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Saturday, October 06, 2007

My first time

Jo was a girl who lived next door when I was about 15. We hung out a lot but that was about it, she said she wasn't attracted to me "like that" and we were just friends until one night when we were drinking a bottle of cider and she asked me to tell her my deepest darkest sex fantasy. I thought for awhile and told her I always wanted to fuck her. She just laughed a little and asked me if I ever thought about having sex with another guy. She said the idea of seeing two guys fuck turned her on, I pretended to think about it for a while and said yes, I thought about it. Jo then told me she would do anything to see me with another guy and that she'd do anything for me if I did. I told her I didn't really know any guys who'd be into that (trying to get out of it) but she said she would take care of everything.

A few days later Jo called and said she would do what ever I wanted this weekend if I promised to follow her orders Friday night. I reluctantly agreed because I wanted her so bad and she said to be at her place at 8pm as her parents would be out.

When I arrived Jo was waiting for me with a big smile on her face looking especially sexy she said she was super-turned on and couldn't wait to get started I figured she had another guy coming over and we would do a threeway but when there was a knock at the door I was surprised to see two guys come in! I knew them both from school Dave was a swimmer with a hard body and shaved head Matt had long hair and always had girls all over him. Jo had a huge grin on her face and led me to her room where she told me to relax and everything would be fine. She undressed me and lay me on the bed and started setting up her camcorder. Soon Matt and Dave came in the room totally nude. They were both pretty hung Dave's was long and thin while Matt's was about the same length but easily twice as thick. They could tell I was nervous (but very turned on) and sat on either side of the bed. As I had time to think about this my cock became rock hard and soon Dave started stroking it. After a minute of this I decided "fuck it , this might be fun" and started to relax. Matt was playing with my asshole and told me to get up on all fours this kinda surprised me but I did it and soon Matt started licking my buttcrack this got me hot so I was ready when Dave put his hard cock to my lips, put his hand to the back of my head and told me to relax and take it slow.

Matt's hot tongue made me really hot and soon he started stroking my cock and licking my balls. The head of Dave's cock was in my mouth and I was really getting into sucking him, he took his time and fed me more and more of his slender rod. I was in heaven as Matt tongue- fucked my ass and I gulped Dave's throbbing rod, glancing over I could see Jo with her camera in one hand and playing with her pussy with the other. Soon Matt moved up on his knees and I heard him say "relax guy here I come" I wasn't sure what he meant until I felt the head of his cock press against my virgin butthole. He entered me slowly pushing the head in first and giving me a second to relax before slipping the length of his lubed cock all the way in to me.

I couldn't believe this was happening, my head was spinning. Dave was now fucking my hungry mouth and Matt was slowly sliding in and out of my ass. Dave was moaning and I knew he was close to coming, before I had time to say or do anything his salty cum was filling my mouth, shooting hot jets to the back of my throat. I swallowed his load and soon heard Matt in my ear telling me to get ready for him to fill my ass. This made me really hot and I started humping my ass against his hips telling him to give me all his cock deep in my ass. He started fucking me hard and fast and Dave got down and took my aching cock into his mouth just as Matt yelled out and pushed his cock deep in my ass and blew his hot load deep inside me. That set me off and I began to fill Dave's mouth with my cum.

After that we all collapsed in a sweaty heap and just relaxed for a while. Jo sat on her chair and we watched her finger her hot pussy till she came. She stopped for a second and then started licking her fingers clean then with a smile she asked if we were done. I didn't say anything at first but soon Matt got up and went to the bathroom and Dave crawled between my legs and started licking the cum from my ass. When Matt came back in I grabbed his cock and started sucking him to hardness, soon Dave had me on my back and was starting to stuff his cock into my stretched out ass with my legs over his shoulders Matt straddled my head and I started sucking and licking his hairy balls. He asked me to lick his ass and soon my tongue was working over his tight puckered hole. Dave moved down and started sucking Matt's cock while he fucked my ass. The combination of Dave fucking my ass and my hard cock rubbing against his firm belly soon had me coming all over my chest I pushed my tongue deep into Matt's ass and he came in Dave's mouth and Dave unloaded into my burning ass.

Finally spent the two guys left after a while and I got up and went in the shower. After I got out Jo and I watched the tape. It was so hot watching myself getting fucked like that I was able to fuck Jo all weekend long. When ever we started to lose steam we just popped in the tape and got hot all over again.


Anonymous said...

You were 15? Good lord!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a hot first experience at 15. Wish it had been me. hal


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