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Friday, May 26, 2006

Yesterday at the pool

Its been a bit of a crazy week. I’ve had a lot on at work and then yesterday when I went swimming there were 2 guys in the showers eyeing me up. I’d noticed both of them in the pool. One was a real hottie. His cock looked huge and he had an all over tan which showed his body off. They were both playing with their cocks. Trouble was that I had to get back to work so I couldn’t hang around and it was too public for me to do anything. When I'm hard its quite noticeable so I didn’t even dare to touch my cock in case it got hard. The other guy was hard but had such a small cock you couldn’t really tell!

The weather here is wet and cold again. Thankfully we’re off on holiday in a week’s time so it’ll be two weeks of sun, sand and sex. Then after we get back I’m around for a few days before I go away with work for 8 days and that will certainly be sun and sex!

Big Brother down under is still fascinating me. They all seem so comfortable with nudity and being naked around each other. AllAussieBeef has posted some more videos which are worth checking out.


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