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Sunday, April 15, 2007

New underwear

I've been shopping today for new underwear and I bought:

A Skinxwear Innova silky pouch:

2 Skinxwear Intimo sheer G-strings which are so comfortable:

A Raw Body Wear Motion-X Sports Jock:

As you see I've been trying them on and in this photo you can just see my precum cumming through:

Here's some of me getting hot and hard:

As with all my underwear, e-mail me if you're interested in buying it.


Anonymous said...

way hot you stud! i love a man in a hot gee or jock or thong! to many guys are afraid to have a string up their crack because of peer pressure! it feels so hot to have your cock and sack hugged up in a nice pouch and your ass framed in a gee thong or jock!!

paolo -> powow_m@yahoo.com said...

Damn hot man! those undies look so hot on you...

the last three pics are particularly yummy!


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