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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Night-time shower

Josh and Pete moved to the shower room later that night. Both had met a week prior as new roommates on campus.

To their delight they found that they were instant friends, sharing pizza, beer, lawn football games, drudgery of indoctrination, a party at the nearby Freshman centre and more then once, heard the other moan late at night as they relieved their sexual frustrations.

"Wow man you were really going last night" Pete offered one morning.

"Oh sorry about that, just couldn't keep quiet" Josh blushed. The night before was indeed uncontrollable. Not once but three times he needed to grab himself and pull until his body became one large organism needing to spit out the sperm that demanded release.

"No man, it got me so hot I got off too" Pete said "shit man it's what we do"

"yea I guess" Josh offered.

"Relax, we're roomies, closer then friends kind of like brothers" Pete said "hey want some more milk?"

Josh looked up quizzically. Pete held up the carton of milk. Josh laughed. For an instant he thought Pete meant something else.

And as a testament to their mental connection, Pete laughed knowing what his new friend thought.

"Shit man, you're too much" Pete said.

So it was that late night. The dorm was mostly silent save for one or two rooms from which one could hear music. The hallways were barely lit with the blue lights that turned on automatically at 2 am.

It was now 3am. Pete and Josh were half sober as they stumbled down the hall. Josh had said he had to shower and Pete didn't reply but stripped down and grabbed his towel too.

The john was dark. Pete flipped on one or two lights, just enough to find their way. They got into the shower stall and turned on the spray.

It was as if in slow motion the two naked young men moved in and out of the spray next to each other.

Josh soaped his smooth body and took his time. He was still drunk enough to not realize he was washing himself slowly. And he was drunk enough to enjoy the feeling of his soapy hands moving over the fleshy convolutions of his shoulders, chest, stomach, buttocks, legs and his crotch.

"Hey what are you doing?" he looked up to see Pete standing there watching him.

"Just watching, go ahead man" Pete said moving his own soapy hands over his lower stomach.

Josh turned around as if to avoid Pete's gaze. He soaped as much of the back of his shoulders as possible then felt Pete's hands.

"Hey no problem" Pete said without Josh saying anything.

Josh moved his own hands over the small of his back. "Ok I got it from here" he said as his hands slid over the two round mounds of muscle that formed his buttocks.

"yea yea" Pete breathed out loud as he stood back and watched. He had seen Josh naked more then once by then of course. He had watched the silhouetted form kick off the covers in the middle of the night and hold the long protrusion that jutted up from his body.

But this was different he could watch without glancing away and he could see everything - every part of his body, the pink round nipples, the roundness of his butt, the thick muscled thighs and bike riders calfs.

Josh moved in and out of the shower. He saw Pete still watching him and saw him stroking his cock which could be seen among the suds that had gathered on his crotch.

"What are you doing?" he said in mock disgust. He kept glancing at Pete moving his hand over his body as the other hand slid over his cock. He wanted to stop and watch.

As if reading his mind Pete urged him to keep washing himself. Josh moved about now knowing he was directly connected to what Pete was doing. He turned and bent over spreading his ass cheeks and finger washing his crack not stopping at the entrance.

"Shit man" Pete sighed and Josh smiled unseen.

He stretched as the water washed the soap off his body and bent his soapy head of hair under the spray. Josh felt Pete's hands and stood up.

Pete had washed off the soap. His erection was clearly visible. It was curved, hard and slick with the water.

Josh felt Pete's hands on his shoulders and let himself be pushed to the floor where he lay flat in the shower water.

Pete's hand was frantically stroking his cock now, his face scrunched in various ways and his eyes were closed as he neared the pain and pleasure of orgasm.

Then his eyes opened wide mounted on a suddenly expression less face.

Josh saw the streams shoot out of his roommates cock falling on him. The feeling of the drops were lost among the water of the shower spray but he loved watching the streams keep pulsating out of Pete's cock.

They landed on his chest, crotch even his face.

Pete stood there panting slowly turning his face in to a smile.

"What about you" he half whispered breathlessly.

Josh moved to his knees and took Pete's softening cock which he still held, into his mouth. He sucked the last drops then slid his tongue all over the reddened cock until he felt it harden.

Pete seemed surprised but his hands rested first on Josh’s bare shoulders.

"Oh shit man" Pete said as he felt his body start to roar not only with this youthful reservoir of sperm but with the fact his naked roommate had voluntarily begun to give him head and seemed to be doing it with a hunger of a starving calf.

Pete's hands moved to Josh’s head. He somehow became even more excited feeling Josh's head as it moved over his crotch.

"Gonna" Pete didn't have time to finish his warning as his body spilled out more streams all too soon. Pete didn't want the feeling of the boys tongue and lips on his cock to end.

Josh pulled back and it was then that Pete saw he had been jacking his own erection and apparently had exploded already, perhaps when Josh had tasted Pete's cum which would make it even more exciting.

They walked back to the room carrying their towels beside them. Their naked bodies felt the cool air of the hallway. They were alone. One or two doors were partially open.

Perhaps the occupants left them open for air circulation or perhaps their eyes saw through the darkness of the open area to see the two naked roommates walking side by side.

"We got to do that again sometime" Josh said as he tossed his towel on his chair.

"What about now?" Pete dropped his towel on the floor and knelt on it. "I figure I owe you one."

Josh stood close. "Ok but we'll have to get a shower afterwards"

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