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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gym encounters

A couple of days ago, I was thrown from my usual routine of going to the pool at the gym before work and ended up going later in the morning. The visit started off innocently enough. I took a shower, and then put on my speedos and went out to find a lane. The only free spot was between an older woman "water walking" and a guy who was plowing through the water like a warm knife through butter. After a short stretch, I jumped in the water and started swimming. I managed to synchronize my laps with the man to my left so that I was slightly behind him at all times. This did two things. One, it let me look all I wanted to, and two, gave me a reason to not slow down and keep swimming. I was able to tell he was in his twenties and he looked hot. I kept up to him for about 25 minutes. Since he was swimming at a pace faster than my normal lap swimming-long distance pace, this was quite an achievement. However, I finally had to admit I had met my match and climbed from the pool quite out of breath and with a pleasant ache in my shoulders. As I walked back to the locker room to wash the chlorine off, I was unaware of a pair of eyes that were following me. I grabbed a drink before showering.

As I walked into the shower area, there was only one other person there. A guy about 28 years old. He looked quite stunning. But perhaps the biggest reason I found him attractive was his erection. I'm sure he had been playing with himself seconds before I walked into the shower. He wasn't shy about it either. Unlike most men, caught in the shower with an erection, he didn't turn to face the wall. I guess he sensed my interest because he faced outward and started soaping his crotch. He didn't actually stroke himself, but he came as close to it as you can imagine. My shower partner finished up and with a backwards glance at me, headed off to the lockers. "Oh well, at least I got to enjoy the show" I thought to myself. I finished my shower and headed off to hang up my speedos.

After hanging my speedos up to dry on the outside of my locker, I grabbed a towel, and headed off for the whirlpool. I settled in and let the bubbles and heat start to work their magic and drain the chill left from the pool. I heard someone enter the area and opened my eyes to see who it was. I was my friend from the shower! He stepped in the bubbly water and settled closer than "proper" whirlpool etiquette dictated for two "straight" men in the bath, namely he should have taken a seat on the opposite end of the tub from me. However, he chose to sit about half way. Still far enough so as not to be obvious, but close enough to let me know that he was available.

After a few minutes, I felt his foot nudge mine. It could have been an accidental touching of feet, but I didn't think so. I moved my foot slightly in his direction and after only an inch or so, made contact with his. Neither of us moved our feet away, and shortly, his hand found mine underwater on the bench. We were too far apart to do anything, but now we both knew, we were definitely interested. However, thanks to a couple of men returning from a squash game, we were unable to continue in the whirlpool. My friend quickly got out and headed back to the showers. I decided to wait, and enjoy the parade of flesh before my eyes. A few minutes later, my friend, freshly washed and also cooled down a bit, winked at me on his way to the steam room. After a decent interval I followed him.

After allowing my eyes and breathing to adjust to the steamy conditions, I saw my friend sitting at the very back of the steam room. We were the only two there and this time, I broke protocol and sat close to him (steam room etiquette is much like whirlpool etiquette, unless necessary, sit far away from the other men). When he was sure it was me, my friend moved aside his towel and spread his legs. He was giving himself a casual ball scratch/dick pull when someone waked in. My friend draped his towel back over his returning erection and we waited. After about 5 minutes, the new comer couldn't take the heat anymore and left. As soon as the door closed, the towel was off and the hand was stroking.

I moved closer and gently replaced his hand with my own. He sighed and smiled at me. I started to slide my hand up and down his rigid piece of meat and he surprise me by leaning over and taking a nipple into his mouth and gently sucking it to hardness. After a few moments, he leaned back and I returned the favour, only it wasn't his nipple I was sucking. He groaned as his cock slipped into my mouth.

Having had a few blow jobs in the steam room, I know the unique sensation. The mouth is wet, but due to the surrounding heat, it actually feels cool, and wonderful. My friend thought so too as his hands came to my head and guided me up and down. After he got a rhythm started, one hand detached itself from my head and started playing with my nipples again. Once they were both hard, the hand travelled down to my crotch and started stroking my cock and playing with my balls. He told me to scoot forward a little bit and as soon as I did, his middle finger found my butt hole and started teasing me.

When I didn't pull away, or tell him to stop, he started pushing his finger inside me. Thanks to the steam, and the sweat, he didn't need any lubricant and his finger slid deep inside me. I groaned and almost shot my load right then. I kept working on his cock, and he kept working my ass with first one, and shortly two fingers. After he had two fingers deep in my ass, he pushed me off his cock and told me to stand up and turn around. I was a little hesitant, a blow job in the steam room is one thing. Getting fucked is something totally different. However, his fingers and another gentle suckling of my nipples removed any objections I had.

Almost before I knew what was happening, I was bent over the back bench, and my new friend was poking his cock inside me. After a short delay while he got everything lined up, I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my ass. I relaxed and his cock slowly pushed inside me. I could tell he had done this before because he never went too fast. Even though we were in danger of being caught, he still thought of me and only went in as fast as I could take it. When he only had about 2 inches inside me, he started fucking. In and out, slow at first but building faster, deeper strokes. Before long, I felt his balls mash against mine and I knew I had him all the way.

We were both trying to be quiet, but moans and groans were escaping us both. After a few minutes though, the heat was getting to both of us, and to make matters worse, we heard someone approaching the steam room door. Luckily, someone else stopped whoever it was and they started talking. This gave us enough time to get separated and "presentable".

No sooner had we both covered ourselves, than the door opened, and in walked my man from the pool. He surprise me by immediately starting up a conversation with me. He asked about my swimming and how long I had been at it, and all that. Out of the water he was really quite striking. However, my mind was unable to focus on the conversation as it was still fixated on my interrupted encounter. Anyway, he was still wearing his suit, and even though I could tell he was fairly well endowed, men who wear bathing suits to the steam room are generally not interested. After a few minutes had passed, and my earlier friend had subsided enough to be seen in public he exited the steam room and with a quick eye glance, asked me to join him. I made some excuse about the heat, and excused myself from my swimming conversation about 30 seconds later.

Since I really was hot (I guess I had been in the steam room for about 20 minutes, 5 longer than my usual stay), I walked into the showers and guess who I saw, my friend from the steam room. He was busy lathering himself up and washing the sweat from his body. I took a shower near him and started doing the same. I was tempted to do the "drop the soap" routine, but decided against it. After a quick, yet cold shower, we both returned to our lockers. Surprisingly enough, we were on the same row. My friend started digging in his locker and pulled out a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt. He made sure I saw him put them on and then pretended to do something in his locker while I did the same. 2 minutes later, we were exiting the locker room and I asked him where we were going. He mentioned an out of the way bathroom on the upper level.

Once there, we wasted little time getting back down to business. Within seconds, my mouth was again attached to his cock, and he was using both hands to guide me up and down. Every so often, he'd plunge deep and hold it there until I almost gagged. After a few minutes, he pulled up my T-shirt and started playing with my nipples again. I groaned when he pushed me off his dick and pressed me against the wall. I was shocked when he bent over and engulfed my cock with his mouth. He didn't suck very long before he took my balls into his mouth for a gentle tongue bath. Then, he stood up and asked me to turn around.

I bent over the toilet and spread my legs. I was expecting him to take up where he left off in the steam room. However, he surprised me with gentle licks and nibbles at my ass hole. He worked my tail over for about 5 minutes, licking, sucking and probing with his tongue. Once he had me practically climbing the walls in pleasure, he stood up and once more lined up his cock with my waiting butt hole. This time he didn't stop with just two inches, he slowly pressed his entire length, about 7" into me. After pausing a few seconds to allow me to adjust, he started rocking back and forth, see-sawing in and out. As he picked up speed, he started talking to me. He said things like "great ass," "hot hole", and "I love ass." The one that surprised me the most was "My girlfriend never lets me fuck her ass."

He really got into it, and had me almost screaming from pleasure. After about 5 minutes, he really started pounding hard and fast. Suddenly he jammed it all the way in and with a groan started cumming up my butt. He laid himself over my back and rested there while his orgasm washed through him and his cock pulsed out it's seed deep in my guts. After a few minutes, I heard his breathing return to normal, and I felt his cock start to shrink. It slithered out with a small "pop" and he stood up. As I straightened up, he again surprised me by reaching over and grabbing my still hard cock. He started pumping. Before long, I was on the ride to orgasm myself! As I was fighting to hold back the feelings, he reached over with his other hand and lightly pinched one nipple while leaning down to suck the other. That was all I could take and exploded all over the wall of the restroom. He didn't stop pumping until I reached down and gently, yet firmly removed his hand.

My friend pulled up his pants and walked over to the sink. I sat on the toilet and started cleaning up the mess I had made on the wall. As he cleaned himself up, he started talking to me. He said how much he enjoyed it, and how he loved to fuck ass, but his girlfriend never let him. Of course he said he wasn't gay, that it just "felt good" and he was just doing what he had to do to get what he wanted. I sat there and listened to him rationalize his actions and then as he was leaving he said over his shoulder "Thanks for the good time, I hope to see you around again." Then he was out of the restroom. I stayed there a few minutes more, finishing my "cleaning" job and letting loose with several "fuck farts" before pulling up my shorts and heading back to the locker room.

Back in the locker room, I undressed and took another shower. Since I didn't have anything else planed that day, I decided to take another soak in the whirlpool. The water felt great as I eased my slightly sore butt into it. Again I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the flow of bubbles and jets of water. I was almost asleep when someone entering the water drew my attention. As I looked up, I saw it was my swimming friend from earlier, Only this time, he wasn't wearing his suit!

He sat down across from me and a little to the left, not exactly breaking etiquette, but definitely bending it a little. We started taking again and before I knew it, I felt his foot touching mine. I didn't react and felt his foot start working it's way up my leg. "What is this," I thought, "queer day in the whirlpool?" Before long, his foot was squirming around on my crotch. Despite my activities a few moments before, my cock started getting hard and believe it or not, he actually started jacking me off with his toes!

As I sat there, enjoying the feeling, I felt his other foot start to poke around my butt. He quickly found what he was searching for and seconds later, his second toe was deep in butt. I was being toe fucked and getting toe jacked in public! All the time he was doing this, people were walking around, and some even stopped to talk to him. I learned his name was Joe, and he was some kind of doctor. However, I was finding it hard to concentrate on his conversations as wave after wave of pleasure built up in me. Lucky for us, the bubbles and water jets made it impossible to see what was going on beneath the surface. I tried using my feet in a similar manner, but found that without my feet firmly on the floor, I quickly lost control and started floating off.

After about 10 minutes of this intense 'toe" action, I managed to whisper to Joe, that if he didn't stop, I was going to explode. Well, this only seemed to encourage him as he started pumping faster. He withdrew his toe from my ass and I thought he was finished. However, he soon returned and I felt his toe pressing against my butt again. Only this time, it wasn't his second toe, it was his big toe! It pressed up against my hole slowly and with increasing pressure until I felt it pop into my ass. This, combined with the toe-jerk I was getting, served to send me over the edge and I exploded. Shot after shot of cum poured from my dick only to be washed away by the swirling waters.

Lucky for me, there wasn't anyone else in the area at that time, or I'm sure they would have known what was going on. Either that, or they would have thought I'd been in the hot water too long and was having an attack of some kind.

Al kept up the action, with both feet until I managed to let him know I was finished. Then his toe popped out of my rectum and his foot vanished from my crotch. Before I could start to repay him for his actions, he mumbled a "thanks" and a "see you around" and stood up. I looked around and since there wasn't anyone in the area, I casually reached out and grabbed his hard cock as he walked past me on his way out of the tub. He stopped and I heard a deep groan. I leaned forward and took his cock as deep into my mouth as I could. He let me "nurse" on him for about 30 seconds before withdrawing his cock from my mouth. He looked at me and said "That's nice, but I don't have time right now. Maybe next time." He left the hot tub and quickly wrapped his towel around him to help try and hide his condition.

I rested in the tub until the timer cycled off and then got out and walked to the shower. On my way, I passed Joe at his locker, he was mostly dressed, however, his pants weren't buttoned. I reached over and put my hand over his crotch and gave his cock a nice friendly shake. He closed his eyes, laid back his head and groaned. I was surprised when I felt his cock start to jump and seconds later, I could feel his load wetting the front of his underwear. As he finished, he looked over at me and said "Thanks, I needed that." He then proceeded to finish getting dressed and I went on to the shower.

I washed myself, dressed and was leaving the gym when I saw an old friend drive up. He asked me how my workout was. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you"

"Well, was it good?"

"Better than I could have possibility hoped for" I answered him.

I'm sure he is still wondering about my smile and cheerful disposition as I left him at the door.


Jr from Brazil said...

Damn, you write really smooth...have you ever think of pursuing a literary career ? You should !!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Dear me... I wonder if there's a gym near me so full of horny men?


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