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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Old post - thongs

Now that IB is up again I've decided to transfer some of my old posts across. The one below was one of the first I posted at IB and I thought about it again yesterday when I was getting changed at the gym.

So what is with men and thongs? Why is it thought of as a gay thing to wear one. OK I'll admit it - I do wear one - in the gym. I've tried different sorts of underwear over the years for workouts and have found a thong to be the best. Not too much fabric and just the right amount of support. So why do I get funny looks in the locker room? Take yesterday for instance. I was having a commando day and no one seemed bothered when I stripped off to reveal I had nothing on under my jeans. But then when I went to put on a thong I could tell I was being stared at. Or was it just me being self conscious? Most guys just seem to work out wearing their ordinary boxers/briefs. But whats the issue with wearing a thong?


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