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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Just came across this on Myspace:

I had been instructed to arrive at 8.30pm, so I drove over there and arrived at the specified time.

I went into the house and there she was, black pvc dress, zip up front and knee high PVC boots.

I knew what was coming.

"upstairs, on all fours and strip"

I did this.

She came into the room.

"not on all fours" she screamed.

I had slumped on the floor, she corrected this and smacked my behind so hard I immediately went onto all floors.

She was cross so a good spanking ensued, I was then flung against the wall and forced to stay there for 10 minutes while she lay on the bed smoking and reading a book.

She returned, and stood over me, I saw up the pvc dress, the zip had crept up a bit.

Onto the bed I was thrown, she used the hardback book to spank my behind, god it hurt !

Then she began to softly stroke my behind

As for the rest of the story best not .......

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