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Friday, March 23, 2007

Washing your foreskin

The Uncut Cock has been posting about washing foreskin. Now I've always just used soap and water in the shower to wash my cock and underneath my foreskin. But it seems that maybe you should just retract the foreskin, rinse the inner fold of the foreskin and glans with warm water only. Now I always thought that you shouldn't treat it any differently from the rest of your body. Yeah if you rub soap into it obsessively then it will get irritated or damaged. But it's a pretty simple concept, really ... if the soap is ok to use on the rest of your body, surely it's ok to clean your cock with it. I really can't imagine someone using only water for personal hygiene. I have always treated my foreskin as another few square inches of skin, and I have never had problems with it - the soap has never "dried it out," or irritated it or caused infection... and I don't have a problem with odor, either.

What do you do or think about this?


circumcised.aussie said...

Having spent the first 49 years of my life with a Foreskin, washing it was one of those simple pleasures of life and pulling it right back was probably the very first think I did as soon as I stepped into the shower or bath and I certainly always used soap to make sure it was sparkling clean.

Of course, that's history now as I had myself circumcised 3 years ago now and love the look and feel of my new cock, just wish I had done it years ago!

Edinburgh Erotica said...

I'd tend to agree with hothardcock. Soap *and* water are both necessary to ensure your cock is nice and clean. Water alone just won't do.



Edinburgh Erotica said...

Oh, and one more thing. Absolutely no fucking way is a knife going anywhere near my foreskin. ;)


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