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Monday, February 18, 2008

I've just had cybersex and thought I'd share it

menmad123: hey m8 hows you?
menmad123: nice pic
jamiegreen: good thanx
menmad123: horney??
jamiegreen: yep
jamiegreen: u
menmad123: always m8
menmad123: what you into??
menmad123: love sucking wanking rimming
fucking being fucked
menmad123: love outdoors
menmad123: groups
jamiegreen: most stuff
jamiegreen: cool
jamiegreen: u naked?
menmad123: poppers
menmad123: fam fun
menmad123: and hot horney roleplays
jamiegreen: mmmmmm
menmad123: yeah
jamiegreen: sounds interesting
menmad123: starkers
menmad123: what u up for today??
jamiegreen: a good wank
menmad123: know the feeling
menmad123: when you lget some cock
action last?
jamiegreen: with a guy - last tuesday
menmad123: u bi?
jamiegreen: yep
jamiegreen: u
menmad123: bi aswell
menmad123: but pref cock fun
menmad123: like to fuck the odd pussy
when cocks not available
jamiegreen: cool
menmad123: u into roleplays??
jamiegreen: yeah
jamiegreen: wot u got in mind?
menmad123: str8 m8s
menmad123: bros
menmad123: changing rooms
jamiegreen: sounds good
menmad123: which you pref?
jamiegreen: changing rooms
menmad123: sounds good to me
menmad123: so you are last to leave
changing room
menmad123: I am the fitness instructor and
am locking up
menmad123: I come into the changing
room to you
menmad123: hey there m8
jamiegreen: hey there
menmad123: have a good workout??
jamiegreen: yeah thanx
menmad123: ( am wearing tight shorts and
menmad123: havent seen you about here
before are you new??
jamiegreen: yeah first time
menmad123: very good
menmad123: so what you think of it so far?
jamiegreen: ive enjoyed it
menmad123: ( fuck this guy si fucking hot)
jamiegreen: a good hard workout
menmad123: yeah youve a good body
there aswell
jamiegreen: thanx m8
menmad123: u mustve been training hard
jamiegreen: yeah i workout every day
menmad123: good for you
menmad123: I must keep and eye out for
menmad123: if you ever need anything
please ask me
menmad123: my name is shane btw
menmad123: ( I go to shake your hand)
jamiegreen: i will shane
menmad123: are you nearlly done here?
jamiegreen: (he's fuckin hot, im thinking)
jamiegreen: i was gonna shower
menmad123: go on ahead ive to have a
quick shower aswell before I finish if
thats ok
jamiegreen: ok
jamiegreen: no probs
menmad123: take your time theres no
jamiegreen: (i start to get undressed)
menmad123: ( I take off t shirt)
jamiegreen: (am wearing a T, tight short
and a jock)
menmad123: ( wow he has one fine body
,wonder if he likes cock)
jamiegreen: u workout?
jamiegreen: (i remove my T)
menmad123: ( I stare at yoru crotch as you
jamiegreen: (I pull my shorts down)
jamiegreen: (my jock is pretty damp with
jamiegreen: (wow he has a good bod)
jamiegreen: so where are the showers?
jamiegreen: (i'm standing naked now with
my towel)
menmad123: shit sorry m8
jamiegreen: ]y?
menmad123: they are over there to the
menmad123: was day dreaming there
jamiegreen: ok no probs m8
menmad123: ( wow what a nice cock he
has aswell)
jamiegreen: im gonna shower now
menmad123: I'll not be long after you
jamiegreen: ok
menmad123: ( I whip off shorts and my 7"
soft cock falls out)
jamiegreen: (i glance and see his cock -
menmad123: ( iI follow you into shower)
menmad123: so have you and yoru famliy
moved here m8?
jamiegreen: yeah last week
menmad123: ( I stand in shower next to
you, now and then glancing at your
menmad123: u married then?
jamiegreen: no m8
menmad123: ( yes)
menmad123: so have you tasted the
nightlife around here yet?
jamiegreen: not yet
jamiegreen: wots it like
menmad123: bet yove seen a few hot birds
jamiegreen: well, i suppose
menmad123: ( I begin to wash cock and
balls while checking you out and
chatting to you)
menmad123: its ok depends where you go
and what your into really (wink)
jamiegreen: (wow these showers are hot
for checkin out guys)
jamiegreen: like the showers here
jamiegreen: my old gym had individual
menmad123: ( smiling )
jamiegreen: it was a bit cramped
menmad123: ah these are much better
jamiegreen: yeah
jamiegreen: so does it get busy?
menmad123: more room to move around
and see everything
menmad123: yeah it does be busy but
evenings are quietest
jamiegreen: (god he's forward)
menmad123: the saunas a steam roos are
good aswell
menmad123: u tried them yet?
jamiegreen: not yet
menmad123: id say you'll like them
jamiegreen: u mind if i just shave
menmad123: ( my cock hardens a bit as i
wash it)
menmad123: no prob m8 work away
jamiegreen: (i start to lather up my balls)
menmad123: ( I bend over for soap as u do
jamiegreen: i didn't mean my face
menmad123: ( taking m y time)
menmad123: (FUCK)
jamiegreen: (mmmm nice)
menmad123: ah em ok
menmad123: u mean you balls m8?
jamiegreen: i always do them after a
menmad123: no prob go on ahead
jamiegreen: and behind them
menmad123: cant beat clean shaved balls
jamiegreen: thanx
menmad123: u always do them yourself??
jamiegreen: (i start shaving)
jamiegreen: yeah most times but ......
menmad123: you not afriad of cutting your
jamiegreen: no
menmad123: yeah?
jamiegreen: but i can't really do my ass
menmad123: you do your ass aswell?
menmad123: ( fuck this guys is horney and
jamiegreen: doesn't everyone/
jamiegreen: i mean we all did at school
menmad123: true yea I normally let
someone do my ass fo rme m8
menmad123: yeah
jamiegreen: (thnak god)
jamiegreen: (i finish my balls)
menmad123: if you want I'll help you out
menmad123: ( cock hardening more now)
menmad123: look good from here m8
jamiegreen: say u wouldn' help me would u
jamiegreen: thnax
menmad123: so how you want it done
jamiegreen: basically all off in my crack
jamiegreen: i feel kinda embarassed
menmad123: listen dont worry i did a
massage course last year so ive seen it
all m8
jamiegreen: cool
jamiegreen: (my cock stiffens)
menmad123: and I like smooth ass myself
as I have one ( I turn around an
dspread my cheeks for you)
menmad123: see
jamiegreen: say I'm sorry but my cock has
a mind of its own
menmad123: ( wow hes up for it im sure)
jamiegreen: nice one
jamiegreen: so u have a gf?
menmad123: here check out mine im the
menmad123: no m8
jamiegreen: cool
menmad123: pref being single
jamiegreen: (wow i'm gonna enjoy this
menmad123: u want me to soap you up a
jamiegreen: please
jamiegreen: (i part my legs)
menmad123: ( run my hands between your
ass cheeks and soap you up stopping
over your hole)
menmad123: bet the grils love this ass m8
jamiegreen: (thats feels sooooo good)
jamiegreen: er well .......
menmad123: bend over a small bit more
jamiegreen: ok
menmad123: wanna get at it all for you
jamiegreen: like this
menmad123: ( oh yeah thats nice really
jamiegreen: (how do i tell him?)
menmad123: ( fuck hes so hot and what I
hole I want it)
menmad123: I start shaving your hole
jamiegreen: thnax
jamiegreen: feels good
menmad123: and up and down yoru ass
menmad123: hows that for you m8
menmad123: ( my cock now rock hard)
jamiegreen: (I'd rather his cock was there)
jamiegreen: (i move backwards)
menmad123: steady there m8
jamiegreen: sorry
menmad123: god knows where I could end
menmad123: up your ass preferably
jamiegreen: yeah
jamiegreen: (god he wants me)
menmad123: ( I finish shaving it and run
my hand over the inisde)
jamiegreen: ooohhhhhhh
menmad123: that feels nice and smooth
now m8 ( leaving my finger rubbing
your hole)
jamiegreen: thanx
menmad123: u like it??
jamiegreen: great service
jamiegreen: yeah i like it
menmad123: ( I take your hand and place
it oon my cock) y
menmad123: you like this?
jamiegreen: (wow itssohard)
jamiegreen: er, yeah
menmad123: ( I ease my finger up your
hole a bit more)
jamiegreen: mmmmmm
menmad123: m8 I love your hole
jamiegreen: thanx
menmad123: this service could get better if
ur up for it and judging by yoru cock
you are >?
jamiegreen: well, u seem to be
jamiegreen: (i want that cock)
menmad123: I move closer to you adn
place my cock over yoru hole and pull
you to me)
menmad123: u up for this m8??
jamiegreen: mmmmm that feels good
jamiegreen: fuck me
menmad123: though youd never ask m8
menmad123: I push you over and easemy
cock inside you
jamiegreen: aaahhhhhh
jamiegreen: that feels good
jamiegreen: you are filling me up
menmad123: deeper and deeper
menmad123: grabbing your hips I start
fucking u
jamiegreen: fuck me harder
jamiegreen: i'm leaking precum
jamiegreen: cum inside me


blu_rbns@yahoo.com said...

Jamie, this is great stuff thanx. Wondering where online u met up with him? I once used 'chatrooms' a lot, but am now on an ISP that doesn't have private chatrooms.

Anonymous said...

Hot. That's all I can say. I've chatted like that before on Squirt.org

hothardcock said...

We met up at www.gay.com.

JaneyRuth said...

Not bad, I guess, for a guy...

Here's my lesbian online role play with a little tart named victoria...


JaneyRuth said...




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