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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The taste of cum

One of my fantasies is to imagine that once I've jacked off I'm going to eat my cum. Invariably I never do though maybe I should just follow through and eat it. Maybe I think the taste is going to revolt me. In her lastest podcast, Violet Blue over at open source sex talks about male and female taste and how to make yourself taste yummier. She even has a recipe for a Super Spunk Smoothie (apparently it works with all genders). By the way I think Violet Blue has one of the sexiest voices around. I downloaded all her podcasts a few weeks ago and then listened to them during an 8 hour flight. I ended up spending some time in the toilet!

Yesterday I also stumbled on a post by The Taste Tester where she talks about letting her boyfirend cum in her mouth.

So I guess a question for you is what do you like about cum and its taste?

1 comment:

Desireous said...

I love the taste of cum. Why? I think its more of a psychological thing. To me tasting cum is like tasting his pleasure. The minute that awesome tool starts to cum I get so excited that its not unusual for me to cum wiht no other physical stimulation. To me cum tastes very similar to the uncooked yolk of an egg. I alway did love dipping my toast in the yolk! :-)



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