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Friday, March 06, 2009

Poolside Seeding


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason for showing videos of unsafe sex? Do you like helping spread the HIV virus?

hothardcock said...

I have naively always assumed that readers of my blog would always practice safe sex

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that's how we got the epidemic in the first place...and even moreso why it continues to spread

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying this as art, nothing more. I will leave the health ed out of it, but I agree with our Host.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed this several times and played with the contrast, saturation, etc. When I turned down the saturation to black and white level, it got even better! As a spankee, I am regularly found in the bottom position with my balls out. So, I appreciated the 3rd guy turning his tale for the boys.


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