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Sunday, March 07, 2010


If you like a guy with an edge then Clint's your man. Handsome, with the most stunning full color Tattoo running down his leg complete with sexy scars on his chest and face earned from a dangerous factory job working with scalding hot metal. Clint's look is dangerously hot, but it's just a look - after spending a day in the studio with Clint, Jockstrap Central tells us that he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

With zero body fat, abs that are so defined they are actually concave and the most jockstrappable (or is that a jockstrap-a-bubble ) ass, Clint was the perfect candidate for all the Go Softwear Euro Mesh collection Jockstrap Central just launched. Of course, mesh means many of the photos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Our favorite part of the whole gallery is the stunning moire patterns from the mesh fabric running down Clint's muscled chest. WOW!"

1 comment:

ManPuppy said...

ManPuppy loves Clint! He's our new coverboy - the official ManPuppy.com manpuppy!


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