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Saturday, September 26, 2009


I’ve had some requests for more since this post. Well, her name is Alex-Jayne, she is from Australia and I met her a few weeks ago at a conference I was attending. She came and sat next to me at the dinner on the first evening and we got chatting. Whilst she introduced herself as ‘Alex-Jayne’ she told me that most people just called her ‘Alex’, so that’s what I said I’d do too. The dinner was a pretty formal event so when it ended I asked her if she’d join me for a drink at the bar. She replied that she had to just check in with her boss but that she’d meet me there shortly and we went our separate ways.

I was sitting at the bar when she walked in just before 10pm. She sat on the stool next to me and I ordered her a drink as I surveyed her outfit. She was wearing a gray skirt that ended 3” above her knees and a black silk blouse that did very little to hide her lovely breasts. Her blouse had the top 2 buttons undone. Alex crossed her legs and my eyes were drawn to them. She was barelegged. As my eyes came back up to her face she smiled and said “I see you like”. I winked at her and said “Can you blame me? You are one hell of a sexy woman”. She seemed pleased with that.

A few minutes later I felt her foot bump my leg. I assumed it was just an accident from shifting on the stool till I felt her bare foot start to rub against my ankle and up under my trouser leg. “Let’s move over to that booth” she said. I knew that my cock was filling with blood at the thrill of this woman touching me. After we’d moved and settled down opposite each other Alex slid her foot up my leg under the table and placed it directly against my swollen cock. I knew she was enjoying the contact and also my difficulty speaking as she rubbed my hard cock. I dropped my hands down and began to massage her foot in my lap. Alex enjoyed the attention and as I begin the slide my fingers between her toes I heard her utter a small gasp. She withdrew her foot and suggested we danced as there was by now a band playing. When we got back to the booth rather than sitting opposite Alex sat on my lap. We spent the next hour and a half dancing, drinking, talking, and having a great time. Between the dancing and the sitting on my lap there was no doubt in Alex’s mind of how much I wanted her. Every chance she was rubbing against my swollen cock and I could feel the heat of her against me. While she sat in my lap I would rub her bare legs and flex my swollen cock against her. She kept herself positioned so that her sweet pussy mound was riding on my ridged cock and we both enjoyed the sensations.

Finally Alex turned around and we shared our first kiss. Our lips came slowly coming together brushing against each other enjoying the feel of it. The pressure slightly increasing and being unable to help myself I opened my lips and sent my tongue in search of pleasure. Alex resisted just a bit and then opened her mouth and our tongues were doing the sweet mambo with each other. When we finally broke apart we were both slightly out of breath. Alex looked at me and said “Would you like to go upstairs?” I didn’t need a second invite and we left. My heart was pounding as this was someone I wanted to fuck. We entered my room and Alex sat on the bed. I got on my knees before her and removed her sandals. I brought her right foot up and began to kiss each toe individually as I caressed her soft foot. I kept looking into her eyes as I began to slowly suck on her big toe and I saw her eyes get very wide. Then she broke into a huge smile and began to gently wiggle her toe in my mouth as I sucked on it. I gave each toe its own attention and by the time I got to her left foot Alex was panting and I was looking up her skirt and saw a widening dark spot where she was getting wet. As I continued rubbing her soft foot I brought my lips to her knee and began kissing her softly. Looking in her eyes, her foot in my hands, I said “Alex I’ve wanted you all night”. She smiled and said “I know”. As I continued kissing her knees and rubbing her foot I could smell the aroma of her arousal and I knew she was enjoying this very much. I knelt upright and took Alex’s pretty face in my hands, pulling her close, and began to sensually and softly French kiss her again. Alex is an incredible kisser, lips so soft and the pressure of having them against my lips always just perfect. I realized this woman was so perfect I could cum just kissing her lips it felt so good. As we continued kissing I let my hands slide down and I gently unbuttoned her blouse, needing to see those beautiful breasts that I had dreamt about all night. I broke our kiss long enough to remove her blouse and bra. Her nipples were swollen rock hard. I gasped at their beauty unable to speak and could feel my cock twitch. I lowered my head and took her left nipple and breast in my mouth. I softly sucked this soft and silken mound under my lips while I slid my tongue back and forth over the swollen nipple. I used the back of my hand to lightly graze over the swollen right nipple as Alex held my head and allowed me to pleasure her. As I made her breasts feel wonderful I allowed my right hand to drop to her legs and began to very slowly touch and caress her thighs. This was not going to be any rush to her pussy as I wanted her so aroused and needing the touch that I was willing to take my time.

As I touched Alex’s thighs I was amazed at the softness of her skin. As I touched her legs I moved my mouth to her other nipple and began giving it the attention it so richly deserved. Letting my other hand drop I began to lift her skirt and exposing her legs. When I had it high enough that her panties were exposed she spread her legs granting me greater access. I loved touching her, caressing her, teasing her as my hands touched the bare skin but not her pussy. I could sense the heat as my fingers ran up either side of her leg and the sweet smell of her arousal wafted to my nose making me crazy with need for this woman. I took my mouth off her breast and moved my lips to hers, engaging her in another passionate kiss. My hands slid her panties off and she was moaning. I continued touching and teasing her but never actually touching her pussy. I lowered my head and slid my tongue the length of her slit tasting the sweetness of this woman’s pussy. Not only did she taste wonderful but she was extremely wet and as I slowly pushed my tongue into her I heard her cry out “YESSSSSSSSS”. I was determined to make Alex never regret what we were doing and I began making love to her lovely pussy. Using my lips I got hold of her lips and semi chewed them, doing first the right lip and then swiping my tongue up her sweet gash to collect my prize of her sweet pussy juice and then using my lips on her left labial lip. Alex was enjoying this as she kept gently grinding her pussy against my mouth. I curled my tongue tightly and began shoving it into Alex’s sopping wet pussy, using my tongue like a small cock to fuck her as deep as I could get my tongue to go. Her juices just kept coating my face and I revelled in slipping and sliding around her pussy but never losing contact with it. My top lip could feel Alex’s clit against it and I tried to keep the pressure going as my tongue made love to this woman. Alex was a very giving lover, telling me “Yes there” or “More pressure with your lip”. She wanted it and she knew that in me I wasn’t going to quit on her. I watched her stomach tighten and release again and again and I knew she was getting close. She was panting and humping against my face as my tongue was fucking her pussy and I knew it was a matter of seconds now. I moved my lips to encircle Alex’s clit and I sucked on it which drove her over the edge and she began to orgasm. Her hips were thrashing and she was out of control and it took every bit of concentration I had to make sure my lips stayed surrounding her clit. Alex cried out her joy. When she started to come down I stopped licking her pussy and she said “Come up here”. I took off my clothes and climbed up on the bed with her. I was over her looking into her eyes and I leaned down and kissed her mouth gently. The head of my swollen cock was between her legs and I knew it wouldn’t take much to be inside her. Breaking the kiss I raised up slightly looking into her beautiful face. She looked at me and then said the words I was waiting for … “FUCK ME”. No other words were necessary and as I looked into her eyes I began dragging the head of my cock through her sopping wet gash. I could feel her velvet rose petal pussy lips flowering open for my cock. I settled my cockhead into her lips and while barely moving I centred it on the entrance to her pussy. Alex settled her bare feet on my hips as I prepared to enter her. I looked at her and I slowly sank my cock into her, getting about 3” into her and I had to stop. The incredible sensation of having my cock inside her had me on the edge of spurting. I just let my cock soak in her, feeling her tighten around me and massage my cockhead. I pulled back a bit till just the head was still inside and then pushed into her tight pussy once again. The heat of this woman was incredible and with this second plunge I had about 6” into her. Pulling back once again, I paused and then sunk all of my cock into her. She let out a gasp. I just held myself there enjoying the sensation of being inside this woman. The incredible tingles as her pussy worked my cock and seemed to be milking it made me feel so wonderful. I began to start pumping in and out of Alex and it didn’t take long and I felt her pussy flooding as she had another orgasm and she soaked my cock with her lubricant. I was sliding in and out of the softest, hottest, best feeling pussy my cock had ever been in and I knew that I wasn’t going to last long inside her. Alex knew it too and began working her pussy muscles as I thrust in and out of her. She watched my eyes as I pumped in and out of her and when she realized I was starting to get close she started talking. “Fuck me Jamie, give me the cream I need” she moaned which caused my cock to start swelling inside her. “Plant your seed in my pussy” she implored me. Looking into her eyes all I could keep saying over and over was “Oh God Alex”. Again and again I said this to her and Alex begged me to keep fucking her and cum in her pussy. I finally lost it and buried my cock deep inside her, frozen in the moment where I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t function. All I could do was let my cock twitch and spurt rope after rope of hot, cum into the womb of this woman who at that moment had complete control over me.

I collapsed on Alex and she just held me against her. As I laid there I could feel her sweet pussy walls milking my cock to get every last drop of cum out of me. I looked at Alex and said “Thank you”. Her smile told me that she enjoyed it as much as I did and she leaned close and we began to kiss.

Alex and I spent most of the next 3 days together. We enjoyed walking around the hotel grounds, we enjoyed dining together and teasing each other in sexual ways that lovers do. And most of all we enjoyed the times of lust we spent together bringing each other to bliss as often as we could. On our final night Alex let me take those photographs so I would have something to wank over later.

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