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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is the biggest soft penis you have ever seen?

For the past few weeks I have regularly seen this guy in the gym locker room; he must be at least 7" flaccid. The first couple of times he wore his boxers to and from the showers (one day they were on inside out). But now he just strips and walks to the showers letting his cock swing around!


Anonymous said...

I have seen a few guys in locker rooms over the years who had to be close to 7" soft. But we are talking 2-3 guys out of the (probably) thousands I have seen in locker rooms since 1995.

Anonymous said...

At my local gym, I saw a guy in the sauna that I swear was 8" soft. He might have been pumping a little, but it looked pretty soft to me.

RB said...

What a timely question....just climbed out of bed with the guy I'm dating and was so surprised at how big his soft cock is. I have to mention it to him!

Anonymous said...

I have always been fascinated by men that sport longer thicker rods unlike myself (skinny)so I am in a constant search for the dudes packing heat. I have seen some in the locker rooms,bathrooms, and at a hospital. The hospital was an 18 year old that just had his pants cut off for a cath. Out sprouted a 5 inch thick 5 inch softie. Would love to c it hard

Anonymous said...

some big soft penis photos on here


Anonymous said...

One of the guys on my Soccer team at College has a cock that is 8'inches when he's limp. We actually gave him a ruler in the shower room and he measured it right in front of us so we could see how big he was limp. He's very uninhibited about being naked in front of us and he just struts around naked to and from the shower room with his huge cock swinging and flopping all over the place. It's wild to see and we gave him the nick name "Hose" because it's like he has a fucking fire hose hanging between his legs. LOL

Monica said...


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