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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Most daring place you masturbated?

What is the most daring place you have masturbated?


Josh said...

In a car at the grocery store in the middle of the day
In a vacant classroom at my college
In my college girlfriend's bedroom with the door wide open while her roommates were in the suite
In my room as a teenager with my door ajar while my sister walked by
At my fraternity with the door open while the cleaning lady was in the hallway
On the side of a road (got poison ivy from this one)
In the hot tub and pool at my apartment complex
On a nude beach in Jamaica

Anonymous said...

The summer I turned fifteen I went to Music Camp at the State University and we stayed in the dorms and my roommate was a jerk who was extremely proud of his body. He slept commando and paraded down the hall to the bathroom naked with his towel draped over his shoulder and he bragged constantly about what a stud he was.
He came in just before bed check one night and claimed that he’d sneaked into the women’s dorm and had gotten it on with two chicks. I was still “sleeping “ when he went to the shower the next morning, and as soon as he left I got up and whacked off my ten-day load right in the middle of his sheets. I “woke up” just after he returned, wrinkled my nose and sniffed a couple of times. “Smells funny in here,” I said, then carefully checked my shorts, tee shirt, and finally my sheets before throwing back his covers to reveal the wet stain. “Oh, it was you”.
The implication was clear: He’d either shot a huge load in his sleep, which wouldn’t have happened if he’d just gotten laid, or he’d jacked off in a shared dorm room. He got red with embarrassment and didn’t even try to defend himself.
I didn’t stick with music so the camp was a waste of my parents’ money, but the look on the jerk’s face when saw my mess in his sheets was priceless.

Anonymous said...

At school I had a friend with benefits. Usually would jerk off each in a bathroom in the basement.

As I was the technician for the school plays, I had a key to auditorium. So one day the two of us were so horny, that we made out on the stage.

Anonymous said...

i went in the bathroom at school and no one else was in there so i stood right in front the door, stuck my cock out of the zipper, and went at it. the risk level was thrilling. if another guy walked in, they probably wouldn't have a problem with it, but word would've traveled.
anyway i shot my load onto the door and thought about wiping it off, but heard squeaking outside. i pulled my shirt over my still open zipper and opened the door. the janitors back was turned to me, but he turned almost immediately. he did that quick up and down look, i dont think he noticed my shirt's raised area.
i fantasized over the janitor in class. he was middle aged and scruffy, but dirty looking and somewhat ugly, but he was muscular.
when i got home, i pounded the sofa cushions in the living room and shot my load as my mom came home from the grocery.

Anonymous said...

Everyday I masturbate in my room , While my roommate is asleep on the bed next to mine....

Anonymous said...

one day I was locked outside my house and I was so horny from watching porn on my phone I jacked off on the front pocrh while cars rode past

Anonymous said...

Woman's restroom st work. I was suppose to be cleaning them...the thrill was amazing

bobby said...

Masturbated at a womans place of business, her home, during a deliver there...
She was a hot mature lady, wish I could have had time to fuck her nice ass.

Anonymous said...

8th grade english class.. just kept rubbing myself under my desk..

team bus on a long ride back from Montreal to Boston when I was only 12..

Girls locker room in high school..

best friends sisters bedroom.. right on her pillow....


Anonymous said...

I've hacked off everywhere. I used to jerk it while cleaning pools,I jerked it at a urinal in a hospital on time. I always jack off if IM riding a bus somewhere. I like to stroke it in front of my windows at home, and in the yard.I've strokes it on the elevator, at school, every job I ever had. I love playing with my cock! And I love doing it in public!

Anonymous said...

I have done it outside of my front door. While driving down the road. In my room with door open so when my brother girlfriend walked by she would see bc she always looked in my room when she went by. And I done it at work a lot even done it in my bosses office and cam in her chair. She was fine as hell. And when I was younger in high school I had my gf suck me in the libaray

Kentucky Jacker said...

Went on a school trip during 7th grade and got off pretty much every night that week... they had the class paired off together in hotel rooms, 4 of us together in a room... I would jack it during the middle of the night while the other boys slept (only 2 beds so one boy was next to me)... one of the nights I pretended to be alseep while waiting for them to fall asleep and when I opened my eyes to look, one of the boys in the other bed was jacking... sadly we weren't friends so I was afraid to get his attention, I just let him do it alone while I did mine under the cover very slowly. I got off in my 9th grade spanish class once, just kept rubbing myself under my desk like one guy posted, I was wearing some athletic pants so was easy access and was sitting in the back row, and we were also having a test so everyone was looking down. Also jacked on the school bus several times as well as school bathrooms, sometimes at the urinals. One time on a road trip when I was younger, I jacked it while laying in the back seat of my mom's SUV while she was driving and her boyfriend was riding passenger (will admit I had a cover over myself but still kind of thrilling). Was out of town with my dad once and while sleeping in the motel I jacked it while my dad was asleep next to me. Also used to go fishing with my dad when younger and would sometimes go off down the bank and pull it out and go at it, never knowing for sure that he wouldn't have came along behind me to see where I was. Jacked at several family members houses and some friends as well. Jacked it in public pools and hot tubs next to the edges. Used to jack in my car a lot when I started driving (sometimes still do), especially while driving along an interstate so the truckers could see, and sometimes they will honk... had a few that pulled over before to get off with me and other times I just slow down my speed to stay next to them while driving and let them watch me shoot it then gain speed and proceed on. Jacked in the ocean several times while all the other people are swimming and walking around the beach (that one probably isn't as daring if you think about it, but still fun sometimes). Used to go to a local gym a lot during the younger part of my teen years for the indoor pool and would almost always jack off in the locker room after spending a lot of time watching older guys come in and get naked... sometimes it would be the shower but if I was lucky I could catch a break and just go for it out on the locker room floor and shoot all over the floor or the benches or sometimes even hit the lockers with it. Several times of doing it while outdoors on walking trails... the best time for that scene was the time I stumbled upon a couple having sex... they didn't know I was there and I jacked it while watching them and shot all over a tree then I eased back off and walked on. That also brings up a time I was out of town and staying in a motel... the motel was set up to where every two rooms shared a balcony and the first night there I had stepped out to sit on the balcony and watch the creek for a while... I noticed a light was on in the room next to mine so I got up from the chair and eased over to the window (I'm sure everyone knows how hard it is to completely shut the curtain in a motel) and it just so happened that there was a very slight crack in the middle of the curtains... to my surprise, there was a young (I'd say maybe around very early 20s at the oldest) couple in there going at it! When I first saw, they were doing oral on each other so of course I started rubbing myself through my shorts. Then eventually the progressed to full intercourse at which point I lowered the waist band and started stroking it. I ended up shooting it all over their window as he shot all over her. Anyway, sorry for writing a book its just so hard to narrow it down to one situation.

Anonymous said...

Whilst working away from home, sharing a twin room with my workmate, were both age 22, he caught me wanking at 6am just as he wakened but i let him watch me till cum over myself, every morning after that we both had a good wank lying in bed watching each other.

Anonymous said...

I was at the gas station one night. This hot guy walked past me rubbing the outside of his jeans where I could see his hard cock. As I pumped the gas I started getting hard just thinking about that cock. I then unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I stood facing the pump and started to jack off. Just then the guy walked by again. He saw me jacking off and as he rubbed his jeans it got me even harder. As I watched him walk away and smile I shot a big load and hit the gas pump. He threw his head back and gave me a wink as I zipped up my fly. I got in my car and drove off.

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