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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

College days

When I was at university I visited a friend at uni in Manchester I'd known from school. He introduced me to his flatmate, I think his name was Adam, but I remember he was a tall, medium-build guy with light brown hair and very smooth features. We went to a party where I got truly wasted. Before I knew it, I was outside with a girl I had just met. We were kissing and such, and I was greatly enjoying the feeling of her tongue sliding down my throat.

I don't remember moving it, but somehow my hand found her breast, and began to caress the hard nipple beneath her blouse. She squirmed in delight and began to nibble my ear. Her hand slipped down to my shorts, and undid the zipper. My 7 inches popped out of my boxers without a hitch and she began to caress slowly and sothingly along the length of my shaft. I was already hot for her, and soon came all over her hand and skirt, even getting some on her top. She wiped the cum off with her hand, then licked the cream off her hand.

Suddenly, she pushed me to the ground, and as I layed there on my back, stunned, she straddled my face. She was pantiless and her cunt rubbed up against my mouth and nose. I immediately began to lick, sliding my tongue in and out of her hole while carressing her clit with my lips and teeth. She became more and more excited and soon was thrashing around in orgasmic bliss, her juices running out of her hole and drooling down my cheeks. She came in a burst of sound, and I was glad for the loud music or else the partygoers inside would have heard us.

She slid down and lay beside me, still shuddering from her orgasm. Her hand slid down to my groin and rubbed against my now rehardened cock. She pulled me over on top of her, and soon we were fucking sensually. Nibbling each others necks and kissing dfeeply as I rolled my cock harder and harder into her. We came in unison and a flurry of thrashing and moaning, and then finally broke free from each others grasp.

I walked back to the flat very drunk and very satisfied. When I got there Adam was there, and in his briefs, watching a little TV before heading to bed. He had a beer in hand and gave me one, and I sat down to talk to him. He gave me a quick look over and obviously noticed the scent of cunt and cum that covered my body and the lines of juice that ran down my cheeks.

"Good evening?" he asked, and I only nodded in return. I could see from his briefs that he wished he had been there. I finished my beer, and crawled over to the other couch to go to sleep. I was halfway unconcious when I felt his hands run through my hair, and his tongue lick my cheek.

I sat up, but he forced me down. He kissed my lips, then continued down, licking my neck, and unbuttoning my shirt and running his tongue down my chest. I wanted to scream, but was far to excited. I felt a fumbling at my shorts, and soon I was naked. The warmth of his mouth calmed me considerably as he deep throated my organ and began sucking hard. His mouth moved rythmically and seductively and I could not help but sit back.

He noticed my complacency, and rolled himself on top of me. It was then I noticed he'd removed his briefs. His long, slim cock stood hard before my face, and I took it in my mouth gently, and caressed its length with my tongue.

We 69ed for several minutes, the only sounds in the room our slurping and moaning. Eventually, I could take no more, and came with a rush of spasm straight into his mouth. He swallowed my load, then came in return. I swallowed the warm salty liquid and Adam got up and left the room. My first time for three fucks in one night.


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