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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Night with Tim

"Come on, Peter, it's Topless Tuesday," Jody said as he walked out into our hallway shirtless. Jody lived in the dorm room next to mine. He was trying to get all the guys on our floor to take their shirts off in the hope of getting any female visitors to take theirs off, too. "Take it off, man!"
"No, my chest is all hairy," I said, rubbing my firm stomach and chest through my shirt. I was 6'2" and fairly well built, with short, blonde hair and hazel eyes, but I still didn't like to bare too much of my body in public.
"It can't be that bad. Let me see." Jody reached for the bottom of my shirt and began to tug it up. As his fingers slid my shirt up my stomach, Tim walked into the hall.
Apparently, Jody had already told Tim about Topless Tuesday; he was wearing nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. Tim was incredibly fit. He had a set of washboard abs topped by two meat pecs, each with their own small, brown nipple. He seemed to have a perpetual tan, and he had perfectly straight teeth. Although I hadn't admitted my slowly growing attraction to guys to anyone on the floor, I would have loved to run my tongue all over Tim's smooth body.
"Wow, it looks like I'm missing out on all the fun," Tim said jokingly. I could feel my cock begin to engorge in response to Jody's cool fingers on my stomach and Tim's gorgeous body. I quickly pulled Jody's fingers out from beneath my shirt.
"Oh, yeah," I said with all the sarcasm I could muster, "We're having a regular orgy in here."
"Why didn't you invite me?" Tim asked with mock indignation. We all laughed, and I told Tim and Jody that I had to do some homework. As I was walking past Tim into my room, he playfully slapped my ass. I had to hurry into my room so that neither of them would see my throbbing hard on.
Luckily, I had a single--no roommate--so I could take care of my boner right away. I slid my shirt off, and my shorts quickly followed. I flopped down on my bed, my right hand already wrapped around my member. Images of Tim's toned chest flew through my brain, then his defined arms, then the sizable bulge I always noticed in his shorts whenever I saw him. If only I could slip my hand into those shorts and feel the warm piece of meat that caused that bulge, if only I could pull it out and fit my lips around it.
I could feel my orgasm building; I imagined Tim's tongue on my shaft, his lips encircling the tip of my cock. My strokes reached a fever pitch and suddenly I was blasting one, two, three, four, five thick ropes of cream onto my stomach. It pooled in my belly button as I slowly milked my softening dick, gradually coming down from my Tim-induced high. I lay still for a while, sticky with cum. If only I could see Tim naked, then I would be set for masturbation material for the rest of my life.
"Hey, Peter, I scored a couple six-packs for this weekend," Tim told me Friday as I passed him in the hallway. "You wanna help me smash 'em tonight?"
"Definitely, man!" I replied.
"Okay, sweet. Is it cool if I swing by around eleven? My roommate's staying in tonight, so we can't do it in my room."
"Yeah, sounds like a plan," I said, hiding my excitement. "See you tonight."
We'd finished a six-pack each over the course of a couple hours. I wasn't very drunk, but I was acting like I was smashed. It looked like Tim was feeling pretty good, too.
"Okay bro, so, this might be a weird question, but how big is your dick?" Tim asked slurring his words quite a bit.
This was completely unrelated to what we'd been talking about a few minutes ago--movies--so I was a bit taken aback. My body began to respond for me, though, and my cock began to grow at the mere thought of Tim knowing how endowed I was. "Um, why?" I laughed a little nervously.
"I dunno," Tim said, seemingly unphased. "It's just that I heard you had a big dick, and I've been told I have a big dick, so I thought we could, you know, compare. I just think that we're good enough friends to, you know, know this stuff about each other."
Quite honestly, we weren't incredibly close. We hung out, but we'd never really had any meaningful conversations before. But I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to possibly see Tim's package. "Who did you hear that from?"
"I dunno, just some of the guys. So how big are you?"
By now I was rock hard. "I don't know, I've never really measured," I lied. "Do you just wanna see it? Then we can compare like that." I hoped that he was drunk enough that this proposal wouldn't sound to homosexual. Tim closed his eyes and seemed to think for a moment. "Yeah, sure, why not."
And without any further ado, Tim pulled down his basketball shorts—he wasn't wearing any boxers--and his meaty member spilled out.
"Gimme a second and I'll get hard, then we can really compare. Beer always makes me horny," he said as he began to stroke life into his shaft. Within seconds it was stiff as a board.
And it was gorgeous. Long and thick, hairless, with a large set of balls hanging below. The circumcised head was pink and looked delicious--I wanted to pop it into my mouth on the spot.
"Your turn," Tim said with a little drunken chuckle.
Without a word, I extracted my rod from my shorts. I didn't need to stroke it to life like Tim had--just seeing his beautiful package had gotten me as hard as I could get.
"I can't tell which is bigger," I said, hoping Tim was as drunk as he looked. "Come over and we can compare side by side."
"We look about the same to me," Tim said, nonetheless crawling across the floor toward me, his rod pointing the way. "I'm about seven inches, so you're probably about seven inches." Repeating words unnecessarily was a good sign--he definitely was drunk enough to let me touch him.
Tim was now directly in front of me. "Ok, let's line 'em up," I said. I grabbed my dick and brought it close to Tim, then, acting as though it wasn't the most unbearably exciting and erotic thing I'd ever done, I grabbed Tim's dick and positioned it next to mine so that they were touching. His shaft felt warm and soft in my hand.
I was just barely shorter than him, which meant that while my cock head was touching nothing but a little bit of Tim's shaft, Tim's cock head was buried in my neatly trimmed pubes.
"It looks like we're about the same," I said, looking up at Tim's face. He had his eyes closed.
"Dude, I'm not gonna lie," he breathed. "This feels really fucking good. I looked at him, trying to guess if he wanted me to jack him off or if he was just very drunk and was making a simple observation. I decided that it didn't really matter to me. I began to slowly stroke his shaft up and down next to mine, rubbing our stiff cocks together.
Tim moaned. I took this as a sign of approval, so I increased the speed and length of my strokes. I could feel the soft skin of his member on my own meat; I was in heaven. I felt him start to leak a little bit of pre-cum, and it mixed with the pre-cum I had already been producing for a while, helping to lubricate both of our cocks.
I began to felt the beginnings of an orgasm. This time it was the result of actual sexual contact with Tim, rather than some steamy fantasy. This very real experience was a million times better. I saw Tim's face contorted in pleasure, heard his heavy breathing, felt his smooth, firm rod on my own; I was having a sensory overload.
And then none of it mattered because I was shooting my seed all over the base of Tim's cock, and by some miracle of timing, Tim was shooting his own load on me. Waves of pleasure washed through me, starting at the tip of my cock and spreading through the rest of my body, wracking me with an orgasm of such an intensity that I'd never felt before.
The unbearable pleasure ended, and I looked at Tim's face. His eyes were still closed, but he was smiling.
"That was pretty awesome, man," he said. "Now I'm gonna fall asleep, though."
"Wait," I said, grabbing some nearby paper towel. "Lemme help you clean up, first. And then you should probably take off your shirt so you don't get any leftover jizz on you." I cleaned my still very sensitive cock and pubes of Tim's cream, then wiped my own juice off of his softening meat.
Tim struggled to get his shirt off, and I removed it for him, sliding my fingertips up his smooth torso as I did so. "Do you wanna sleep in my bed?" I asked him once his strong chest was bare. "I can take the floor."
"Nah, I'm fine here," Tim replied drowsily. "You've got carpet." He lay back on the floor. "But stay down here with me; I don't wanna be all alone on the ground."
"Fine," I sighed with mock resignation. I took my own shirt off, then my shorts, leaving me in boxers, and lay down on the carpet next to him. "Night, Tim."
"Night," he responded.
I woke up the next morning spooning Tim. His muscular back was warming my chest, and my arm rested lightly on his abs. I could feel the heat from his firm ass on my package. I slid my hand down his smooth stomach and into his shorts, quickly fondling his warm, heavy meat, then withdrawing. I stood up and stretched. Tim was still asleep. I hoped that this would become a regular occurrence. Next time, I hoped I would be completely sober.

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