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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Working at home

I'm working at home for a few days this week and next week trying to finish a research project. One of the advantages of home working is that I can spend most of the day naked. Just got to be careful not to expose myself to the neighbour who lives directly opposite. Not sure how she'd react to it. I can see right into her bedroom but haven't seen her in any sort of naked or semi naked state though. Got to remember to throw on some clothes when going downstairs or when the doorbell rings (as when the postman just rang a few minutes ago and I got to the top of the stairs before realising I had nothing on).

The weather here is really poor. Last month was so good and I thought I'd be able to do some work lying outside but its really too cold to even venture out in shorts let alone naked. Am day dreaming of sunny weather at the beach.

I've been checking out this great website that I came across the other day. It features Brad & Evan, 2 college boys (23 & 22) stranded in the midwest and has some really hot vids of them both for download. Here are a pic of them:


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