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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Sorry for not posting for a while. I've been incredibly busy at work and haven't had much time for anything else really. Its been pretty lean on the sex front too this past week. I think I've had 1 wank all week and that was in the toilets at the gym after a work out on Wednesday. I had a really good workout and pushed myself to the limits. In the shower after I felt incredibly horny and my cock was aching for some release. Had it been quiet I probably would have just wanked there and then but I could hear some guys in the changing rooms so I waited until I'd dried off and then went into the toilets before I got dressed. It didn't take me long before I came. I was in one of those moods when all you need is a quick release.

Notice that in my absence Unfurling has decided to end his blog. I've really enjoyed following his adventures and wish him well with his new love.

Have to work for a couple of hours this afternoon so better go sort myself out.

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