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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My housemate, Matt

I groaned when I went up to my room and saw the tie hanging over the doorknob. My tie, no less! I checked my watch, 4:00pm. Damn it, they knew I came back from my classes at 4:00pm! I gave the knock on the door, three soft taps, one, then two, to let them know I was back. Then I went down to the living room and plopped down on the settee. We were in our second year at University and four of us shared a house. Only one of the bedrooms had a double bed. The other rooms had single beds. We’d divided up the rooms by tossing a coin but as we were drunk at the time we’d also agreed that whoever got the double bed had to let the any of the others use it when they’d brought someone back. I bagged the double room. So we all had our agreement, if any of the other guys needed the room alone, he'd put the tie on the door. That let me know I wasn't to come in. Then I would knock when I saw it, that told whoever was in there that I would be back in a half hour and he'd better be done by then and decent, because it was time for me to go ahead and go on in

This put me in the position of repeatedly meeting women who had just finished having sex with my housemates. They would be sitting, usually on my bed, with hair awry and their bodies sweaty and trying to pretend they had just been sitting and talking. I guess they didn't know that, the minute they left, I’d be regaled with details about every sexual position they had been using. "See that wet spot?" Matt, my best friend in the house (who was usually the one fucking some girl in my bed as the others didn’t seem to have the same luck as he did), once said pointing to a spot on my bedsheet for example. "That's where she came the second time. God, what a hot one she was, my balls still hurt!"

I couldn't fault Matt for his attitude about sex. He was big, good-looking stud with his dark hair, classically long, square cheeks, eyes that burned a bright blue and when he smiled, you felt like the angels were singing in a choir around you, hallelujah, hallelujah!

While I sat and watched Matt sitting on his bed after a sexual tryst, wearing only a pair of baggy shorts, and trying not to stare at his beautiful, Renaissance-sculptured body, as I was forced to imagine him atop some girl, his lithe form shining as he arced in climax above her, I could just see him like that, his head thrown back, his mouth wide open, eyes squinched shut, his back the shape of a bow with his hard cock the arrow flying into the woman's cunt, I could imagine him groaning out, "Ahhhhhhhhhuhhhhh!" as he did it.

I shook my head. Damn it, think about something else. The girl, that ought to make the old frankfurter in my pants go down. Who was Matt with this time? Oh, yeah, Chrissie again

Funny that Chrissie would agree to go with him. He'd dated her pretty steadily for a month, and then had the balls to drop her in favour of her flatmate, Charley. Charley had been a sexual dynamo according to Matt, and one of the few women who had dumped Matt instead of being dumped. Matt had rebounded by approaching Chrissie again. I figured she'd cold-cock him with a quick right hook. Instead, he'd set up a date for this afternoon, which had, apparently, turned into a tryst with Matt in my room.

So I was sitting in the living room at 4:15pm, waiting another fifteen minutes so I could go in and get changed. A dumb sitcom was on, not even one of the good ones, but I ended up watching it. When it ended, and I the two minutes until 4:30pm getting my stuff together and heading back to my room. Looked at my watch and it was exactly 4:30pm. The tie was still on the door, so I had to face Chrissie and all I wanted to say to her was, "What the fuck is wrong with you women? Don't you know he's just going to dump you again the minute he finds someone else?" Actually, not say it, shout it!

I got the door open with my books in front of me like a girl (just levering them into the room like that, I hadn't carried them that way) and when I got into the room, they just rolled down my body like so many dented croquet balls, hitting my foot which hurt but I didn't say a word. I was too busy gaping!

Matt was spread-eagled on my bed, stark naked, tied by his hands and his feet, and had a dirty, filthy sock stuffed into his mouth!

"Matt, what the hell?" I asked

"Mm-mph!" is what he said

I shut the door and went over and got the sock out of the mouth and said again, "Matt, what happened?"

"That bitch!" Matt sputtered, spitting out sock lint off his tongue. "That freakazoid, skanky, stinking cunt!"

"What happened?"

"We talk at the student union over a coke and she's all sweet and forgiving." Matt said. "I said I was an idiot for going after Charley and she's nodding like she's agreeing with me a hundred percent. So I figure, we got some history and I said I could sure use a bit of special comforting just now."

"So you asked her back?"

"She knew what I meant." Matt said. "Can you untie me while I tell you this? Anyway, we get back and she says that she's going to show me a hotter time than Charley ever thought about and pulls this rope out of her bag. Said she's going to tie me to the bed and ride me like I've never been ridden before. And I'm thinking, all right!"

I was looking at the ties on one hand as he spoke, and sneaked a look down his body. God, that cock he had on him. I'd seen it before in the gym showers, but this time, he'd had an erection until some time ago, and it was still all fat and distended.

"So she gets me naked and she's mostly naked, just bra and panties, kissed on me, and sucked my cock a bit, then said, 'Now get on the bed and I'll tie you down.' Didn't you hear her, that was when you knocked before." He turned his head, trying to look up into my face

"No, I didn't." I said as I quickly turned my attention back to the knot. Geez, Chrissie must have gotten a merit badge in knots! I couldn't even find the ends on this one! A real Gordian knot or something!

"Anyway, I'm all tied down and she gets off me, bends down and picks up the sock I'd just taken off." Matt said. She balled it up and came up to the bed, right where you are now, and she said, 'This is for dumping me for Charley!' and she shoved that thing right into my mouth! And then she gets dressed and said, 'And this is for lying your ass off in the student union just so you could get me back in bed with you!' And then the bitch just walks out the door! And so here I am, lying in bed naked and feeling relief that at least you're going to be the one who finds me tied up here. Hey, can you get me untied already? I got to hurry, I can still call up Sam and see if she's free for tonight. I got a load in my balls that I got to get out or I’ll have to have a wank!"

I felt something snap in me at that. Matt had just been given one hell of a lesson about toying with women's emotions. Sam was one of those sweet types, kind of an innocent and a bit stupid. Matt could talk her into anything and he'd played with her emotions for over a year now. She was so pathetically glad to have his attention that, by Matt's own admission, he'd talked her into all kinds of things, like fucking her ass instead of her cunt, and then sticking it in her mouth with his dick all shitty with her ass. He loved degrading her, I think. Not because she deserved it, but because he could.

I got up from my position with one hand on the bed, straightening up and I said, "I don't think so."

"Huh?" Matt was surprised. "Hey, Jamie, come on, get me loose. My balls are boiling, I tell you. That bitch got me all worked up and then left me hanging! Jesus, I'm so horny, I can't stand it, now get me untied and I'll find a cunt to fuck."

He saw my face and my jaw set and he said said, "Okay, I promise I won't call Sam, then, if you're sweet on her. I'll call Jill or Amy, then. They're both easy pieces."

Easy pieces. You'd say anything, do anything, just to get off, wouldn't you?" I said to Matt

"Hey, they like it." Matt said. "Now come on, untie me."

"Yeah, you don't care how you get off, do you?" I said, putting a knee up on the bed. "As long as you get off, you're happy."

"Hey, Jamie, you're freaking me out here." Matt said. "Untie me now, please."

"Oh, now it's please." I said. "You're ready to beg me, are you?"

I took hold of his cock just like I'd always wanted to. Matt gasped and muttered, "God damned! Jamie, you want to play with my dick, untie me and I'll let you, damn!"

"Yeah, you would." I said as I pumped on him. His cock firmed out and I saw it hard for the first time. Jesus, this stud had about eight inches on him, and it was fat, too! No wonder the girls all lined up and tolerated his antics and begged for more! Well, this cock was now mine! "I'm going to play with it." I said. "Anyway I fucking feel like."

"Ooh, ah, gah!" Matt murmured

"Until I feel like letting you go, Matt." I said. "You belong to me."

"Ooh, ahh, yeah!" Matt groaned

"The only question here is, what do I want to do with this dick." I said. "Do I want to just whack you off, maybe?" And I sped up my hand on him

"Ohhh, Go-o-o-o-d!" Matt moaned. "Shit, yeah, beat my meat, beat it."

"Or maybe I don't want to do that." I said, letting go of him. Just left him with his cock waving slowly back and forth, as a long, lazy string of clear fluid ran down the shaft

"Don't stop!" Matt gasped. "Man, please, I gotta get off now, I gotta! If you're going to stop, untie me, and I'll wank myself."

"What makes you think I'm stopping?" I said to him

Matt just let out a long, low moan

I leaned over his cock and just let my breath exhale upon it. "You got a nice cock, Matt." I said to him. "Very nice."

"Oh, God, Jamie, do something with it, please, man, please!" Matt begged me

My answer was to give a quick lick of it with my tongue. I didn't intend it, but the fluid on his glans touched my tongue and stuck to it like so much glue. When I lifted away, the string of precum came away with me, clinging to my tongue-tip like a crystal bond. "Ohhhh, God!" Matt gasped again. "Shit, Jamie, please suck me, Jamie, please suck me, God, I need you to suck me, please!"

"Maybe I will, and maybe I won't." I teased him

Matt moaned, but before he could beg further, I took his the head of his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue over the glans. Mostly I was wiping away the precum, or taking it in, rather, but when I let go again, Matt was babbling, "Oh, shit, God, Jamie, please, man, I'll do anything, suck me, Jamie, suck me and I'll do anything for you, I'll suck you, I'll let you fuck me, anything, just please suck me off, please, man, please, I'll do anything for you...."

"Anything?" I cut him off

"Yeah, anything." Matt guttered. "Please, man, anything, just suck me off and I'll do whatever you want, whatever, I promise, man, I promise."

"I know what your promises are worth." I said. Then I sucked on him a little, enough to have him moaning madly and his cock was so hot, I half-expected him to cream right then. "Damn, you are hot, aren't you?"

"Yeah, please, I need to get off, I need to."

"Then quit telling lies to girls to get them in bed with you." I said. "You promise that, and I'll suck you on off."

"I promise, never again, I promise." Matt prattled. "I swear it, man, I swear to God, just suck me off and I'll never lie to a girl again, ever!"

I smiled. "That's a good little tied-up stud." I said. "Now you're a good boy, and good boys get their reward."

And Matt moaned as I took his cock down and began to suck him. "Oh, God, thank you, Jamie, thank you, thank you!" he said. "God, man, suck me, suck me good, oh, God, I need to cum, I need to cum, God, God, God!"

And Matt went off into groans and moans and he sprayed his hot jizz into my mouth. God, there was a lot of it, and I mean a lot! Matt was practically drowning me in his spunk, he really was turned on by this, I mean really and he was spurting into my mouth and throat, and I drank it down, God, such hot jism from this hot stud, and it was mine, all mine, and I was drinking it all down, all of it, shit, I loved Matt's body and I loved his cock and I loved his cum!

It ended, though, after a while, and I sucked until Matt was weakly panting and his cock drooped and became soft and even wimpy-feeling. All its virility was gone, I had drunk it all out of him

"Oh, man, that was so fucking hot, so hot!" Matt whispered. "So damned good."

"Yeah, that was good." I agreed

"You've been wanting to suck my cock a long time, haven't you?" Matt asked

"I guess I have." I admitted

Matt smiled. "Why don't you untie me and I'll show you a good time." Matt said

"You promise?" I smiled and went to work on the knots. Got him untied, then lay down on the bed. Still dressed, but figuring on seeing what happened next. Matt got up, got dressed and said, "So come on."

"Go where?" I was puzzled

"I figured I owe you for that blowjob, so I'm offering to take you out to dinner and then a movie." Matt said and his grin wasn't a nice one
"You bastard." I said and got up anyway. Matt wasn't going to reciprocate, but hell, a meal and a movie wasn't such a bad payback from a straight guy, was it?

Matt didn't reciprocate and he seemed to have forgotten his promise. He had a new girl back in my room the next day and seemed to be out to cut a swath through the female population on campus

I considered this and then gave a girlfriend of mine back home a call. She was enough of a friend to hear me out and agree

Matt came in with my friend on his arm a bit later the day she came to campus. "Hey, Jamie." he said

"Hey, Matt." I said, acting as if I didn't know his girl at all

"This is Monica." he said to me, indicating my friend Diane

"Nice to meet you, Monica." I said to Diane

"Uh, you mind giving us your room for, like, an hour?" Matt leered at Diane as he said this. "Or maybe two, even?"

"One ought to do it." Diane said as she smiled coyly at Matt

"Sure." I said, getting to my feet. "No problem."

"Thanks." Matt said as he nearly pushed me out the door. He put the tie on the doorknob for good measure and pulled it shut, and I hear the lock turning. Me, I just smiled at that tie and checked the time. 6:15pm on a Friday night

Diane was carrying a pair of handcuffs in her handbag. She would arrange to put Matt back on the bed and leave him, just like Chrissie had. Another sex game gone wrong. I would go back to "rescue him" in an hour. I could keep him all weekend this time if I wanted to. Meanwhile, I had an hour to decide just what I wanted to do with him this time!

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