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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

University sex

When I was at university I had an experience that really blew my mind. A big group of us had gone out drinking one night with hopes of picking up some girls.

Sadly, only Matt and Andy had any luck. Euan, Gavin and I tagged along as we headed back to our house, which we all shared. When we got there we sat around drinking beer until one of the girls suggested we play strip poker. Well, we didn't need to be asked a second time. We played a round and were soon all naked. I sat with my legs up close to my chest, trying to hide my raging boner.

Alex was a dreamy blonde with long, long legs and firm little tits. Dawn had flaming red hair and great big jugs with huge nipples. She had a bright red bush and was more solidly built than Alex. I was hoping that Matt and Andy would fuck them right there in the living room so that the three of us without dates could watch. But what happened next was ten times better than that.

Dawn started playing with her tits and soon her inch long nipples were fully hard. I saw Matt blush. Then she slid her hand down to her copper bush and started fingering her twat. My cock was so hard by this stage it actually hurt. A long drool of precum had leaked out of the piss slit and down my shaft. I reached into my lap and smeared the cooling gel around the head of my cock.

Alex leaned over and started licking Dawn's nipples. This was getting really hot. I saw Matt take his big dick into his hand and start jacking it. I took another good hard look at Matt, fortunately he had his eyes closed, and realized that he was turning me on. He had dark hair and pale skin with classic good looks. He was the only one of us with a hairy chest and I found I was quite fascinated by his chest hair. He leaned back and I caught sight of the dark hair growing up his butt crack. Suddenly I knew what I wanted, more than anything in the world.

I went over to him and took hold of his cock and guided it into my mouth. 'Jamie, what are you doing?' Euan asked. He was so shocked his voice was quivering.

I ignored him and looked up at Matt. He didn't open his eyes but from the smile on his face I could tell that he liked what I was doing. So I went back to sucking his cock. A tasty drop of precum smeared across my tongue and I lapped at it, eager for more.

And then Alex came and started helping me to suck Matt's cock. We kissed that delicious cock between us, sharing a kiss when our lips met at the tip. It was just the horniest thing I had ever done. I think it got Euan, Andy and Gavin worked up too, because Euan got onto Dawn and sank his thin dick into her. Andy stroked his eight inch dick as he watched. Gavin came over and started playing with my ass. It felt so incredibly good to have my cheeks fondled in his strong hands. And then his hand started sliding into my crack. I could feel his rough finger nudging against my
puckerhole and I knew what he wanted, but I didn't think it was something I could give him.

I let Alex take care of Matt on her own while I pushed Gavin onto his back. He had a pyramid shaped cock that was incredibly thick at the base but quite slender at the tip. I peeled back his foreskin and revealed his delicate pink arrow shaped cock head. There was no way I could have taken such a monster into my ass. But I could take it into my mouth. Gavin gasped as his cock sank into my hungry mouth. I could not believe how tasty his cock was. I was like a kid with candy as I feasted on his delicious cock.

And then Gavin started tugging on my hips and pulled me over him. I cried out in surprise as he started licking my low hanging balls. His hot tongue licked all over my balls and the valley where leg meets body. Then, shit!, he started licking my asshole. I was going out of my mind. His tongue plunged deep into my hole and gave me thrills that exceeded any I had felt in my young life. His cock throbbed in my mouth as he ate my ass. And then I realised why he was doing what he was. This time though I was willing to give it a try.

Gavin positioned me on my side and slid a hand under my shoulders. And then he pressed his cock head against my spit lubed fuck hole. His slender cock head slipped in easily and he began to fuck me very gently. As he fucked he whispered in my ear, telling me how hot my ass felt. Everything was going well until he started to work the rest of that fat cock into my ass. I screamed as he bust my ass in two. Euan turned around and looked at us and made some negative comment but I didn't care. Gavin just kept on whispering away in my ear. And then it started to feel slightly less painful.

Alex came over and lay down in front of me. She told me how to make it feel better. I did what she advised and it worked. Soon that cock felt like the best thing in the world. Alex started stroking my thighs and my cock inflated and pressed against her thighs. She took hold of it and guided it into her warm, wet pussy. Even Euan came to watch now as I got sandwiched between Alex and Gavin. Every single nerve in my body was on full alert. A sweat covered my brow as a red flush crept across my chest and neck.

Gavin's stroking had enough carry through for me to pleasure Alex. Dawn kneeled over Andy nearby and sat down on his cock. Matt got behind her and stuck his cock in her ass. Only Euan wasn't getting any action. He grabbed hold of his thin dick and started wanking it. I could see that he was aiming directly at my face but I didn't care. Alex was already on her second orgasm. My own cock was staring to protest. I needed to cum. I couldn't say which was getting more pleasure, my asshole or my cock, but it was a close run competition. And then Gavin gave one final, animal lunge into my ass. He cussed and grunted as he off loaded deep in my guts.

My own jizz started pumping then, followed seconds later by Euan's hot, spunky load full in my face. I made a point of licking my lips as he grumbled about me being so kinky. But when Gavin and Matt told him that it was just as kinky for him to be blowing off in my face he shut up.

From then on Gavin, Matt, Andy and I would often suck each other off if we could not get dates. Euan allowed us to suck him off only if he got really, really desperate.

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very fucking hot, man!


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