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Sunday, September 20, 2009

What was your first 3 way like?

My first mff was when I was 15, I was fooling around with this one girl for a couple of weeks, and she had me round to her house to watch a movie with her friend and her. She had set me up, and it was a porno and next thing I know I'm throbbing from the movie and they're giggling saying "mmm he got to have both of them" and some teasing comments to try and make me uncomfortable. The one I was seeing lay across me and said something to "aww he's turning red! but this lump says he agrees". I remember the grab she gave my crotch to indicate she meant me poking her as she draped across my lap. She sat up and her friend leaned in and went what this and did the same and laughed when she felt everything shift. She said "I hear from someone you pack a pretty good dick". She smiled at me biting her tongue now rubbing my balls and cock through my jeans. I smiled and said "now who would tell you such a thing?" The one I was messing with laughed and mocked "who indeed!" as she grabbed my head which was what I thought was secretly sticking above my belt into my belly button under my shirt. The girls started to laugh and we started to make out. They undid my pants and played giggling and cooing over my cock from either side of me. They got to the floor and had me stand up as they took turns sucking me off. I blew my load all over the friend's face and they made out licking each others lips. I then took turns fingering and face fucking the two girls till I was rock hard again. I lay on the couch as the friend sat on my face and my girl rode me till she came, then the friend hopped on and I fucked her as the other watched. We fucked around for like 3 hours till she got a call from her parents asking what kind of pizza they should pick up on the way home from work. She said her and her friend wanted a cheese, and when she asked me I said meat lovers which made them laugh till her mother just said OKAYYYYY and hung up on them.

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