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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday Night

Hell, I wasn't at all sure that she'd say "yes" but I decided to chance it. Last Friday it'd been a hard day at work and I was sure Claire, my secretary, was as knackered as I was. Her shoulders slumped a bit and that afforded me a peek down the front of her plain white business-type blouse as she bent forward to retrieve a file. She seemed to linger just a fraction of a brief bit longer than usual, which had a dual effect on me. My cock lurched upward a bit as I gazed briefly at the tops of her full tits straining at her white bra. Plus, it put an idea in my head. Maybe the extra second or two was intentional-she WANTED me to eyeball her luscious tits! That thought quickly led to others. Didn't her nipples seem to show a hint of arousal through the white bra and blouse? Maybe she was a wee bit horny? Maybe, although she'd never evinced the slightest hint of sexual interest in me, my luck was about to change! Kim was out for the night with her mates so I suggested "You look beat. I know a place that could give you a quick pick-me-up."

Looking intrigued, she replied. "You're right-what did you have in mind?"

"A massage."

"Oh, right-and I suppose you're just the guy who'd give me one", smiling as she said it.

Downplaying my considerable interest, I said "Nah-not me-I know a place that gives the full treatment and it's right on your way home. And, not to worry-they have masseuses as well as masseurs. Tell ya what-I'll go along and get one, too, so you needn't worry. And I'll even cover your fee" The fact that she didn't immediately say 'No" and run away gave me a second hint-maybe she WAS up to satisfying her unstated horniness!! I knew I'd best play it along slowly so as to not spook her. If my suspicions were correct, the prize would be well worth it. I had visited the place once before with Kim and I knew Claire and I were in for a wild time IF I could snooker her into going. No use letting that beautiful creature with the intriguingly blonde body escape by letting her know what she was in for. (Hell-little did I know what I myself was in for.)

She accepted and followed me to the health spa which was a veritable Taj Mahal of clean. Pure white walls surrounded the highly polished wood floor surrounding the sign-in desk. I could see any concern she may have had starting to leave and she perked up as the clerk took our requests. Claire chose a masseuse and I chose a masseur. The receptionist was about to run my credit card through the machine when she paused and said "Oh, we've had a problem I should tell you about. We had a water pipe break today and we're short of individual rooms. All we have left is a joint-occupancy room that couples often use. Do you mind using that one?"

Claire at first look startled as she murmured "But, we're not married. We just work together" Seeing the slightest hint of a blush begin around her petite ears, I quickly reassured her "But you'll have a large towel wrapped around you and so will I. You expose more at the beach." She fell for that and we were shown to the individual changing rooms where we shed our clothes and donned the beach-size towels.

Outside the changing rooms we met the masseuse and masseur. Kamiko was a beautiful petite Oriental girl of about 22, dressed in a black thong. Actually, it was a little less than the standard thong outfit. Her luscious almost-bare ass was fully on display, but there was even more (less!) The bra was minimalist as well, with her pert nipples straining hard against the material of the bra.

The masseur who introduced himself as Pete was the picture of an Italian muscle stud. Massive biceps covered by a simple t-shirt and a brief pair of athletic shorts. The tight shorts hinted at what lay beneath-a rather large bulge. I caught Claire taking a sneak peek at that bulge as Pete turned to lead us into the massage room and, I must confess that I, much to my surprise, found the bulge intriguing as well. The fact that neither of us seemed in the least bit repulsed by the flesh on display boded well for what was to come. Claire seemed to be warming up gradually and I found myself experiencing surprising feelings. Naturally, checking out Kamiko's ass and nips was a turn-on.

The massage room was a bit on the warm side and the tables, wide enough for two persons, were covered with fluffy white jersey material so as to absorb the sweat that was sure to arise. They were on wheels so that they could be swung easily into whichever positions the clients wished. Claire and I quickly agreed on a head-to-head configuration so that we could chat as Kamiko and Pete did their work. The tables ended up about 4 feet apart and Kamiko and Pete stood to either side so that Claire and I had a clear view of each other.

Pete covered his hands with a shiny fluid and began working on my neck and upper back. I noticed immediately that the fluid exuded a warming that spread throughout my towel-covered body. It wouldn't be long before I would have no need of the towel. I hesitated to be the first to shed the towel so I took note of how Claire was responding to Kamiko's ministrations. Kamiko was using the same fluid as Pete and, inside of 5 minutes, drops of perspiration were evident as Kamiko gently rubbed Claire's neck. Smiling at Claire, I exclaimed "Whew-it's getting a little warm over here. How about you?" Claire had to admit that she was feeling the same heat. "Maybe you ought to unwrap the towel a bit", I suggested. "Oh, gosh-then I'd be semi-naked", Claire said. "Not to worry", I responded. "After all, you are lying face down just as you do when tanning at the beach. Don't you often undo your bra straps so you don't get any tan lines? This wouldn't be any different." "Well, I guess not", she concluded, "but you'll have to undo your towel a bit, too, so we'll be equal." I concurred and my plan moved along quite nicely to the next step, with both of us bared to the waist as the massages continued.

In just a few minutes, I took the chance and asked "but how about poor Pete? He's kind of warm in that t-shirt, I'll bet." No problem on this either, and Pete stripped the t-shirt from his chest, revealing well-developed pecs with dark nipples peeking from the centre of a forest of black hair. Pete's talented hands soon worked their way down to my waist and kneaded the small of my back. It felt very, very, good and the tension in my back started to dissipate while, at the same time, I felt an increasing tension in my loins on the front side. Damned if I wasn't experiencing the beginnings of sexual arousal! Lucky I was lying face-down so that Claire wouldn't notice the early stages of what promised to be a full-blown erection. I wouldn't want her to see it before she was ready.

I'd been feeling so relaxed from Pete's talented hands that I nearly forgot to have a look at how Claire was proceeding under Kamiko's tender care. Raising my head, I saw that Kamiko, moving very silently on her petite feet, had climbed on top of Claire's table and was straddling Claire's lower legs as she worked on the lower back. Claire hadn't said a word about it-another good sign. From time to time, Kamiko would slide her hands up along Claire's sides to her underarms and the tips of her fingers would contact the outer edges of Claire's flattened breasts. Claire offered no objection to this, either, and I could see that the attention was causing her temperature to rise even further. Sweat now appeared on her back and sides.

By this time, Pete was aware of the effect he was having on me and he returned my smile as I looked up. He kept rubbing my lower back, occasionally gently tugging my love handles.

"Time for the next step", I thought to myself. "I'm really getting very hot now, Claire-this lotion is doing a job on me. How about you?" She replied that it was affecting her likewise so I ventured " maybe we ought to remove the towels all together." "But then you could see my bare ass!", she protested. I had the ready answer for that-"I've heard you tell the girls in the office about your thong, so you shouldn't be so modest." I won that point and her towel joined mine on the floor.

Pete now had full access to my bare ass and he gently rubbed it up and down, pulling it tautly inward and outward and then releasing it. Once or twice he spread my cheeks ever so slightly and allowed the back of his fingertips to make a quick journey up and down the inner linings. I twitched involuntarily as he did so and I'm sure he noticed, for he then began doing it on every fourth stroke or so. Meanwhile, on my front side, my cock began a slow rise as the feelings progressed from comforting to sexual.

I didn't mind if Claire noticed the reddening my of face as I again looked up to check her progress at the hands of Kamiko. Seeing my redden would make her feel less shameful if she, by chance, was experiencing the same feelings. Lifting my head, I quickly noticed that Kamiko had slyly removed her bra and was now working on Claire's ass, completely bare-breasted as she straddled Claire's lower legs. Kamiko smiled as I gazed at her erect nipples and I chose to say nothing as Claire looked up and met my glance. Claire seemed semi-asleep as she smiled back and said nothing. She just stared at Pete's work on my cheeks and perked up as she saw me stiffen each time his fingertips played along the inside. An amused look crossed her pretty face. I was amused, too, for Claire had no idea that Kamiko's bare tits were only inches from her back as Kamiko leaned forward to reach the upper back region. It was her turn to be startled as she felt the hardened nipples trail down her spine and I chuckled silently in my mind. It seemed to turn her on as her temperature rose and the sweat began popping out all over her lithe body.

Now it was time for Kamiko to step up the action one notch further. Pausing in her work, she raised her hips, untied the strings of her thong and silently dropped it to the floor. Claire may have thought that Kamiko had merely paused to mop her brow and took no notice until she felt a different sensation on the back of her left thigh. It didn't take her long to realize that, instead of Kamiko's loving fingertips running along her legs, she now had a petite Oriental bare pussy steadily riding her left thigh. I watched intently as Claire took in this new sensation-an aroused pussy leaving slimy love trails on her skin. She swallowed hard and her lovely face began turning a light shade of purple.

Claire broke the silence with a muted wail of "Jamie, I think Kamiko is naked!" Pretending to notice for the first time I said "Yep, she sure is, but all that rubbing has made her as warm as you are. Is it fair that she should remain fully clothed when you aren't?" She had to admit that I had a valid point. "But you can see everything she has!" "She doesn't seem to mind", I replied and Kamiko shook her head from side to side vigorously. "Well, if you want to talk about fair, then I should have a better look at Pete." "I don't mind if he doesn't", I said and Pete shrugged out of his tight shorts, tossing them across the room. "Oh-no fair", Claire wailed. "he's wearing a jock!!" Up till now I'd spent my looks on Claire and Kamiko and hadn't glance up at Pete in some time. As I did so. I noticed that, like me, he had experienced the beginnings of an erection. Although probably only halfway engorged,his cock tried to climb outside the restraints of his jock. It was only two feet from my head as he worked at my left side and again I surprised myself by admiring it rather than recoiling from the proximity of such a weapon. "Too bad for you, Claire-men wear two pieces on their lower bodies and women only wear one. You'll have to be content for the moment with inequality."

This inequality continued as Pete resumed his caresses of my ass cheeks, again sliding his fingertips down the insides on a haphazard schedule that I couldn't predict. My delight at those intimate touches became readily apparent for I could not resist bucking my ass upward at each touch. Pete noticed and softly chuckled to himself as he noticed my reaction. "What's so funny over there?" came Claire's soft voice. The voice seemed a little huskier than normal and I suspected that Kamiko's attentions were feeding a growing horniness inside her now profusely-sweating body. "Oh, nothing, Claire" replied Pete-"its just that Jamie likes my touching his cheeks all over." "What do you mean by 'all over' "? Claire queried. "You mean like on the inside as well as outside?" "Yep" , interjected Pete, "this horny bastard is practically begging for me to touch the inside!"

At this, Claire giggled and I threw the question back at her-"and what's tickling you?" "Kamiko has removed my towel all together, and, while I can't see back over my shoulder but I think she's been running her nipples up and down my ass crack !" "And you like that?", I asked. Claire shivered a bit as she responded, I heard a small "yesssssss" escape her lips. The "yesssssss" was quickly followed by a sharp "Ooooooooh" Without waiting to be asked, Claire murmured the answer to what would have been my next two questions-""she just touched my pussy: and "yes, I liked that, too." "How much did you like it., Claire?" "I'm getting quite wet-my poor pussy is positively gushing."

I could see that my plan was coming to fruition. Claire had slowly been warmed up to the point where her body was taking over her mind completely. Never had I heard her utter words like "pussy" or "ass" in our office environment. But here, in the warm massage room, she was becoming a wild and wanton sex kitten. It wouldn't be too long until the plan played out in full, as it had during the visit I'd made with Kim earlier. I would end up fucking Claire senseless as Kamiko fed her a mouthful of juicy Oriental cunt! That last time it had been just Kamiko, my girl, and I. Pete hadn't been present back then but I'd figured that I couldn't convince Claire to accompany me unless she knew that I, too, was being massaged by a person of the same gender. The fact that she had now taken several longing looks at his jock-covered dick, I reasoned, could only be helping to raise her to a eminently fuckable state where she would be begging for it. But I hadn't factored in two thoughts that soon became very important. I hadn't realised that Claire's sharp mind would remain in control even during her heated frenzy-so in control, in fact, that she had developed a little plan of her own!! And maybe even more importantly, I hadn't counted on my OWN growing interest in Pete's cock. Claire had noticed my staring at his swelling bulge and had incorporated it into HER plan.

The next "oooooh" surprised even me as it escaped from MY lips. "And now what's making YOU go 'oooooh?", Claire giggled. "Pete just brushed my asshole", I shame-facedly replied. "That's no worse than Kamiko touching my pussy, is it? "No-I guess we're still about equal in that regard." "Equal, my butt!!", Claire challenged. "Kamiko's nude and Pete still has on his jock!! I think he should take it off immediately." I had no choice but to admit she was right and raised my head from the jock-level gaze to look Pete in the eye. "Is that OK with you, Pete?" "Shit, man, I've been waiting for someone to ask me. I've sweated thru this jock and I could stand an airing."

He quickly slipped off the jock and the site that greeted us impressed both Claire and I, although I tried to conceal my reaction. A huge hardon sprang forth, and it must have been 8 inches in length. 8 inches of rock-solid circumcised cock, fully engorged to the extent that the purple head seemed menacing. I was transfixed by the mere presence of such a fuck weapon only inches from my head. Little did I know upon first sighting it which or even WHOSE aperture it would soon fill. "Nine" said Pete, anticipating our questions. "Oh my God", trembled Claire, thinking of how such a monster would stretch her poor pussy to its limits. "Damn, Claire-have you ever seen such a cock other than on a stallion?" I asked. "That damned thing must be at least another 6'" in diameter!!" She admitted that she hadn't. I had been quite fortunate that Pete had been at full staff when he released it from its cage. As such, pointing upward, it just managed to miss my head on its upward trajectory out of the jock.

The sudden appearance of Pete's huge cock seemed to super-heat what had already been a atmosphere of overheated sexual tension. Kamiko broken the tension by saying to Claire "You must turn over now. I'm finished with your back." Claire offered a little resistance, weakly wailing "But then Jamie will be able to see my breasts and vagina !" I was right behind her with "But, hey-you just settled the inequality issue when you made Pete remove his jock. I've been getting an eyeful of Kamiko's goodies for quite some time now and you are getting your jollies, no doubt, staring at Pete's dick."

Claire relented and added "OK-but you have to roll over, too. If you'll be able to see my breasts and vagina, I wanna have a good look at what you've been hiding." "One condition, Claire", I replied---"I'll do it but you have to agree that 'breast and vagina' are hardly fitting terms at this point. Things have heated up to the point where you must say tits and pussy from now on!. They are more than just body parts-they are sexual parts that give you intense feelings" Claire murmured "Oh, all right-tits and pussy – I want to see your COCK!!" Any pretense of office-environment formality had totally disappeared. The beautiful Claire had been converted to a highly-charged sexual entity with, I hoped, fucking and sucking on her mind.

At the count of three, we both rolled over. Pete and Kamiko moved the tables so that we were now foot-to-foot and could get a clear view by rising up on our elbows. Both Pete and Kamiko stood aside, temporarily ceasing the massages, knowing full well that Claire and I would be very interested in checking out each other's bodies that were now in full view. Damn! Claire's tits were much fuller than I'd ever anticipated. Even though gravity flattened them against her rib cage, they looked to be 36C's. This whole adventure had started with my peek at her nipples straining at her bra back in the office. Now I could see them in their full glory-standing at attention, eraser-hard and jutting proudly in the air. And the best part was something I'd always hoped to see-they were PINK rather than brown, and they had an upward tilt to them. I'd always preferred the upward tilt because they seemed to reach out to the admirer, begging to be nursed, sucked. The full erection extending outward so far invited twisting, mashing, pulling, milking, and whatever other rough treatment a sexual partner might invent.

"Holy hell, Claire-you've got one helluva set of tits on you!", I pronounced. She shuddered a bit at this familiarity but quickly came back with "and I'm impressed by your dick. You can really stretch a girl's pussy with that monster, I'm sure."

Now that we'd had a decent look at each other's equipment, the massages resumed and we lay back halfway-resting on our elbows. Kamiko climbed back on top of the table and again straddled Claire's leg, beginning her work by rubbing Claire's shoulders. Pete remained at the side of my table, being sure to keep out of my line of vision so that I could continue to see how Claire reacted to whatever Kamiko invented next. Pete worked on my chest, occasionally rubbing my nipples and I was pleased to see that Kamiko didn't take long to work her way down to Claire's nips. Mine have never been that sensitive but Claire's obviously were. She visibly shuddered with each light touch of Kamiko's talented fingers. She couldn't suppress a moan when Kamiko shifted to a light pulling on first one, and then the other. A gasp escaped her lips and I, having laid back to enjoy Pete's work, raised back
up to see the cause of the gasp. "What's the matter, Claire?", I asked. "She's pulling and twisting my nipples", she exclaimed. "Bet you like that", I snickered. "Oh, yesssss !!!!", she moaned.

Claire raised up to see that Pete had worked his way down to my lower abdomen, sliding his hands and around, but not touching, my aching cock, which was straining for release. "I can see you're getting closer to some great feelings, too" she slyly suggested. "Could be"-- we'll see", I guessed.

The next time I raised up I could see that Kamiko had shifted her position, resettling on Claire's thighs. From that advantage, she was able to reach all the way back up to Claire's ears which she had neglected for too long. She would tickle them ever so slightly, and sometimes insert her tiny fingertip just inside as I would my tongue if I were there. I'm sure Claire could easily imagine the fingertip to be the head of a hard prick trying to enter her pussy. As Kamiko retreated from the upper position, she would bend forward so that her nipple would trail downward across Claire's lips. "Not fair, Claire", I suggested, "she's been making you fell so good. It's only fair that you lick her nips as they pass by." For the first time since we began, Claire offered no complaint whatsoever. She just extended her tongue and gave a thorough washing to each nipple as it slid past. My plan was working super-well and I felt safe in suggesting yet another escalation. "And I think you should do even more. You should suck on them, too." Claire had no ability to say anything further for a few minutes-her mouth was too full of nipple and tit to speak. Damn-this was getting easier-all I had to do was suggest and she immediately took the task to hand-or mouth.

Pete had by now taken to touching my dick from time to time as he rubbed. He'd grab the stem and slowly stroke it gently toward to aching tip. I offered no resistance and only smiled up at him as he worked. His gentle touch inflamed me but he was careful to not grab TOO hard-couldn't have me coming until the proper time.

Next time I looked up I saw that Kamiko had moved downward a bit and was busily engaged in giving Claire's pert tits yet another workout, with one escalation Twist, pull , and then SUCK. Milk, stretch, SUCK. Claire had closed her yes and seemed lost in bliss and she reveled in the sensations, tossing her beautiful face from side to side. I could see that Claire's ministrations on Kamiko's nipples had had an added effect. Kamiko's pussy was obviously so wet that it left even-more-visible trails down Claire's leg as she slid back and forth easily. I longed to lick both the source of the pussy juice and the long leg that it covered but I knew I have my chance later.

I lay back for a minute and enjoyed the workout Pete was giving my cock-teasing it ever so gently while being careful not to make it too enjoyable. I had to sit up again as I suddenly heard another gasp from Claire. Even though I could clearly see the cause of the gasp, I wanted to hear Claire say it. "What's she doing, now, Claire?" "She's touching my pussy", she almost whispered. "Just the outside of your pussy?" "No-she's putting her finger inside and fucking me with it!" "Is that all?" "And she's rubbing my clit, too." Claire's body was wildly thrashing on the table to the extent I feared she'd fall off, so I thought I'd best offer yet another suggestion. "Be careful, Kamiko, I think she might come soon. She loves it so much she may fall off." Kamiko giggled and backed off for a bit, returning to just stroking Claire's nipples and lower stomach.

The respite gave Claire the opportunity to once again check out the progress on my table. "HEY", she complained. We're not equal anymore!! Kamiko's all over and inside my poor pussy-the least you could do is stroke Pete's cock!!" Grinning, I complied and reached out for it. From position on my back, I couldn't see it but sight wasn't necessary-I didn't have to move my hand very far before it banged up against it. I began stroking-from the base to the tip and back again. Gently I explored it up and down, my trip made easier by the coating of pre-cum that now covered it.

"That's better", said Claire, "work on that dick, Jamie" as she lay back to enjoy what had obviously become much more than a massage by now. Kamiko was intent on working Claire to a higher and higher level. Maybe she intended to bring Claire to full orgasm but she didn't rush to get there. I didn't see the next progression immediately, for I had laid back to enjoy Pete's manipulation of my cock, even as my outstretched hand returned the favour. He had added a slight twisting motion as he worked it upward, relaxing only as he approached the tip. I showed my approval by doing the same to his cock.

"Oh, God!!" came the word from the other table. "Now she's putting two fingers of one hand inside me and petting my clit with her other hand. I can't STAND IT!!!. I'm gonna come in a minute if she keeps that up" "Hold on, Claire", I prompted. "Kamiko's been doing all the work. It wouldn't be fair to make her do all the work without rewarding her, would it?" "Nooooo, AHHH-she just licked my clit. Oh, shit-that feels so good." "Then why don't you eat her pussy, too?

It was hard to see her smile from my vantage point-Kamiko's fine ass, dripping with juices that her work on Claire had stirred up, obscured my view. I never suspected that Claire, despite all her previous indication of virginity in matters such as we'd been engaged in, WASN'T all that "virgin" at all. She'd smelled out my plan from the start back in the office and had developed a plan of her own!! All this time she had pretended to be only gradually heating up sexually as my plan had progressed. The truth, as I later found out, was that she really didn't NEED Kamiko's caresses, kisses and insertions to get to the point where she'd eat pussy. What a sneaky, sexy bitch she turned out to be. She had only let me think that all that was necessary and her plan was to let me get so hot that I would agree to whatever SHE wanted!!! She now sprung her trap.

No sooner did I suggest "Then why don't you eat her pussy, too?" than she immediately replied "OK, buy ONLY if you remain equal, as we have been all along. It didn't dawn on me and I hesitated briefly. She sensed my hesitancy and instructed "I'll eat her pussy but you have to SUCK PETE'S COCK!!!"

Sly Claire was now in charge-our roles had been swiftly reversed. "Move the
tables around again. Pete-climb up and sit on the side of the table.
Jamie-get down on your knees alongside the table. Kamiko. Move into the 69
position on top of me. I want to be able to peek around your thighs-I want
a clear view of Jamie with his mouth full of dick"

All was accomplished in short order and I was able to see Claire take her first tentative licks of Kamiko's pussy before I stared at the task ahead of me. Pete's prick stood hard and tall inches from my face-glistening with pre-cum. I must spent too long adoring it for in no time I heard Claire command "Get to it, Jamie! Start by rubbing it around your lips." I complied and soon heard "Now lick the pre-cum from it." I did this, too and was rewarded by a slightly salty taste that I found strangely intoxicating. "Now lick all around the head and up and down his shaft-don't miss a spot." I proceeded to do that, as well and soon I heard "Now isn't that delicious?" To this, I could only murmur "mmmmm."

It didn't dawn on me that Claire shouldn't be able to communicate so freely if she was truly licking Kamiko's pussy. She must have managed it somehow, for I heard Kamiko's sighs of contentment issuing from the other table. I wasn't pondering such questions at the time, for I had become intent on the man-meat I was treating to a tongue wash.

"Now, open your mouth and suck in the tip" came the command. "I don't expect you to answer me from now on-your mouth will be much too full." She was right about that-just the head alone was enough to stretch my lips to their fullest. No sooner had I adjusted to that fat expanse than Claire issued her next commands. "Now take the entire shaft in your mouth, as deep as you can. And don't forget to keep that tongue busy on the underside---lick it up and down. Pay special attention to the sensitive spot just under the tip. Stop every little bit to give your mouth a rest but your tongue will get NO rest. Pull back until just the tip is inside you and do butterfly dance all over that gorgeous tip. Suck on it and then re-inset the length back inside and resume the earlier strokes."

I continued this for what seemed like 5 minutes when I heard the next order. "Now take as deep as you possibly can, keep running that tongue and SUCK it hard. I want you to EAT HIS CUM!!!"

The final act didn't take long, for Pete had been working up to the point of no return all the while. Soon his cock began to twitch and swell almost beyond the poor capacity of my willing mouth to contain it. Suddenly, with no warning, it gave a mighty spasm, and WHAM-delivered its first jet of red-hot cum. The ejection was so strong that I had no chance to choose whether I'd swallow it. It blasted straight down my throat so quickly that I had no chance to savour if I liked the taste or not. Its speed surpassed my tongue's ability to taste it as it flew by. That first immense blast was followed by a second and third and fourth eruption. Each successive shot was of lesser intensity and I finally had my chance to taste it. Salty, sweet, tangy-and HOT. God help me, I LOVED IT!!"

"Oh, Jamie-you magnificent horny darling. You loved it, didn't you? Now be nice and clean Pete up. Lick all around his pubic hair and under his balls where it dripped down. And clean your face-it's a mess."

In the heat of sucking cock I had completely missed the sounds of two orgasms that had rung out from the other table. Yet, when I looked up from my kneeling position, I saw that that's exactly what must have occurred. Kamiko had totally collapsed onto Claire and they lay there in semi-comatose states. Claire felt my glance and smiled up at me though lips covered with sweet pussy juice. "Gotcha" was all she said.

We said goodbye to Kamiko and Pete, thanking them profusely and promising to stop on our way out to leave them sizable tips for services well rendered. We met again in the car park after we'd showered and I had to ask how this had all transpired. "Oh, Jamie, I knew that you thought I was just a prim and proper sweet young thing who wouldn't DREAM of cunnilingus. I thought it would be fun to just let you think that while I proceeded to see exactly how much I could con you into doing. And, honey-you did just fine!! I'll never forget how sweet you looked with a mouthful of Pete's cum leaking out the sides of your mouth. It made me hunger for some, too. In college my roomie and I used to eat each other all the time!! I love cunt" With that, Claire was into her car and off in a flash, leaving me the memories of what we had done AND, of course, the sweet and new after-taste of cum.


Dav9saol said...

wow.....I think I need to calm down ...that was so erotic...thank you.....

Thursday's Child said...

Hot story -very, very erotic! I think I may have to add you to my blogroll and send my husband, D, your way to read as well!


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