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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun in a hotel

We were in London for the weekend and were staying in a hotel, and that we were standing just outside the door of room 318. By "we", I mean Kim and me.

The room was like pretty much every big hotel room - cream-coloured walls, floor to ceiling windows, and a big double bed. It even had one of those generic prints of coloured squares hanging on the wall.

I suppose it's somewhat childish, but my first action was to jump onto the bed. Of course, it was only moments before I had Kim straddling me, her lips descending towards mine. My hands found her arse, clad as it was in "audible trousers" - corduroy that rubbed at the thighs when she walked. She played her tongue over my lips before biting and pulling. I loved it when she was like this - I just love being dominated. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the not having to decide what to do, or getting to be lazy.

Kissing, I should note, can take a while. We weren't exactly in an hurry, and we must have spent at least thirty minutes kissing, groping and fondling before she even had her top off, and I was able to lift her breasts out of her bra and take a nipple in my mouth. I know I love cock, but boobs are gooooood. So, for that matter, is pussy. Especially Kim's. I love stroking it, I love licking it, and I especially love fucking it. The first push in always feels so good, so tight and wet around my cock. It's hard to describe how it feels really, so I guess you'll just have to imagine it. More about fucking Kim later.

By now the flies of my jeans were undone and her hand was groping my cock, making me gasp in her cold grip. At the same time, I was squeezing her breasts and looking up into her eyes. She has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.

She rolled off me, and made for her bag. I made for her arse and gave it a nice smack.

"Cheeky," she said, turning round and grinning. She opened her bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Well, not quite handcuffs – hand restraints, made out of leather. Softer, but had a downside of being less jangly. I like the jangly. "Do you want it?"

"Fuck yes babe," was all I could think to say. When your topless girlfriend offers you incredible sex, you can't really think of much else. She crawled back on to the bed, dragging her tongue up my chest, ending with her boobs dangling over my face while she attached my wrists to the headboard behind me. Just out of reach. Of course. She moved back down my body, running her hands over my chest, and finally pulling on my jeans. I lifted my arse off the bed, letting her get my jeans all the way off, and then splayed my legs for her.

"Soon babe," she cooed, pulling out a blindfold. "I just think you should be a little bit more helpless first." It was something I was never going to refuse - I love having her dominate me, and a blindfold just makes it even sexier because you can't tell what she'll do next. Within a few seconds, all I was able to see were a few spots of light down near my nose. It wasn't exactly a good blindfold - Kim told me she picked it up free from an aircraft - but it did its job well enough. I felt the bed move as she stood up, and then again as she sat on the end of the bed between my legs.

"So, what shall I do with you?" She asked, trailing her fingers up my thigh and flicking the bottom of my boxers. "I could do this..." she licked my inside leg from my knee up to my boxers, "this..." giving my leg a smack with the back of her hand, "or even this..." she said, her hand squeezing my cock through my boxers. I moaned.


"Please? Please what?"

"Please suck me," I whispered, opening my legs wider.

"You want me to suck you?" she asked, as if shocked. Her fingers found my inside leg again, and started tracing slow circles up under my boxers. "OK then." I waited, and then a hot mouth found my big toe, sucking as promised. I groaned in frustration.

"What, wasn't that what you wanted?"

"No... Please... suck my cock."

She didn't reply, but I felt her get up off the bed. A minute later, I heard the snip of scissors. She dragged the cold steel up my inner thigh, and I flinched.

"Can't have you moving. I don't want to cut off something important. I think I'll have to restrain you further." Some noises of rummaging, and then I felt her tying my ankles to the bed with some sort of fabric. Probably some of my ties - I'd been wondering where some of those had disappeared to. "Right, that's better. Just to test though..." Her fingers went for the soles of my feet, and had me in horrible laughter in seconds. I squirmed, trying to get my feet away from her, but the bonds held me tight. "Excellent" she declared. Again, the dragging of cold steel up my leg. "Now, hold still..." A few snips and I felt my boxers fall away from me, or rather be pulled out as she cut between the leg holes and then up the front. Naked, blind, and all my limbs tied up... The scissors were dragged over my cock briefly, before, by the sound of it, being put away somewhere. Then, silence. I knew she must still be there, but I couldn't hear anything, at least not over the gentle hum of the room's air conditioning. I'd never felt so alone.

"Kim?" I asked, hesitantly.

"Yes babe?" came the response from almost right next to my ear.

I started to say please, but before I'd got the first syllable out, her hand had wrapped itself around my cock, and started slowly pumping up and down. The rest of the word just became a long, drawn-out moan. She giggled.

"You're enjoying that too much." Her hand left my cock, and trailed up my chest, just as her mouth found my nipple.

"I think you're enjoying this too much," I replied. All I got for that was a quick slap to my cheek.

"I'm allowed to." Then she withdrew again, and my ears strained to hear what she was up to. I was answered a few seconds later when I felt her mouth again enclose my big toe. Having your toes sucked really has no right to feel as good as it does. Her mouth worked over my left foot, licking between my toes and sucking, and then moved onto my right. Then, she kissed, ever so agonisingly slowly, a trail along the top of my foot and to my ankle. Then, a long lick up to my knee, and then moving to the outside of my leg, a series of kisses up to my hip. Then she withdrew. I moaned in frustration, and she laughed lightly. My left leg this time, kisses from my ankle up my inside leg, so so close... and then her hair brushing over my cock. Torturess.

She retreated again, and a few seconds later her mouth was kissing my
ear, and her hand went over my mouth. Whispering, she said,

"I don't think you should be able to talk." If my eyes hadn't been covered by the blindfold, they'd have been wide. Gagging was something we'd never done before. But a thick strip of fabric was laid over my mouth, and tied behind my head. It smelt of detergent, which meant that of my normal five senses (the ones they teach in school, not the 42 you really have), I was down to only sound and touch. It was incredibly thrilling, yet a bit scary too. I was utterly helpless now.

She got off the bed, and again I heard some rummaging. Presently, something cool was laid on my stomach.

"Do you know what this is?" She cooed in my ear. I shook my head. "It's the sextula. It's about time we got around to using it..." She picked it up, and stroked the tip up my chest and over my cheeks, before giving them a playful smack. I felt her change position so she was straddling my face, facing down towards my feet. I could feel her bare legs against me - she'd apparently stripped off her trousers sometime. She slowly lowered herself, dragging her bare breasts over my stomach and pushing her pantie-... no, make that thong-covered... no, thongs can't cover really... pushing her almost-bare arse into my face, letting my nose rub over her pussy, feeling the wetness of the fabric.

Then came a smack to my side with the sextula, and I flinched. Then a smack to my other side, before it stroked slowly up my cock. I braced myself for the smack, but it never came. Instead, I felt her warm breath on the tip of my cock, making it jump in excitement. But no. She stood up, and jumped off the bed. The next smack went just above my knee on my inside leg, the one after that on the opposite leg. I heard a snap of elastic, then felt her move to have one leg on each side of my left leg, then I felt her pussy against my toe. She felt incredibly wet and slippery, and well... my big toe found its way into her pussy. I wiggled my toes, feeling her juices between them. She, however, seemed shocked.

"I didn't say you could do that," she said, though not making any effort to actually move. "I'll have to punish you for that."

"Sorry Mistress," I mumbled, though it was probably unintelligible to anyone else. Then came smack right on my left inside leg, just inches away from my balls. I swore in pain, and my cock jumped. She started moving up and down slightly, fucking herself with my toe, then smacked my other leg. It hurt, but fuck it felt good.

She got up again, and started licking at my toes, cleaning up her juices.

"So, as I was trying to say before you started being naughty... what would you like? Would you like me to lick your balls?" I moaned my approval through the gag. "To suck them, to bite them?" She continued. Again, I moaned my acceptance. "And then, would you like me to take your big hard cock into my mouth and suck you off?" I moaned again, and nodded vigorously. I could tell she was smiling, even without seeing her. "Little slut."

The bed moved slightly, and I felt warm breath on my balls, and then a tongue, just touching the very back of my sack. I groaned in ecstasy as she touched possibly the most sensitive place on my body. She licked all along the ridge of my ball sack, making me moan again, and then she bit down, pulling at me. I loved the sharp pain it caused, and my cock jumped in appreciation. She spent a few minutes on my balls, making me moan with each touch, until I wasn't sure I could take it any longer. Then her hand went to my face and pulled the gag off.

"Thank you Mistress," I said. She laughed, and then dragged her tongue all the way from the back of my balls, right up my cock and kissed my tip. Fucking tease. She sensed my anticipation, and engulfed my tip with her hot mouth, biting on my foreskin. Then, she went straight down, taking most of my cock into her hot mouth at once, and licking vigorously. He started bobbing up and down, using her teeth to scratch my shaft just the way I like it.

"Fuck babe, that's so good," I whispered.

"Mmm, it looks so good too," Kim whispered into my ear, clamping her hand over my mouth. "Shh, let Jenny suck you off. Give her lots of nice cum to taste. I want to see her mouth filled with it."

Fuck. Someone called Jenny was sucking me off, and my girlfriend was actively encouraging me to enjoy it and then come into her mouth. I truly felt like the luckiest guy in the universe.

"I love you," I whispered when she removed her hand from my mouth.

"I know," she replied, giving me a brief kiss. "I love you too." I lay back, concentrating on the sensations this Jenny was giving my cock. I hoped she was hot. She was certainly good at it - I'm not sure I've ever felt a better blowjob, though I suppose that might have been partly because my cock had been achingly hard, and her mouth was very... soothing. And smooth, and warm and wet, and oh so lovely. One hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, giving me a bit of manual stimulation, and her other hand was playing with my balls, pulling and stretching them. Kim straddled my head, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, leaning forward to rub herself on my nose while letting me lick her clit. She moaned as I did so. She knows I love her pussy, especially licking it, and I love to know that she's enjoying it.

Jenny's mouth came off my cock, and she started licking its underside. Then I felt a shock of electricity running down my spine as Kim's tongue joined in licking the top, making her way up to my tip and briefly taking me into her mouth. I doubled my efforts on her pussy, loving the feel of her smooth, shaved lips on my face, Jenny started licking up, and I felt her meet Kim's tongue on the tip of my cock. I heard the first groan from Jenny, higher pitched than Kim's, and I knew they had to be kissing. My girlfriend kissing another woman, while she has her pussy in my face. That is almost the perfect fantasy for every man. Jenny's mouth returned to my cock, and I heard Kim alternately crying out in pleasure whispering her encouragement, I was almost there myself, and stopped licking just long enough to say so.

"Come on babe, come in her mouth. Let me see your cum dripping out from between those slutty lips. You haven't even seen her face and she's about to make you cum. Fucking do it babe, do it. Come in her..."

I could feel my orgasm welling up, about to burst. I tried to hold it back as long as I could, concentrating on something - anything - else, but with one last suck on my cock, I could hold it no longer, and I came inside the slutty mouth of some girl I'd never even seen. I moaned as I came, and Kim ground her pussy hard into my face. I couldn't count how many ropes of cum I sent into Jenny's mouth, but it felt like a lot. Kim was moaning "fuck yes" as I did, and I collapsed back on the bed, as Jenny pulled her mouth off my cock. There was a sound of kissing and slurping above.

A few minutes passed as I just lay on the bed, recovering from one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

"You're such a good slut, Jamie." Kim said. "Lots of nice cum for someone you don't even know. There was a click as she released my hands from the headboard. I closed my eyes as I moved my stiff arms to remove the blindfold. It was a lot brighter, and I slowly opened my eyes, looking up into Kim's smiling face.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too."

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