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Friday, January 13, 2006

alone watching a dvd

I lay back on my bed and pushed play on the DVD remote control. The figures on the screen moved into action. He knelt before him, stroking his hard cock with one hand; the tip of his cock disappearing in his mouth, while his other hand played with his balls. I watched the head of his cock move between his wet lips as he moved her head forward. He moved his hips forward and more of his cock entered his mouth.

I poured oil from the bottle at the side of the bed onto the tip of my cock and watched as it slowly spread out over the head and down my cock. Holding my dick at the base with one hand, I used the fingers of my other hand to spread the oil around my cock, working it into the skin. I poured some more oil on my cock and worked it up and down my cock, feeling the smooth skin under my lubricated fingers. Curling my fingers around my prick, I stroked my well-oiled cock and sighed at the familiar feelings spreading outward from my penis.

I watched as he swallowed more of the prick now glistening with his saliva. His head moved faster back and forth on his cock and he moaned. He placed his hands on his head and started fucking his face with his cock. I placed my cock on my belly and poured oil on my balls. Using both hands I gently rubbed the oil into my smooth sac, feeling my testicles slide around. I barely squeezed on a testicle and it slid out of my fingers. I did the same to the other testicle and watched it move across the sac. As I watched him suck his cock, I massaged my balls.

I moved a finger down and rubbed the area between the base of my cock and balls. Moving the tip of my finger further, I touched my asshole and a thrill coursed through my body. I spread my legs apart, raised my butt up, and slid my finger to the first joint in my asshole. I felt a burning sensation and reversed my finger and the pain disappeared. I poured more oil on my balls and worked it in the skin.

I looked up and watched as the man moved his hips back pulling his cock from his mouth. He was still playing with his balls and I tried to imitate him, sliding my oily fingers up and down and around my scrotum. He started to stroke his cock grasping it firmly so that his hard shaft moved under the loose skin. Occasionally the head of his cock would glide into his mouth and reemerge only to be covered by his hand sliding down its hard length. He started stroking his cock faster and moaned. I heard him say, "I'm coming" and he opened her mouth wider and stuck out his tongue.

Streams of white come erupted from his cock hitting his tongue and splashing on his lips. As he moaned and continued to jackoff, more come spurted from his cock and hit his nose and chin. I watched as it dribbled down his face on her chest. He licked her lips lapping up the come he could reach with his tongue and swallowed. He pulled on his cock and another spurt landed in his mouth. He ran his tongue around his lips and swallowed. He dropped to his knees, pulled their bodies together, and kissed him, tasting his come.

My fingers had slid down and I was rubbing my anus. I slid a finger in and the urning sensation returned. I relaxed and did not move. The burning sensation started to ebb and I moved my finger around a bit. Experimenting, trying to find how much, and how deep I could go I pushed my finger in and out of my asshole. The pain was gone and had been replaced with an impression of needing to take a crap. I moved my finger deeper and the friction on the lips of my asshole was wonderful. I shoved my finger in deeper, past the second joint, and the burning returned.

Again I relaxed and did not move my ass or my fingers. With my other hand, I picked up my dildo. I moved the lifelike cock towards my mouth, wondering what it would feel like sucking on a cock and balls. What was it like for my girlfriend and the guy on the TV screen, I wondered? Holding the tip of the cock an inch from my mouth, I touched the tip of my tongue to the rubbery head. I ran it around the pink ridgeline, getting the head all wet with the flat of my tongue.

I opened my mouth and slid the head of the cock between my lips. I closed my lips and sucked as the head lay in my mouth. I ran my tongue around it, and sucking, pushed more of the cock in my mouth. I could feel the veins on the artificial shaft with my lips and tongue as it slowly went in. I felt a strange thrill as more of the cock went in. It touched my throat and I gagged. I moved the cock back and took a deep breath.

I moved my finger in my ass and felt no pain. I moved it in and out and it felt strangely wonderful. The need to take a crap had disappeared. I moved my finger deeper and still there was no pain. I moved my finger out until just the tip was in. I moved another finger up next to the first and slowly pushed. I felt a faint burning sensation as the first joint of both fingers passed the ring, but that was all. I moved my fingers deeper and felt pressure and stretching in my asshole. I moved my fingers back and forth and felt the sides of my rectum.

Hearing a moan, I glanced at the screen. One of the men was down on all fours, sucking a hard cock deep in his mouth while another cock was driving in his ass. My dildo was just inside my mouth. I took another breath and moved the cock back and forth attempting to duplicate the cocksucking on the screen.

I removed the fingers from my ass enjoying the new feeling as they slid out. I raised my ass and rotating my wrist placed my hand under my ass. Moving my fingers up, I pushed three of them in my asshole, and moaned. The feeling was indescribable as they slid past my opening and entered my rectum. I pushed again and lowered my ass at the same time. All three fingers were in as deep as they could go. I felt a slight stinging in my prick. I watched as a drop of clear fluid formed at the slit in my cockhead. The drop fell from my prick and landed on my belly.

I started a slow fucking action with my hips. It felt wonderful, as the prick formed by my fingers plunged in and out of my ass. As the hard bony joints passed in and out, little tingling bolts of electrical-like shocks passed through me.

The cock in my mouth was driving deeper and deeper and I no longer felt like gagging. I wondered if this was what it was like for the guy on the TV. Both men groaned and pulled their cocks out and started jacking off like mad. White spurts of come landed on his back and ran down the crack of his ass. Spurts from the other cock splashed on his face and in his mouth.

I removed my fingers from my ass and rested. I watched as he sucked on the softening cock, milking it of its last drops of come. I picked up my girlfriend's black vibrator and raising my ass, slowly pushed it in. The stretching sensation returned as more of the vibrator slid in my ass. I turned it on and could feel the vibrations deep inside as I pushed it deeper. Lowering my butt on the bed pushed it the rest of the way in my butt.

I moved my hand up to my hard cock and curled my fingers around it. I started to slowly jackoff, sliding my fingers and palm up and down my oily cock. Stroking on my cock I sucked on the dildo, taking it deeper each time, I drove it in. I felt the familiar feelings start in my balls, groin and cock and knew I was about to erupt. I moved my hands faster, the one on my own real cock and the other driving the unreal cock in and out of my mouth.

I gasped at the feelings as I deepthroated the rubber cock, jacked off my cock and squeezed on the vibrator in my ass. I actually screamed as I came, blowing the dildo from my mouth. Hot come spurted from my cock and landed on my neck, chest, and arms. More spurts arced in the air as I stroked my cock. The room darkened as I shut my eyes and my hips rose in the air. I felt drops hit my chest and I opened my eyes, my hips in the air and my hand a blur on my cock.

I lowered my hips as the spurts of come lessened. I continued to stroke my cock and come oozed from the slit. I reached down and tried to pick up some of the cooling globs of come. They slid from my fingers like the whites of an egg. I raised my fingers to my mouth and tasted come for the first time in my life. It was slightly salty and bitter. I scooped up some more and sucked it from my fingers. The taste was not at all offensive and I swallowed it. Using my fingers I rubbed the drops and rivulets of come on my neck, chest and arms into my skin, feeling it get sticky as the come dried.

Reaching down between my legs, I turned off the vibrator. I used a towel and cleaned myself up. I pushed stop on the remote, and getting up removed the DVD. I walked to the computer, and wrote this story, the vibrator still in my ass, small drops of come oozing from the slit of my still hard cock, sliding down the shiny head...


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