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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last night

So there I was last night lying naked on the settee watching the X Factor on TV when I thought I heard a muted sound coming from the bedroom. I got up and went to investigate. There was Kim lying in bed with the sheets pulled up to her neck. I crawled in bed beside her and found she was naked beneath the sheets.

"Umm, were you hot?" I turned to face her, and rested my hand on her sensuously rounded hip. "Well, I guess that's one way you could put it." She had a playful smile on her face, one I’ve grown to love. She leaned her face close to mine to kiss me softly on the lips, taking my face in her hands, softly exploring its contours.

Returning her kiss, I tentatively slipped my tongue in her mouth until it met hers, searching the inner recesses of her mouth. I reached my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me, reasonably sure that she was aware of my growing erection resting against her soft flat stomach. I ran my hand over her firm bottom, tenderly caressing the soft skin I found there. She slowly turned onto her back, and I reclined beside her, propped on one elbow.

Moving to kiss her, I lowered the sheet to her shapely hips, gazing at her firm pert breasts. I traced a trail of kisses down her lithe neck, and as I reached to take a firm nipple between my thumb and forefinger, heard her softly moan in response. I kissed my way to her firm breasts, and while taking her sensitive nipple into my mouth, I moved my hand between her legs. Lazily trailing my finger along her shaved pussy lips, her wetness increased as I did.

I gently bathed her nipple with my tongue, and softly sucking it into my mouth, gently fondling her responsive clit with my finger. I kissed my way across her flat tummy, and she slowly spread her slender legs wider for me. Perching between her widespread legs, I continued kissing and licking down her flat stomach until I arrived at her navel. I traced a line with my tongue to her lovely clean-shaven wetness, inhaling her exotic essence, flicking the end of my tongue at her sensitive clit, and her loud moaning served to incite my desire.

Trailing my tongue along along the length of her glistening cunt, savoring the taste of her ample juices, I gently sucked her distended lips into my mouth. As her hands urged me onward, I darted my tongue deeply into her, and as she exhaled her breath, she seductively moved her hips in time with my tongue. I moved to wrap my lips around her erect nub, and penetrated her tight pussy with two fingers, initiating a slow rhythm as I tenderly bathed her clitoris with a flattened tongue.

Removing my fingers from her glistening wetness, I positioned my middle finger at the entrance to her tight ass, slowly introducing it into her as I softly sucked on her proud button. She moaned loudly as I thrust my finger deeply into her tight ass, and as I withdrew it, I rose to my knees. I took her firm breasts into my hands as I kissed her lovingly, and while she was tasting her own juices on my lips, I felt her hand position my hard prick at the entrance to her tight slit. I moved into her, feeling her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate me, sensing her hand between us fondling her erect clit, and she raised her hips toward mine as I finished my thrust. My tongue danced lewdly with hers, and as I pounded into her harder and faster, I brought a finger to her ass.

"Oh yes! Fuck me, Jamie. Fuck me hard!" she whispered into my ear. She dragged her fingernails slowly across my back.

I insinuated my finger into her taut ass, and I felt the thrusting of my throbbing cock through the thin membrane separating the two channels. I felt her tight hole relaxing, and brought the bulging head of my shaft to her puckered rosebud, slowly applying pressure until the swollen head of my prick rested inside her ass. Kim’s eyes widened in ecstatic pleasure as I gradually eased my stiff cock into her ass, and after my swollen balls slapped her cheeks, I developed an easy rhythm within her. Her hands took hold of my hips, and she pulled me into her constricting ass as her head moved violently back and forth, my hard shaft pressing forth into her. I felt a familiar sensation in my swollen balls, and as I thrust deeply into her vicelike ring, released shot after shot of warm pearly cum into her.

Needless to say we spent the rest of evening in bed!


Lapis Ruber said...

Sounds like a perfect encounter. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


just thought id clear that up


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