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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A question for young guys about your pubic hair

I would like to hear from you younger guys, and particularly those in college/university, about your thoughts regarding growing, maintaining, trimming, or cutting off your pubic hair. I would also like to know whether it's a turn on or turn off to other guys or girls.


Tremendi said...

You know from previous correspondence that i had with you that i am totally smooth and find it a total turn-on to find other guys like that. Many think it makes guys look pre-pubescent but i think that it shows a fantastic degree of courage for a younger guy to do it and a level of self-assurance and confidence that show he knows exactly what he likes and is not afraid of what others think. Apart from the fact that it is "hot" it also gets a lot of attention from guys that want to try it but are afraid of the consequences from bf/gf/spouse or other guys in the locker room etc. My advice: try it! if you dont like it, it wil grow back.

Anonymous said...

Just turned 23 and up until about a month ago I kept a tight trim on the bush and completely shaved my balls/shaft/etc. I've been having some dry skin on my balls as of late, so I stopped shaving them recently and let my bush grow in thicker than normal. My partner hasn't seemed to mind, and I'm not constantly itching or flaking.

Anonymous said...

i always at least keep mine trimmed. most girls i know don't find it attractive to have a huge bush down there... and usually i have it shaved pretty short and no-one has ever had a problem with it

shayne said...

i waxed all my pubic hair away once every 2 months... it's easier to maintain the whole private region as well. not sure if an empty pubic area is a turn off to other people, but i feel that it gives me a clean look and it makes my stuff looks more enhanced as well. :)

sanguin_serafin said...

I'm a 19 year-old guy and I keep it pretty neat down there. i shave my entire pubic region, cock and balls. I like keeping it completely shaved. I'm actually looking into waxing.. If I don't keep it completely shaved, sometimes I just keep it short and manicured, but I find that's a bit more of a hassle to keep up with.

The Handsome Josher said...

I'm 23 and I just graduated from college. I find guys with pubic hair extremely sexy. I must say that I like guys who are neat and trimmed. Out of control and jungle-like pubes are not sexy. I take good care grooming my pubes, so I guess I expect the same in return. Shaved guys are a turn off for me. Then again, everyone is turned on by different things :)

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