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Friday, May 08, 2009

Gates of Hell

I knew Kim had bought something recently from LoveHoney but I didn't know exactly what it was until last night. When I got home from work I found this on the bed:

There was a note with them from Kim saying that she wanted me to wear it all weekend whilst she is away with friends in Edinburgh. I found this on the web about them:

These can be painful, but certain women find they look absolutely delicious on the right penis. The Gates of Hell are a series of metal rings which, when worn correctly, adorn everything from the scrotum to the glans. They decrease in size as they move up the shaft, and the final ring is more or less decoration. While it’s helpful to slip into one of these while flaccid, the primary purpose is to wear it while erect -- and yes, that could prove painful if the rings aren’t perfectly sized. Then again, that’s usually the intention, given this toy is marketed to those who enjoy CBT (Cock and Ball Torture).

Toy tip: It’s not just about pain, however: the Gates of Hell can add a whole new dimension to oral sex, particularly if a woman fellates a man while holding an ice cube in her mouth. The mix of ice, warmth, metal, and leather can be mind-blowing.

Not sure if I'll survive the weekend wearing them!


Anonymous said...

It would be most curious if you did some girl during that weekend. Can not imagine doing a guy with it.

Anonymous said...

So it's approaching 22:00 there, did you try it on? I love the feel of a cock-ring pulling on my balls. Not sure what this sensation would be like.


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