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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Naked in the morning

There was a heavy continuous pounding and tearing sound coming in through an open window. Light came in through the top of my windows. The sound and light both woke me up this morning. My drapes only cover the bottom two-thirds of the window. The top third of the window lets light in even with the drapes closed.

With my eyes still closed, I stretched-out in bed. During the summer, I prefer to sleep naked. Hell, I even prefer to walk around naked. It drove my roommates crazy at college as I walked around not just my shared room, but the entire apartment naked.

I ran my hands across my chest, circling my thumbs around my nipples, then using my fingers to scratch my furry chest. Yawning, I reached down and scratched my hairy nuts, my wood laying on my stomach. Lying there I began rubbing my cock between my thumb and fingers. I let out a little moan as precum began to cover my fingers. With my right hand, I scratch my pubes, and then brought them up to my nose for a sniff of sweaty crotch as I licked the precum off my right-hand fingers.

I swiveled, sitting on the edge of my bed. I have medium brown hair on my head, underarms, arms and legs. My chest, stomach and pubes (and I assume ass) hair is a dark brown. I just recently had my head nearly completely shaved for the summer.

I pushed off from the bed, standing up and stretching. It was then I saw the source of the loud pounding sound as my heart skipped a few beats. Working on our neighbour's roof were three young constructions workers.

I stood there frozen. Completely naked. Staring at these three studs thinking I bolted out of my door and down the hall to the bathroom. Small wonder, no problem being naked in front of friends or roommates, but I get cock shy around strangers. The last thing I needed was for my mom to see me running through the house cock and balls bouncing. I ducked into the bathroom and took a piss. My cock had gone from rock hard when I was standing in my room to half flaccid. As I thought about those men seeing me naked, my cock jumped and started getting hard again. I heard my mom leave through the front door for the day. "Oh well." I thought. maybe those guys will go on break soon. I jumped in the shower to kill some time.

A while later, I was drying myself off and hung up my towel. (Why I didn't wrap the towel around me or use it to hide myself, I'll never know). I went down the hall to my door and peaked around. The men were gone. Shame, maybe I could have gotten up the courage to have some fun. I hit play on the DVD and started a bi (MMF) porno. I also bent over and brought up another porn video (frat boys fucking drunk chicks at parties) on my computer.

"Nice." I heard a deep voice behind me. I spun around my hard cock bouncing around. Three sweaty construction studs, the guys I saw out my window, were standing in my bedroom doorway. "Mom didn't lock the door when she left." the first guy smiled. "Wonder if she knows what her little boy does when she leaves for the day?" The second asked. "Not so little." said the third as he stepped forward and slapped my hard cock around. "Not so big either." replied the first, rubbing his cock through his pants.

The first guy was taller than me with very broad shoulders, dark hair and very tan. The second guy had light brown hair was a little shorter then me and the first guy, with little tan. The third guy was about my size with dark blond hair. He had a real deep tan. His sweat covered white shirt stretched over his very muscled upper body. I saw him reach down and adjust himself.

"Can't keep his eyes off your package Mike." the first guy laughed "Wha-" I said shocked. "Or do you like fellow hairy men like Grant?" Mike asked "I-" I couldn't get anything out. "So, Grant, you taking first shots at the nudist or what?" the third guy asked. "Fuck yea Andy. Whose idea was this?" Grant asked

I had backed up against my desk as the words sunk in. Horror on my face. "Fuck yea dude." Grant said stepping forward grabbing my exposed nuts and squeezing. Grant then nut-marched me to the foot of my bed. "We watched you lying naked in bed all morning, must've been hours before your lazy ass got up this morning. Do you always smell yourself? I bet you sniff your jocks and eat your own load when you jack off." I couldn't even answer. My heart was pounding in my chest. My mouth just hung open; my eyes wide.

Grant reached down and ran his fingers through his pubes. Then he brought his fingers to my nose. My cock started leaking precum from his smell. Grant then put his finger in my mouth and began morning it around. Mike stepped forward, grabbing my hard cock. "You put a nice show on for us this morning. You can't believe though how much it fucking sucked to watch you naked from the top of the roof. I couldn't even adjust myself without the entire neighborhood seeing me." "Lucky for you, only we could see." said Andy.

Grant ran his hands across my chest and began pinching my nipples through my shirt. I moaned. "You like that a lot." Grant whispered. "Nice porn." Mike said flipping through some magazines. My eyes darted to my computer and fear was on my face. Andy laughed, "Didn't think we could see your screen. Ha. We saw it all. All the guy-on-girl and guy-on-guy stuff, well, no girls around, so looks like we do the later." Andy laughed. "What would mommy say if she knew her young stud was jerking off to porn? What if she knew her son was about to suck dick like a bitch? And take a nice big cock up his tight asshole?" Andy laughed pushing his middle finger up my ass.

All three guys removed their shirts. Grant was just as hairy as I was, maybe a little more with really furry armpits but small nipples. Mike was hairless except for a little treasure trail from his navel that disappeared in his pants. Mike had the deepest tan and largest nipples I'd ever seen on a guy in real life or on the computer. Andy's chest was lighter than his arms and face, had a very light patch of hair in the middle of his chest and around his nipples. Andy was even skinnier without his shirt. Grant reached out and pushed my face into his chest. He smelled like the great sweaty man he was. With his free hand Grant dropped his pants. I was then pushed down to my knees with Grant's bulge stretching his boxer briefs. I leaned forward and started to suck him through his underwear. "Fuck that!" Grant laughed dropping the boxer briefs. His cock shot up and slapped me in the face. All three guys laughed. Grant grabbed his cock and began slapping me with it. "If only momma could see you now" Grant laughed. Mike and Andy stripped down while Grant face fucked me. Grant began forcing his entire cock down my throat. I choked a little at first, and then relaxed around it, my nose buried in his hairy bush. "Breath!" Grant commanded. I took deep breaths of the sweaty jock smell. I didn't' think my cock could get harder but it did. "Damn he's practically pissing precum." Andy said. In not time at all, I heard him moaning, felt his cock tense, then fill my mouth with warm stud sauce. I swallowed and kept licking Grant's cock head as more cum came out. "Oh." Grant shivered as my tongue ran across his sensitive head.

Grant moved over to sit on my bed as Mike stepped up. He was breathing deeply as I took Mike's half hard cock in my hand. Mike's cock head was covered by his foreskin; I wasn't sure what to do. I took the thing in my mouth and began using my tongue. "You need to pull it down." Mike said. "You can use your hand to jerk me off too." I let his cock plop out, then reached up and pulled back the skin, exposing the cock head. Mike's cock head seemed really sensitive as I played with it with my fingers and tongue. I licked down Mike's shaft burying my nose in his pubes. Damn! I thought this stud smells great. I worked my way down to his nuts and began taking each in my mouth. "Fuck, I didn't get my nuts sucked." Grant complained. "You came to early." Mike teased, "No control." "Grr." Grant growled. I went back up to Mike's cock, but it had retreated back into the foreskin. I started jacking off Mike watching the head disappear, then pop out. I began circling the head with my tongue. "FUCK!" Mike startled pushing his entire package down my throat. I felt his cock filling my throat with his load. As Mike pulled out, I licked the last of his load from his shaft and head.

I turned to Andy for his blowjob. Andy had a pair of large low hangers. "You're not sucking my dick." Andy said grabbing me under the arms and standing me up. He marched me to the bed and pushed me down, with my head next to Grant's ass. I felt something cool down my ass, then a large pressure on my asshole. "Always carry pocket lube." Andy said, forcing his cock up my tight ass. Grant repositioned himself so his balls and as were in my face. "Now it's time to lick my nuts." Grant said. I took Grant's hairy nuts in my mouth as Andy's cock head began stretching out my asshole. Grant pushed my head lower. Next thing I knew my tongue was lapping Grant's asshole. Just then Andy pushed forward sinking his entire shaft up my ass. "So, momma's boy, cock up your ass, you tongue stuck up another man's ass, and your cock's rock hard. Damn. You just watch this pussy porn to see naked straight studs?" I shook my head no. "Oh, so you fuck pussy?" I shook my head yes. "Now you're our pussy. No more pussy for you unless you want Mike's video on the Internet and sent your Mom on DVD." I looked up and saw Mike had his cell phone taking a video of me eating ass and getting fucked.

After Andy let my ass get used to his invasion, he began pulling out then slamming forward. Mike tapped Grant on the shoulder. "My turn." Grant got up reluctantly. Andy began pounding my ass right as I began exploring Mike's ass with my tongue. I could feel (and hear) Andy's nuts slapping against me with each thrust. Andy started giving me a reach around. "Going to toss your load, dude. While you're getting fucked AND eating ass!" Andy yelled. Andy began slapping my ass with his free hand. I looked up from Mike's ass into my mirror and could see Andy fucking me. When Andy noticed, he smiled brought his hands behind his head and began slamming my ass. I came right there. Mike pushed my head back down to his ass. Andy squeezed the end of my cock as my ass squeezed against Andy's cock. I could feel Andy's cock cumming in my ass.

Andy pulled out, then ordered "Hey, clean this." He pointed to his cock. I knelt down and took the studs cum and ass covered cock, cleaning off the juices. Looking up I froze. Six more construction workers were sitting on the neighbour’s roof watching me clean the cock that just fucked my ass. "Here." Mike flipped me on my back pushing my legs over his shoulders, getting ready to enter me. I saw Grant give a wave. Three construction guys stood up and began making their way down the ladders. "Time for the second shift." Grant smiled as Mike's uncut cock slid into my ass.

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