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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Running, spa treatment and wanking

I started running again yesterday after a couple of months' lay off due to a back injury. I also treated myself to a few hours at my favourite spa where I had

* A mineral salt and essential oil foot soak & tired leg massage to start, followed by
* A 90 minute Relaxation massage, followed by
* A Dead Sea Orange Salt Scrub (they said this was a concentrated blend of 26 minerals, to soften, cleanse and nourish tired skin)
* Followed by a Dead Sea Mud Heat Wrap (to extract toxins and wastes from the body while it replenishes minerals and salts, and to finish
* A bath soak, aromatherapy shampoo, conditioner and body moisturizer.

It was 3 hours of pure bliss. During the massage my cock reacted and soon became hard. He finished off the massage with one of the most intense masturbation sessions I've had in a long time. The way he touched my oiled cock was amazing and I had the most intense feelings and orgasm I've had for quite a while. When it came the release was beyond words. I'm not sure I want to share the location of the spa in case it gets too busy!

After my run this morning I went to for a sauna and steam. There was just one guy in the sauna (well it was 7.30am) and it was clear he had an erect cock. He tried to cover it with his hands when I walked in. I pretended to ignore him to see what he would do. I took my towel off and lay naked on the bench rather than sitting as I usually do. He soon moved around to where I was and gently rubbed his arm on my left leg. I responded by not moving away and within a minute his mouth was literally around my cock sucking me off. He was masturbating himself and I moved round so that I could take his cock. But after a few strokes he moved my hand away. He obviously didn't want a long drawn out wank but wanted to cum quickly. I let him bring himself to orgasm and caught some of his cum on my hand. I then rubbed this into my own cock and began to wank using it as a lube. I came quite soon and once I had he thanked me and left. I was exhausted and sat outside the sauna for a few minutes to recover before showering. Amazingly the only words we spoke were the thanks at the end. A real urgent quick.

I've just watched this video at aussielicious and have to agree with him that its kinda sexy


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