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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our holiday - part one

It was the second night of our holiday and we had just finished dinner. We had rented a villa for two week's on one of the Balearic islands. The villa had its own swimming pool and was very secluded so we spent most of our time there naked. That night we were sitting naked by the pool when Kim suggested that we should get dressed and walk along to the local bar for a drink. So after a shower and having put some clothes on we headed into the local village. We stayed out quite late and when I went to the bar for some more drinks, I noticed a guy chatting Kim up. I found this very erotic so stayed out of sight to watch. She was flirting quite happily. I saw her squeeze his biceps and saw him patting her backside but that was all that seemed to be happening. When I saw her looking around, I decided I had better rescue her. The guy gave a friendly "Hi" then cleared off when I arrived.

"Did you enjoy being chatted up" I asked?

"Yes, it's nice to know I still can pull" she said "and he was good looking."

I couldn't disagree.

She was really into the place now and she was letting me to do quite a lot in public. I held her breasts, kissed her and even put my hands up her little short skirt to be met with a moist pussy. It was after midnight when she said we should head back to the villa.

As we walked through the village, I suddenly grabbed her and kissed her against the wall in a dark corner. She was quite turned on by it. It was then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. A young blonde haired teenager (he looked about 17 or 18) with his jeans and pants at his ankles was pinning an attractive young girl against the wall. She was writhing in ecstasy with her skirt pulled up and I could just make out her pubic patch in the dim light. His back was to me so all I saw were two beautifully shaped buns. Kim saw them too.

"Let's leave them in peace" she said. "No, let's do it too" I replied.

Without waiting for an answer, I pushed her against the wall and started to kiss her. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall and pulled my erect cock into view. The young girl looked across and smiled. The young guy turned around startled then not only smiled but turned and I had a view of a beautiful 7 inch uncut cock at full mast. When Kim saw this, her pants were down and her skirt up. I pushed her further along the wall until we were right next to them and entered her. The young guy took my cue and pushed his stiff cock into the girl. There we were, two girls against a wall, side by side, pants at their ankles, skirts over their heads and two guys naked from the waist down fucking them. I ventured an encouraging hand onto the guy's arse. He was drunk and oblivious. I put my hand between them and gripped his cock as it fucked the girl and as I fucked Kim. Then I took Kim's hand and placed it there. She pulled back initially then warmed to the idea.

I suddenly felt the young girl's hand on my cock. When it slipped out, she gripped its full length and helped me put it back in. I had temporarily lost interest in the young guy until his head suddenly came between myself and Kim. I realised he wanted to kiss her. I pulled back and he stumbled in front of me leaving his girlfriend exposed. I stood back first to see how Kim was going to react but she took to this intrusion as though she had been doing it all her life. I quickly moved over to the young girl and stood in front of her. She grabbed my cock and started to wank it. I looked across to Kim and her young friend in time to see him enter her in one thrust. He was bigger than me and certainly in need of urgent release. I entered the young girl too and started to fuck her. I knew I could not last and, as the thought went through my head, I heard the young lad groan as his spunk shot into Kim's cunt. He thrust into her five times and I assumed each time was a shot of cum.

There was a slightly embarrassing few moments as we fumbled with clothes and bade our farewells as decorously as we could. I mumbled something about maybe seeing them at the beach if they fancied another session then we left to go back to our villa.

I knew what I had to do. As soon as we were in the villa, I stripped Kim, and myself and lay her on the bed. I bent her legs and opened them to allow access and I drank from her cunt like a thristy dog. She was writhing on the bed as my tongue performed two functions. Pleasure for me and for her. I doubt that any of his copious cum was left inside her. When I was sure she was empty, I turned her over "doggie fashion"
and entered her from the rear. Her cunt wasn't empty of spunk for long as I soon refilled her.

"Did we really do that?" she asked

"You bet. What did you think?"

"I think I enjoyed it" she replied.

"Well I bloody well did." I responded.

To be continued .....

1 comment:

Jean-Francois P said...

Certainly the hottest story I've read, and I've read quite a few! almost made me cum just reading it...! Super sexy... Can't wait for some more stories from you!

Cudos from a bi guy in Ontario!


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