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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I was 17 and she was called Chloe and was 19. She was hot, slim, sexy, nice tits. I loved the feel of her body against mine and how warm she was to be inside of. We struggled to have sex, only because of finding somewhere to do it. I was always horny and had to get off at least twice a day just because otherwise I'd be hard all the time. Her parents went away, meaning we were alone in her home in her bed together -- for as long as we wanted.

We took full advantage of it, as any teenagers would! We fucked, me on top, her on top, doggy, standing up, in the shower. Everywhere we could, anytime we were horny, the sex was good. She slid her lips up and down my cock countless times and I flooded her mouth over and over, I came hard, produced loads of cum.

So anyway, we were there the 3rd afternoon that her parents were gone, I was sat up in bed, my knees up slightly, naked, watching and feeling her slide her lips up and down my cock, I was watching my entire length just being engulfed by her mouth. She was doing a good job as usual, pushing the foreskin back with her tongue, running that tongue all over the head and slowly moving down the shaft till it was all in her mouth.

Up and down, up and down, god it was feeling good. She then just started licking the shaft up and down, down to my balls, she licked and sucked them into her mouth, oh this was new and felt great, she just rolled them in her mouth, sucked and pulled on them. I was moaning from the assault she was performing on my balls.

This was different I was thinking, and feeling great. She kept going on my balls and pushed my legs back so my knees were on my chest, she moved lower behind my balls, licking and sucking as she went, god this was feeling good. Then she did it, her tongue swiped against my asshole, I let out a groan and a moan and pushed my ass into her face a bit. It was an amazing feeling, her tongue dancing around my hole, pushing into it till it opened up a bit. She licked a spot in my hole making he feel amazing. She then swirled a finger around the hole and then all of a sudden I felt a bit of pain and my hole being opened up and I guess she was pushing her finger in, it didn't really hurt much, but was an interesting feeling. She moved the finger in and out of me, then I felt my hole being stretched a bit more, guessing a second finger was now inside me. Again no real pain, just full. She moved the fingers in and out, until she hit something inside me, I just let out a moan and it made me arch my back a bit and sent a shiver up me. What the hell had she found in me, she kept hitting it, over and over, my body was going into overdrive, my cock was rock hard and I could feel my balls starting to tighten up, oh my god I was going to cum and she wasn't even touching my dick.

She kept pushing against that spot in me, I found myself pushing back down as she pulled her fingers out -- we pushed towards each other, I was wanting this to happen to me. All of a sudden I was pushed over the edge, my cock exploded and I sprayed cum all over my slim body. I was panting like a dog, Jesus that was an amazing cum, I was still hard and her fingers were still inside me. "Wow" was all she said to me.

Anyway I had to get my own back, I turned her over and put on a condom and slipped straight inside her, I fucked her hard, as hard as she had played with my hole, until she reached her orgasm, and I reached my second. That was it for that afternoon, we still had the rest of the evening though!


Anonymous said...

Is this one true or fantasy?

hothardcock said...

This one's actually true.


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