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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sex on the beach


Anonymous said...

The supine sitfuck, so expansively exuberant and soothing in private, is one of the most expressive and inspiring of our public fucks, and not unknown to draw the participation of passersby. Obviously, what it lacks in yielding access to top's ass, it makes up for in narrating bottom's delight in sharings of his immensened and gratified cock.

Anonymous said...

You have outdone yourself again Jamie. Wonderfully expressive vid.

Suze said...

Great video, I thought for one moment she was going to get it in the eye.

I'm experimenting with anal at the moment, not quite up to that speed yet but give it time. ;)

Anonymous said...

can u tell me, why can't i view the vids of egarotic as it said there's error loading the vid's url.I dun understand


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