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Friday, July 10, 2009

A reminder of life at uni

I had a drink last night with Luke who was one of my flat mates at uni. He reminded me of the time when I was fucking a girl in my room that we both knew and he walked in on us and did not leave, but sat on my chair as I came in her. She did not stop fucking me, so I continued as he watched us, and as he did he pulled his hard cock out and stroked until he came! Two weeks later, I walked in on him now fucking her and as I did they again did not stop, but seeing that huge cock in her wet cunt and hearing her moan as he stroked her with it made me feel a bit intimidated again, and also very very hard! I left them to finish. When I came back I got mad at him for fucking one of my dates. He said she came by looking for me to fuck her but since I was gone, she wanted him! So he fucked her. We soon got over it and both fucked her in the flat a few times together! She told us that we both had the hottest bodies in uni and that both our cocks were really big, but that with Luke in her cunt she felt as if she was being fucked by a huge dildo!

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