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Friday, December 22, 2006

Lifesavers in the boat

Just discovered that my blog wasn't allowing posts from people not registered with
Blogger. Thanks to John down under for pointing this out by e-mail. I've changed the
settings so it should be OK now.

John e-mailed to say:

Viewed your blog and noted the picture of the lifesavers in the boat.
I tried to post a comment regards the reason why they pull their Speedos up
as he is doing but it would not send, the comment facility must be disabled,
this is what I said.
"Ignoring the silly comment about the bloke`s dick, there is a reason why the
lifesavers pull up their speedos when in the
lifeboat. Nylon is very slippery on wet polished wood, by pulling them up it
prevents sliding off the seats of the boat."


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