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Friday, June 15, 2007


Anonymous said...

Is really a girl able to suck a dick?? I don't think so!!!

gay jerker

Laurent said...

Well, it's a close question, GJ. There certainly is the oral structure to admit the substance, if not the capacity to appreciate the form. For this reason, there are tons of Ladies Home Improvement Magazines, gushing every month from checkout counters at supermarkets worldwide, on the Incredible Latest Discovery in How to Operate this Odd Thing -- always, however, with an eye to persuading It to do something else, whose contradiction speaks for itself. But, blindfolded, it's true, as you imply -- a male mouth simply cannot be synthesised by techniques acquired from literature. A male attitude is simply not transferrable in I-don't-care-how-many evangelical training camps for earnest brides. A girl can squirm all day long to country music broadcasts, and when penis is bestowed, will still approach it as the Thing that needs to go somewhere else. But take heart. With her, you get human rights.


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