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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rugby fuck

When I was at university I played rugby. This particular Saturday, it seemed like any other day. The rain was pouring, I couldn't find my kit bag and I was running late. Jamiee thing happened week in, week out. Today was an important match for us. It was the last rugby game of the season and the game that would decide whether we came out on top of the league or in second place, and second place just wasn't good enough.

I grabbed a quick shower and run through the house naked looking for my things. My housemate had a tendency to clean up after me and as usual I found my kit bag in the most random of places, this time behind the sofa. I stuffed my kit inside, pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and made my way out to the car to head to the ground. I had 45 minutes to spare, and could probably be there in 15, but I needed to get changed and the coach would no doubt want a pep talk before hand so I needed to put my foot down.

I had played for the club since I was 16 and I was now 21. I was hoping that if we got through this game with a win, I was going to be made captain in the next season. Pete, our current captain was retiring and the grand old age of 32 after being battered and bruised and spending most of his wages on new teeth to replace the ones that kept getting beaten out of his mouth during games. He was a fine player, and would be missed greatly, but his departure was my way in and I needed to really prove myself this game.

When I got to the grounds, mostly everyone was in the changing rooms. I made my way through the horde of naked and semi naked men and sat myself down on the bench to get ready. In my rush to get my things and get out of the house, I hadn't bothered putting any underwear or socks on. Luckily I packed a jockstrap with my kit to put on under my shorts. I stripped off my jeans and shirt and stood there naked for a second as Ryan, my best mate on the team came over to talk to me. The fact that I was naked went unnoticed in a room full of nakedness and he carried on talking regardless.

"We got this today Jamie" he said, tapping me on the back. "Word is your going to be named Captain tonight, so you got to shine out there today man."

"Well we haven't lost a game in 13 weeks, I ain't going to let it happen today." I replied.

Ryan looked at me smiling before moving on and talking to one of the guys across the way from me. I watched as his naked arse got further away and let out a sigh at the sight. Scott stood at well over 6 feet and was a big strapping lad. He was a year or two older than me and I had lusted after his body for months. He was toned in all the right places, with bulging muscles and rippling biceps, but his arse was amazing. So firm and tight looking, covered in hair just like the rest of him. I lost count of the amount of times I have had to stop myself dropping to my knees and prizing my tongue between his cheeks.

I was snapped out of my daze by the coach coming into the changing room and clapping his hands for attention. I started putting my kit on as he rambled on about how important today's game was. I reached for my jockstrap first, pushing each of my toned hairy legs into the opening and pulling it up to my waist, tucking my soft dick into it and moving it around until it sat comfortably. I loved how my pack looked in a jock. The guys on the team often comment on it too which I love. My shorts were next, followed by my jersey and then finally my socks, which I pulled up just over my knees before taping them in place and pulling the tops of them down to cover the tape. I was putting my boots on just as coach was finishing his speech and starting t usher us onto the field. I was the last but one to leave the changing room, with Jason running closely behind me. He was another one of my fantasies, but I had no time to start thinking about him now. Not with the match about to start. He slapped me hard on the backside as we ran.

"Good luck out there Jamie" he said giving me a wink, and we ran out to face the enemy.

We got off to a bit of a rough start. The rain pelted us and we where starting to get a bit sloppy in our approach, but after about 15 minutes we took possession and we kept it for most of the remainder of the game. They were our toughest opponents all season, and three of our men were taken out with injuries. Their defence was strong. I had cuts all down my legs and my ribs felt like they were about to pack up, but we carried on and ended up winning the game 47-8. The coach was ecstatic and there was hot baths and champagne waiting for us back in the changing rooms.

The coach again gave a massive speech as we all got undressed ready to head for the baths. The corks on the champagne were popped and we all cheered knowing we were now at the top of the league. Pete, the current captain gave a bit of a speech on how proud he was of all of us and how he had loved playing with us, which garnered another loud cheer before half the team picked him up and carried him to the baths, where we all finally got in to soak our aching muscles.

Loud voices filled the air as everyone celebrated and talked about the game. I was in the middle of a conversation with Ryan when I suddenly realised I hadn't brought my shirt and team tie with me today. There was no way I was going to be able to turn up at the club house without it. Especially if they were going to present me with the captaincy. I told Ryan, who said he had a spare shirt and tie in his locker, but it had been there a while and it was probably going to be best I cover myself in
aftershave to mask the smell of the shorts he had left in there with them. The thought of going out there smelling like someone's shorts didn't entirely please me, but there was no other option available.

Ryan and I got out of the bath and walked towards where the lockers were kept. No one seemed to notice us leaving so I didn't think we would be missed. Everyone else was to excited about the days events to pay any mind to what we were doing anyways.

When we got to the lockers, Ryan pulled out the things that I needed and handed them to me. They actually smelled fine but my new worry was whether the shirt would fit me. Ryan, like me had a very toned and large upper body, but my neck was really thick and always had trouble finding shirts that fit. I grabbed someone's towel from next to the lockers and dried my upper body before trying the shirt on. It was a very snug fit, and the neck was a little small, but Ryan assured me that the tie would hide it and I quickly folded it and put it down next to my things.

As I was bending over to put the shirt and tie down, I was sure that Ryan was watching me, so I quickly turned around to catch his gaze. Sure enough he was looking down at my arse and the balls hanging low between my legs. When he saw that I had caught him, instead of looking embarrassed he just smiled at me and put his hand towards his limp dick to rearrange it a little. I smiled back and straightened myself up. I could feel the blood start to rush towards my dick and I know he noticed it too, but before we had a chance to do anything about it, the coach called and we had to go back to the washrooms.

I hurried into the bath before anyone had a chance to see what was happening to my dick and joined back in with the celebrations. Ryan sat opposite me, and although he was carrying on a conversation with one of the other players, he kept glancing over at me and flashing me little smiles. I could feel my face getting redder. This was a come on if ever I saw one. As far as I knew, none of my team mates knew I was gay. I don't think I was ever obvious about it and kept my cock watching at a minimum, but somehow Ryan knew. In honesty I didn't care that he did. I wasn't ashamed, it was just unexpected. I never thought he would be interested in me in that way. Or interested in any man for that matter.

Any doubt about what Ryan wanted was put aside when I felt his foot snake up between my legs and start to play with my balls. I prayed that no one would notice underneath the bubbles because I had no intention of stopping him, and I tried to carry on my conversation as though nothing were happening. His foot rubbed up and down on my balls, making my dick hard before he started to push it up towards my stomach, moving his foot in a stroking motion. I contemplated returning the favour but decided to let him do the work. I couldn't risk doing anything in case this turned out to be a team joke that I wasn't in on.

Every now and then I would glance over and look at him. He carried on his conversation but it didn't stop me taking in his fine form. Like most of the guys on the team, Ryan worked out nearly every day and it showed. His body was so defined and covered in dustings of hair. He had a strong jaw line, dotted with day old stubble and the most piercing blue eyes that you could imagine.

He carried on rubbing his foot along my 7", moving down to the balls and back up again, putting extra pressure on the head when he got to it. I carried on listening to my team mate talking to me but paid no attention to the words. I could feel my nuts start to rise and knew he was going to make me cum. There was nothing I could do about it and I was getting close. Just as I was about to lose my load into the tub, someone shouted something out and the team let off a big cheer, disguising the moan that escaped my lips as I blew my load all over my team mates foot and onto my lower stomach. He had stopped his conversation and hadn't taken his eyes off of me while I was coming. He shot me a big grin as he pulled his leg away from my dick and turned to carry on his conversation.

I took a few minutes to regain my thoughts and check the room to see if anyone knew what we had just done. We seemed to be in the clear, and as soon as my erection subsided, I stood and exited the bath area. Some of the men had already started to get changed and so I headed over to where my clothes sat and started to get changed. Thoughts of the last few minutes kept flashing through my brain but were interrupted when Ryan walked into the room. I looked over his nakedness and stared at his dick which was set upon a nice sized ball sack and surrounded by dark pubes which climbed up his stomach in a trail to his belly button.

He walked towards me grinning, and as bold as brass, holding his index fingers at me like pistols, shouted, "later, fucker" before turning and heading towards his place on the bench. I smiled at myself for a second before paranoia set in that everyone on the team knew what I had just done. No one seemed to be acting any differently accept for me, but I couldn't help thinking we were busted.

I put my thoughts to the back of my head and carried on getting ready. It didn't take us long to get our stuff together. Everyone was to eager to get to the pub to want to hang around in the changing room. I was one of the last to leave. Not because I wanted to hang around, but because the thoughts of what had happened in the tub kept me from paying to much attention to getting dressed.

When I did finally get to the pub there was a beer waiting for me on one of the tables. I started drinking, scanning the room for Ryan but there was no sign of him. I figured he was probably in the toilets and let it slip my mind. The day wore on quickly and before we knew it we were all quite drunk and it was dark outside. Ryan had avoided me for most of the night, only making polite chat when he passed. I talked away with my team mates for most of the night, slowly getting more drunk as the beer kept flowing.

When my glass was empty I headed to the bar again. I ordered my drink and waited while the girl poured it. As I was handing over some money, Ryan came up beside me and stood there waiting. I thought he was going to order a drink, but as soon as the girl gave me my change, he turned to me and started talking. It was mostly stuff about the game and I couldn't believe how nonchalant he was being about the fact he had made me shoot a load into the communal bath this afternoon. I started to walk towards the table where everyone was sat but Ryan grabbed my arm as I did.

"Come with me." he said, tilting his head towards the door. He looked nervous now, which made me feel a bit more confident with the situation. I stared for a second, contemplating my decision, but then slowly turned and started walking towards the exit. I saw him scan the room, probably to see if anyone was watching, but everyone was to busy getting drunk to pay attention, and within a few seconds we were out of the doors.

I didn't initiate any conversation as we walked. I didn't know what to say to be honest. We kept walking, heading behind the club house to a dark lane lined with garages on one side, and the club house on the other. No one ever came down here unless they had to, so I figured whatever was going to happen, we wouldn't get caught. He led to the wall that had the main room of the club house on the other side. I could hear our friends chanting and cheering and the coach talking above everyone on the microphone.

I leaned up against the wall and took a sip from the beer I was still carrying. Ryan had still not said anything and he stood in front of me quiet, just looking at me. He looked really nervous so I decided to say something, but as I did he grabbed me and started kissing me. I was reluctant at first but eventually let his tongue slide into my mouth, and I drunkenly kissed him back. The kiss lasted a few minutes and he was eagerly exploring my mouth with his tongue. I reached one hand up and rested it on the side of his neck, feeling his stubble on my fingers and on my lips at the same time. He eventually pulled away and stared down at the floor.

"I'm not gay you know. Well at least, I don't think I am." he said almost in a whisper.

"How did you know I was bi?" I asked.

"I didn't." he responded. "I just took a chance and hoped for the best."

"Lucky guess." I shot back at him laughing. He started to smile and I think he felt a little more at ease. The effects of alcohol seemed to work in reverse with this guy and whatever courage he had shown back in the changing rooms had dissipated now we were drunk.

"I brought this." he said nervously, fishing into his pocket and then holding out a bottle of lube.

He was older than me, only one or two years, but I couldn't help being drawn to his innocence. I let out a little chuckle and rested my hand on his shoulder. The cock sure guy who had turned me into a babbling wreck earlier on in the afternoon, was now standing with his hands behind his back as thought he was about to get a telling off. I lifted his chin up and as I did, he smiled at me. His soft lips calling me to kiss him again. I leaned in, still holding his chin and pressed my lips to his.

What started out as a passionate kiss soon turned into a frenzied tongue war. We were fighting for domination of each others mouths, exploring each others bodies with our hands. I dropped my glass of beer to the floor and paid him all the attention he deserved. As our hands roamed over each others torsos, he gradually made his way down to my trousers, unbuckling the zip and freeing my rock hard dick. Ryan wasted no time in taking me into his mouth and he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He got my cock nice and wet and began moving his head up and down, taking me to the back of his throat. I rested my hands on his head and guided him, making sure not to be too rough since it was his first time sucking dick.

I let him have a little bit longer sucking on my dick before I got impatient and decided I needed some cock of my own. I pulled him up towards me and started at his zip, already feeling the bulge through his trousers. I pulled the zip down and kneeled down, I slowly brought his trousers down around his knees but left his jockstrap in place. I could see a small wet patch where his dick had been leaking pre-cum and I let my tongue slide over it taking in his manly smell as I did so.

I could hear him moaning as I sucked the fabric into my mouth, tasting his juices, knowing I was driving him wild. I pushed my hand against his chest and steadied him against the wall, but it didn't stop him from writhing around every time my tongue brushed over his swollen gland. With my spare hand I started to pull down the jockstrap and let his dick spring free. It was bigger than mine by an inch or so. Maybe 8" in length. And it felt nice and thick as I wrapped my hand around it and started to jerk and lick the pre-cum from his piss slit.

I carried on wanking him and just taking the end of his dick into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the head. He seemed to be enjoying it a lot so I decided to step it up a little. I moved my hand back, pulling his foreskin down and took the first 2 or 3 inches into my mouth. With this came a change of pace and I was bobbing my head up and down more frantically. His moans increased, and the louder he got, the more I would take into my mouth on the next suck. I kept his up for about 7 minutes before I felt him start to jerk. I knew he was about to shoot his load so I lifted my head away and flipped him round. I made him put his arms against the wall as though he was being frisked, and quickly nuzzled my head between his cheeks. He let out a loud gasp as I let my tongue explore the crack of his butt and the outside of his hole.

He kept reaching down to try and play with his cock, but I kept forcing him to put his hands back on the wall. By now I was using one hand to prize his firm ass cheeks apart, and licking wildly at his hole. When I pushed the first finger up into his arse I thought he was about to start climbing the wall. I held him in place and assured him it would feel fine in a moment. Sure enough, his gasps quickly turned to moans and I resumed licking and finger fucking his hole. I put another finger into him and this time he started pushing back onto them and riding my fingers. I took this as a good sign and so reached around and gave his dick a few quick strokes. I didn't want him to come though so I brought my hand back and started to jack at my own meat. When I could take it no more, I spread some of the lube that Ryan had given me across my shaft, then pulled out my fingers to grease up his hole.

When I thought he was ready, I moved him back towards me, leaving his hands on the wall so that he was bent over at a near 90 degree angle. I could still hear the coach banging on about the game on the other side of the wall and chuckled to myself at the thought of what I, the star player, was doing in an alley behind the club house.

I started to push my dick towards Ryan, and to my surprise the head went in easily enough. I knew I would have to take it slowly though. Not just because it was his first time, but because the thought of fucking a virgin made me want to bust a nut. His ass was tight and he was massaging my dick with as I eased up into him. It felt out of this world. I waited for a little while for him to get accustomed to the feeling and as soon as he gave me the nod I started to ease in and out of him. He moaned as I pulled my slicked up dick out of him to the head, before pushing back into him deeply.

I built up a good rhythm and increased the speed of my thrusts, as beads of sweat trickled from my forehead and onto his back. We were both panting quite loudly and I was starting to get the feeling we were being watched. I looked around but saw nothing, so carried on fucking my studs tight hole.

"Aw fuck Jamie, fuck me" Ryan said, panting.

I grabbed his hips and decided to go for bust. I slammed my rock hard cock in and out of his slippery hole as hard and fast as I could. His hands were slapping on the wall from where my force was pulling him away and pushing him back towards it and I knew that I was going to lose my load in him at any time.

"Oh my god, you made me cum" Ryan said breathily. "I didn't even touch my dick."

I looked around and surely enough, Ryan was shooting ropes of sticky white cum all over the wall in front of him. He was moaning loudly now and he didn't seem to stop coming. I had never known anyone to shoot such a big load before. I saw at least 8 shots come out of him, but the force of his orgasm was causing him to clench around my dick and I soon had to start paying attention to that. I picked up the pace, determined to fill his hungry hole with my own spunk, and within seconds I could feel it.

One more thrust and that was it. I pushed into him and with a very loud moan, unleashed jets of cum into his hole. He moaned in excitement as he could feel me filling him up, and the more he clenched around my dick, the more he milked into his arsehole.

I leaned down over him until my dick finally freed itself. When we stood, he grabbed me and held me in a kiss. I let his tongue lick the inside of my mouth but had little energy to fight back. I pulled away from him and stood there with my trousers around my ankles, looking at the amount of cum he had shot over the wall. From inside I could hear the coach on the microphone again.

"I am proud to announce Jamie as the new captain. Jamie. Jamie. Where the fuck has Jamie gone?"


zebra said...

Jamie -- such a team player -- wanting to do it with the team, probably wanting to do it with their gfs too -- delicious!

I love the idea that when I walk in off the street to a sauna or swimming pool, in a few moments I'll be naked with a bunch of guys. And checking out the inattainable young str8 guys in the shower is always such a pleasure.

Have you been getting hard-ons on the rugger field since puberty, Jamie?

Anonymous said...

Great story.


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