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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My first visit to Manbar

I recently paid my first visit to Manbar which bills itself as London's busiest, exciting, and best equipped cruise bar. It was a Monday 'boots only' night (boots-only as in wearing nothing from the ankles up) and I wasn't disappointed. Never have I seen so many naked guys in one place before! It was amazing - all ages, colours and body types.

It was a great venue as it was big enough not to feel claustrophobic, but had a good layout that made it cruisy and intimate. There was great music from the DJ which added to the atmosphere and the staff were friendly and welcoming. There were also showers which came in handy before I left.

I was really surprised by how busy the place was bearing in mind it was a Monday night. There must have been about 50 guys there. Not that I was really counting - I was too busy cock-watching. No-one seemed to have any hang-ups about being naked which was cool. It wasn't cliquey unlike some of the saunas I could mention where if you are not a regular you might feel out of place.

Guys were walking around with erect cocks and there was plenty of action going on both in and out of the dark rooms. After initially checking the place out I had a beer (entry costs £6.00 and that includes a free drink)and then wandered around with my beer stroking my cock. It was great to just wander with my hard cock checking out guys. Over the evening I ended up getting a few blow jobs before blowing my load into some guys mouth. It was so horny and I certainly can't wait for my next visit.


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