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Monday, June 01, 2009

At the gym today

After my workout this morning at the gym I went for a shower as usual. When I went to hang my towel up there was a pair of CK boxer briefs which had obviously been left there over the weekend. I hung my towel next to them and then when I'd showered I grabbed them and put them in my bag. By the time I was dressed I was as horny as fuck. So I went into the toilets and wanked over the briefs and covered them in my cum. I've still got them. Not sure what to do with them now. Part of the excitement was not knowing what the guy who wore them looks like. I've never done this before. Has anyone?


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jeffx said...

I only wear underwear that I find in the laundry room--male or female.

Anonymous said...

I once took a pair of guy's brief from the laundry room in the barracks when I was in the Navy. I jerked off in them then put them back in with his other clothes. Part of the turn-on was fantasizing about who they belonged to an imagining him wearing them afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I found a kid's gym clothes while replacing school lockers. They fit me okay, except the pouch in the jock strap was all stretched out, as if he had huge balls or a donkey dick. I got hard every time I put it on and kept it for years and jacked off hundreds of times while wearing it, wondering who the kid was, what he looked like naked, and where he was now.


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