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Monday, May 12, 2008

The first morning ....

It was a sunny morning. Jack couldn't help but smile when he left the house. The friendly wind brought scent of freshly cut grass. He stepped onto the road and went to the next door. He sat his clothes and knocked. The door swung open and Mrs. Brown ran out nearly hitting Jack.

'Sorry, Jack, I'm late from work, please wake Will up!' said Mrs. Brown and jumped into her car.

Jack scratched his head while listening to the tyres screeching, and entered the Brown house. His best friend, Will lived here with his mother. He was an only child and his father had died several years before. He knew this place for Will invited him as many times as possible.

Jack went up the stairs and into Will's room. Jack felt the warm light touching his face. Will was still sleeping his upper body exposed, but there was something big and hard under the blanket that made Jack to focus on it. Jack had not known that Will's penis was that big. He unwillingly licked his lips and didn't know why he was feeling so strange. His desire grew, he wanted to touch it.

He couldn't resist anymore and slowly touched the shaft through the blanket. It was hard, and warm. Jack slowly pulled the blanket off and saw that his friend totally naked. His nice penis was oozing and shined in the morning light.

Will was still sleeping. He lay there like a little angel. His whole body was exposed, and given to the light. Jack slowly reached out and touched the little hairs on Will's belly. He started to move his caressing hand down but he stopped. He had a strange thought. He wanted to feel the taste of it.

He leant at a slow pace and the nice and inviting cock came closer and closer to him. He smelled the scent of precum filling his nose and he felt his cock hardening inside his pants too. It was only millimetres away now. He lecherously opened his mouth and kissed the end of Will's morning wood.

The sensation was superb; Jack had not known that he was gay up until that point. He continued to lick it and he enjoyed it very much. Will moaned and he woke up suddenly.

'What are you doing?' shouted Will in surprise.

'I-I... I don't know. I couldn't stop myself. Was it bad?' stuttered Jack.

'You did great, it's just...'

Will sounded doubtful what he was going to say. Jack sighed and continued licking Will's shaft but now, with his hands rubbing it.

'Oh, hell, do it!' moaned Will in pleasure.

And Jack did it. He continued to suck his friend's penis and he got hungrier by the moment. He gently started to bite it, which was followed by some louder moans. He rubbed and rubbed it with his hand and Will's body started to shake. He knew it wasn't too much time, so he stopped.

'What are you doing?' asked Will panting.

'I don't want to end it.' whispered Jack.

He moved his head down and started to slop over Will's balls. Will had to grab the edge of the bed. It was a different pleasure, but came with the same sensation. Jack now started to use his hands and gently caressed the thighs and the belly of Will. He quickly moved his tongue up, he licked the shaft, the belly, the chest and the neck, 'till he reached Will's lips with his. He kissed him passionately and he felt his friend kissing him back.

Jack slowly started to move his head down again but stopped at the chest and licked the nipples of Will. His body shook again, and again. Jack continued his way down and grabbed Will's cock hard. He even put his left hand on the hard rod and pumped it hard. Simultaneously he licked the top of it and some seconds later Will's body shook again with pleasure and he let out a loud moan. His cum blew out and covered Jack's face. Will laughed in pleasure with his whole body sweating in the hot morning light. He sat up in the bed and smiled. That was the morning he always dreamed of.

'Your t-shirt got smudgy, old friend. You better take it off!' he said caressing Jack's chest. 'I think we're gonna be late for college!'

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