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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The first fuck

We both took off all our clothes and he started sucking my nipples. The sensation went from them directly to my cock. I felt his hand groping my balls as he sucked my nipples hard. He said he’d always liked me, and asked me to suck his cock. I got on my knees in front of him and took his thick seven inch cock in my mouth. He was surprised that I got his whole cock in my mouth and had his thick bush in my face. I felt his big low hanging balls as I sucked him and ran my hands along his hairy thighs. He moaned louder and louder and started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. He said he was going to cum and started to pull out of my mouth but I held his hips and held his cock in my mouth as he throbbed and exploded his thick ropes of cum. He watched me swallow his cum and said he knew I would like it.

We lay in his bed and he told me to lie on my back, and when I did, he grabbed my cock and started stroking me. I lay back and enjoyed feeling his strong hands stroking my cock, causing waves of pleasure to wash over me. He asked if I wanted to belong to him, and I said yes. He stroked me harder and faster, and I shot my load on my stomach and on his hand. He tasted my cum and then rubbed his cock with it, and pushed my legs up on my chest and told me to hold them. He took the remaining cum and lubed my ass with it, I felt his stretching the sides of my ass with his fingers, and then he scooted between my legs and pressed his hard cock head against my hole. I felt his head pop inside me and he slid a couple of inches inside me. It was very tight and it started to hurt. He held his cock there and told me to push out like I was taking a crap. As I pushed out, he pushed in deeper. It hurt as he pushed in and out of me, but the pain subsided, and I liked feeling him inside me as far as he could go. He asked if I liked him fucking me, and I said I loved it. He said he’d wanted to fuck me since he first saw me in the gym. He started fucking me with long slow thrusts. He said when he cums in me, my ass would be his and I had to let him fuck me whenever he wanted. I told him I want him to fuck me all the time. My cock got hard again and he started stroking me as he slid himself in and out of me. We moaned together and then he pressed his lips to mine and tongue kissed me as I felt his cum shooting deep into my ass. When he pulled out, he lay back and told me to suck him clean. I obeyed as his cum dripped down my leg. I got dressed and went home, enjoying his scent on me. I jerked off thinking of how hot it was to have sex with him.

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