed finger to my ring and gently inserts it. Withdrawn it is
replaced by the dildo. I feel the ribs on it as he gently pushes it in
a few inches then pulls it almost out. 'You OK?' he asks. He reaches round
me and takes hold of my cock. Starting a slow wank he also starts to
piston the dildo in and out. Going deeper, it begins to excite my prostate.
My cock is so hard it feels it is near bursting. He lets the lube on his
hand help him to slide his hand over my cockhead, the outer ridge of my
helmet sliding across his gripping fingers. I am almost about to cum.

He stops with the dildo right up inside me. His hands massage my
shoulders. He leans in to my ear and says quietly, 'Almost over-did it. There's plenty of time.' He slowly pulls the dildo out of me, rubbing
my swollen ring to close it after it is out. I then feel him introduce the butt plug easily. 'Lie on your back please.'

I straighten up, hands to the small of my back to ease the muscles. Ben
comes round almost behind me and rubs my hands away. I can feel his cock
slapping the outside of my right leg as he works on my lower back. I turn
my side to him and get hold of his cock. It is fully pumped up and
twitching. 'Up on the table,' he says with his smile ever present. I climb
up on the table. 'Turn on your side,' he asks. I turn towards him. He
feeds the tip of his cock into my mouth. I take hold of his shaft, and my
other hand goes round to his bubble-butt. I pull him into my mouth. My
tongue swirls round his cock-head. He begins to hump my mouth. I wank his
shaft, rotating my hand as I pull it down to his trimmed pubes. The rim of
his cock-head scrapes against my cheek, my tongue. My teeth caress his
hardness. His hands now hold my head as he fucks in and out of my mouth. My
other hand reaches for, and gently squeezes and pulls at his balls. I can
feel his orgasm rising. His head is thrown back. He is thrusting at my
mouth. His pace falters and then his depth of fuckthrust lengthens. I can
taste his first ejaculation. Others follow as he pushes his cock almost
into my throat. He never goes too deep. I can breathe and swallow. His
spunk is almost in lumps, soft lumps. His thrusts become shallow, erratic
stabs. He stands still with his cock in my mouth. His head comes back
upright and he looks down at me. 'Fucking A,' he says, flashing that smile

He takes hold of his cock and removes it from my mouth. It is still
hard. He gently wanks it. I roll onto my back, savouring his spunk taste,
my knees bent towards the ceiling. Ben walks round the table holding his
still-hard cock. He pushes my knees over so that I face on my side again,
away from him. I feel the butt plug being rotated, then pulled out. I move
my bum over towards him and the edge of the table. I now feel his cock
entering my stretched ring with ease. I suddenly realise that he has just
cum copiously in my mouth and is still hard to fuck my arse. I turn my head
and look to makes sure that it is still he. He puts both hands on top of my
hip and starts to fuck me with long, deep, immensely satisfying
strokes. Again I feel my prostate being stroked. My cock regains its
rigidity. After a couple of minutes he pulls out of me and goes down to my
feet. He pulls my feet as I slide my body down towards him. He holds my
legs in the air and again slips into my arse with ease. He holds my legs
apart and I support them, holding them behind my knees. He takes my rampant
stiffy and wanks me with determined, almost rough strokes. His cock pumps
right in to the hilt as his hand reaches the bottom of its stroke. The
rhythm is slow, but just fast enough to build my orgasm. I feel his flared
cock-head scrape up and down my rectal passage. His helmet kisses my
prostate with each passing. His hand pumps in unison. As the first wad of
cum blows from my piss slit he thrusts deep into me whilst pulling my
foreskin down as far as it will go. Then he gives two quick pump/thrusts
and then another deep thrust/pull back as my balls send more cum splashing
into the air. I am holding the sides of the bed as my body ripples with
muscular spasms. Two more quick pump/thrusts followed by a deep slow thrust
and more spunk ejaculates. The way he is holding my cock makes my spunk
coat his chest. I feel that I can cum no more but he quickly strokes my
prostate again with his magnificent fuckstick. A final spasm wracks my
lower frame and then I call 'Stop! No more!'

He takes hold of my legs with his cock still in my arse. I let the tension
drain out of my tired muscles. He gently slips his cock out. Once more a hand massages my swollen sphincter to close it. I shift back up the table. Ben's warm hands are applying oil to my stomach. His slow, firm sweepings brush the aches aside. Then he is at my legs, smoothing out the tightness. Then he is at my temples, using his thumbs on the sides of my head, his touch getting ever lighter as I relax into near sleep. Through the light mists I feel his mouth on my dick, cleaning off
the remnants of sperm. I lie under the black heat lamps. And drift into sleep.

The next thing I know is that I am being gently woken.

I am now aware of several things. I am feeling tired but beautifully
relaxed. My arse-hole hurts, but in a nice way. I know I am in a massage room but I don't know who is shaking my shoulder gently.

'Who are you?' I ask with a smile and try to sit up. No way. I settle for
one elbow.

'Ben sent me,' he says. 'He thought you would like something to drink.'

The lights in here are dim but I make out another young being in the same
uniform, white shirt, shorts and shoes and ...yes....a black jockstrap.

'A cup of tea please' I answer. 'No make that a mug of tea.' I flop back
onto my back and wonder where all my strength has gone. I hear him busy

I sit up and take stock of myself. I swing myself round and look at myself
in the floor to ceiling mirror. No obvious damage. I slip myself forward
and my feet touch the heated floor. I look at my cock and balls in the
mirror. It is at half-mast, still encircled by my cock-ring. I remember why my
arse-hole aches. I look up to my face. I am smiling. I stand up and move
over to the leather couch. The young man enters with a knock. He has a
steaming cup of brew. He comes over to me and holds the mug out for me to take. I look at the package in his black jockstrap. It is of generous proportions to his size. I take the proffered mug and sit it on the leather cushion beside
me. He sits on the couch arm next to me. I ask him who he is.

'My name is Andy,' he says. He says 'Andy' like two words...Ann...Dee. He
crosses his legs, and holds the topmost knee with both hands, his head
turned to me. 'And you are Jamie' There is a pause as if he is making a
decision. 'Ben told me you were down here.' There is a pause before I say,
'and what do you do Andy, what is your job here?'

'Well,' he starts, 'I was originally brought in to take stock of everything
before they opened, you know, but I got on soooooooo well with Ben and the
others that they didn't want to lose me, so they kept me on. Special Duties
so as to speak.'

'And they are?' I prompted him.

'I don't know really. They said whatever comes up, I am to take it. And so
here I am.' He gave a timid little grin and a shrug and almost fell off the
couch arm. I put my hand out to save him and end up holding his leg. Our
eyes meet. 'And so here I am,' he repeats.

We look at each other for a few seconds and then I ask, 'And what are you
going to do now?'

'Well Ben asked me to get you a drink, and........well.........move you
out, really. He suggested that a swim and a Jacuzzi might be right for
you. You know,'

I looked at him and he appeared so pathetic that I took pity and agreed
with him. I gathered myself up to my full height and was about to walk out
when he nodded at me and said, 'Nice Cock you have there. They will
probably appreciate it out there, but no doubt some won't. To get to the
pool you have to walk past the gym. Ladies Pilates will never be the
same. I'll give you one of our robes.' He went over to the door and unhook
at white towelling robe. 'Give it back before you leave.' He tossed it to
me and went out the door sniggering. My opinion of the young man changed.

I find the Pool and the Jacuzzi. However, although I am wearing a
Towelling Robe, I don't think I can swim or Jacuze as I don't have a
swimming costume. There is a young lady dragging a net along the bottom of
the pool, like she is long-pole fishing. Interestingly I note that her
uniform is white t-shirt, shorts and shoes, with the refinement of a
black bra to the per-requisite black jockstrap. I wondered whom they had in
to advise on corporate uniforms. I ask her if I could hire or borrow a swim
costume. She looks up from her poling enough to answer that 'costumes is
for mornings and as it is afternoon I don't have to bother as afternoons
costumes is voluntary like.' (Her very words.) I thank her but decide that
neither the Jacuzzi nor the pool is really what I want and leave the
poolroom via the door at the far end.

I am now met with the choice of going into a dry sauna or a steam
sauna. Outside each door are pegs with a selection of white towels and
robes. I choose the steam-room. I leave my robe on a peg and enter the dim
steam-laden room.

There are four men inside. Two are up on a higher level than the other
two. I go and sit opposite them. My eyes slowly adjust to the low light,
which comes from one light fitting under the bench I am sitting on, and
also from a fitting above the higher level. I lean back against the wall
and close my eyes. It seems hardly any time passes before I feel movement
in the room and two of the four sit next to me. I open my eyes and look
either side of me. Two men, about my age, are now sitting close-ish to me,
but not in my comfort zone. Both are looking ahead and not at me. Both are
stroking their own hard-ons slowly. What do I do now I wonder? I look to my
left and his cock is uncut. As he pulls at his foreskin, the helmet
stretches the skin and then pops out. On the upward stroke the skin
recovers it. I look to my right and his cock is cut. His hand is round its
length and he gently strokes up and down from base to behind the
helmet. Still neither looks at me. I look ahead and see the other two on
the higher level. The head of one is in the lap of the other. He is giving
him a blowjob! I still do not know what to do. I can now feel the familiar
tingle in my cock. I look down and watch my cock unfold a little. Without
thinking I reach down and, with one hand holding my thick pewter cock-ring,
I pull my cock and balls so that the ring is tight up to my shaven body. I
realise what I have just done. I put my hands on the bench slats either
side of me. My cock continues to grow hard, not so much because of the
cock-sucking going on across the room, as of the two hands that are now
fondling my balls and stiffy. I slide my bottom slightly forward and then
lean back against the wall, so my cock sticks up and out for the guys. I
close my eyes and enjoy the moment. The guy on my left starts to wank my
now very hard cock. Let him. I feel something touch my right cheek. I look
straight at a circumcised cock-head. A sniff tells me he is washed and
ready. I open my mouth and he slides in. My cock is enveloped in a wet
warmness that I recognise as mouth. We begin to dance.

I put both hands up and put my hands flat on the guy's pubes, encircling
the circumcised shaft, so that it sticks out at right angles from his
body. He pushes against my hands to go deep into my mouth but I don't let
him. I hold him away and slowly move my head so that his dick is swallowed
into my throat. I recon on him being about 10 inches and fairly thick with
it. My lips touch the backs of my hands. I pull my head back off him and
breathe again. With one hand I begin to wank him, holding him at his base
and jerking him so his balls swing. I also twist my grip as I pull, giving
his cock extra sensation. I grip his helmet between my tongue and the top
of my mouth, keeping my head at an angle so that my teeth do not scrape his
shaft. I let my mouth salivate to give good lubrication and give him my
best, A1, gold-plated suck-off. My other hand get hold of his free-swinging
balls and applies a slight pull to them, nothing to hurt. I can feel his
shaft thickening and his helmet growing in my mouth. He is now pulling me
onto his knob with his hands on my head. Then he holds my head and
spasms. A thick rope of spunk squirts onto the back of my throat and into
my mouth. I breathe through my nose. Another spasm and another gush of
spunk, and I have to swallow. Another, and another. I luxuriate in the
taste of this stranger's semen. In all he gives me nine presents from his
balls. He pulls out of my mouth and bends down to kiss me. I open my lips
and he can see my tongue coated in his ejaculate. His tongue enters my
mouth. He stands up, his cock standing proud. I lean back to the wall and
stop the guy on my left from finishing me off. 'I only came an hour ago and
I don't think I'm ready yet,' I tell him. He stands up and I then see his
uncut shaft in all its glory. It's a monster. I think that a cock like that
must be too big for most women and definitely too big for me, wherever he
puts it. He pulls his foreskin back to let me see his massive helmet. I put
a hand up to hold it but my hand does not go all the way round it. He gets
hold of it and, brushing my hand away, starts to wank. With his legs apart
and his back bowed backward he pulls at his horse-cock until it starts to
spit. The first time he cums over my chest, then, with better aim he hits
my nose and it dribbles down into my open mouth. The third goes into my
hair, and then he is right on target and squeezes one off into my open
mouth. I lean forward and suck his piss slit. Another white rope of lumps
skids along my tongue. I try to get my lips round his helmet but he is too
big for me. I content myself curling my tongue under his cock-head and
sucking his enormous slot as he continues to pump and fire two more rounds
into me. 'Thanks pal,' he says as he pats my shoulder and leaves. I look
round but I am alone in the room. I feel very hot and in need of a shower
and another drink.

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badad(i)dude said...

That was so f*ck*ng hot, man - I came at least twice just reading it: once with the massage and once with the sauna. Thanks for sharing it.

Any time you want to play just give me a shout.


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