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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Poorly PC

My PC has been playing up this week. I ended taking it for a service and its just come back - nothing wrong with it! I just have to hope it runs smoothly now.


Anonymous said...

Whenever u show a guy in tight swim shorts u dont show an accompying naked pic of that >:(

Anonymous said...

OH!! here is a cunt!!!
What is it?? ;-)

gay jerker

Anonymous said...

Here was a beautiful probe of cunt, the succulent lips lusciously sucking the flaring pith of perfect penis symmetry, the prod a luminously lengthened lever as the clitoris implores the chaffing crush of rampant fuck. Ah, the parabolic dome is splendid in its seethe to slake its thirst for fuck, and yet the coral staff desists to press its case too fast, so long as gayer slots abide, where manfuck may be passed.


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