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Friday, August 04, 2006


I just checked out what Google "thinks" of me, via Googlism.com. Here are the results:

jamie green is now in his third year as coach inman’s assistant coach
jamie green is a snare drummer in the band
jamie green is playing the bass and former snare drummer
jamie green is slain by a werewolf and becomes one
jamie green is rumored to be one of the first in line to
jamie green is assistant executive assistant for the heavy constructors association of greater kansas city
jamie green is doing a lot with the content of the site
jamie green is a british karting ace
jamie green is also on the team's shopping list after a strong f3 debut in korea two weekends ago
jamie green is going to race with carlin in the formula three event
jamie green is still unfamiliar to major labels despite creating one of the best independent albums to come out of los angeles in the last five years
jamie green is a babe
jamie green is a client service associate and performs operational and administrative duties including processing
jamie green is one
jamie green is a sophomore and already had planned to attend the running start program at central washington university beginning her junior year

Kim reckons that only one of these applies to me. Guess?


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