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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last night

You walk into our bedroom and hear the shower running in the bathroom. tTere you see me cleaning myself off after working out at the gym. You can see my strong dark silhouette through the glass door of the shower. Soap suds and and water drops make their way down my body and they fall off my cock. Then I see you standing there in your silk robe slowly caressing your body. The garment feels so good on your skin but you know that my body would feel better. So you tease me and let me some part of your cleavage and my dick begins to rise. Then you turn around and let the robe fall showing me you nice round behind. You walk towards the shower door and I can see all of your luscious body, from your juicy breasts to your sexy hips. You look like a real woman. You step into the shower with me and the water is at the perfect temperature, it feels so wonderful cascading down your body and dripping off your hard nipples. Then i press my body against yours and kiss your deeply. My whole front is pressed against yours and my cock is slightly rubbing against your cunt. Then I rub my hands down your body until I reach your pussy which is wet but not from the water. I begin to rub my middle and ring finger inside your cunt while I massage your clit with my thumb. I feel shots of pleasure running through your body as we kiss. Then I move down kissing every part of your body until my mouth reaches your pussy and I begin to lick it as your wetness and the water runs down my mouth. You taste so sweet as I stroke you with my tongue and suck on your juicy lips. I can feel you shake and I taste you while you cum. then I turn you over, bend you at the waist and put my rock hard cock inside you. My strokes are powerful and hard and you feel me deep inside you. As I give you my cock I slap your ass and the water jumps off your body. With the other hand I slam you onto my dick from your waist. It feels so good being inside you and the warm water running down your back. You cum over and over again until finally I cum with you. As we finish our shower and turn off the water I see imprints where your tits were pressed against the glass.

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