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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday morning post

I haven'’t posted for a while as I'’ve been away with work and there was little or no internet access where I was. Luckily I'’d downloaded some stuff before I went so at least I had some porn to watch after work. I also managed to fit in a massage which wasn'’t quite what I expected. The guy who massaged me was OK but at the end when he said he finished he asked if there was anything else I wanted. To be honest as he wasn'’t my type I said no. He then pointed at my cock and asked if I wanted oil there. I thought what the hell so I said yes. He squirted some oil on my cock and balls and then massaged them for about a minute and said he was finished. He then led me to the steam room and advised me to stay in there for about 5 minutes before showering. He then left me alone. Well you can guess what I ended up doing in there after which I showered.

Since I got back the summer weather has started to show (though today is pretty awful out there), and all week the campus has been full of partially clothed bodies -– both male and female. How I love summer. I bought myself some new black speedos a couple of weeks ago (see below). Can't wait to wear them at the pool. One thing I won't be doing this summer though is behaving so these speedos are not for me!

In one of the papers today there is an article about sauna/steaetiquettequitte. It advsies that the proper attire is a white towel worn around the waist. Now I've also been one to go completely nude except where the sauna/steam is mixed (but once in Spain we did go completely naked in a mixed sauna as everyone else was). What do you do?

Kim's out for a few hours so I'm going to shower now and shave my balls and cock for when she gets back.


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