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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anal Sex

That night she knew something was different about their love. They undressed each other, and had normal slow romantic foreplay. They started their love making in the doggy style position; she thought this was kind of odd.

His thrusts were slow and pleasurable. She looked in the mirror and watched him fuck her from behind. His cock was so beautiful going in and out of her wet pussy. His eyes were closed and he was enjoying every minute if their fuck.

He pulled his cock out and tapped her asshole with it. She had felt him do this before, but never offered an invitation to fuck her there. She could sense that he wanted to explore it. She pushed on his hard cock with her ass. He got the hint.

He lubed up his cock, and then pushed his cock with his index finger into her ass. She moaned softly as his cock went in slowly. It felt good, and at the same time a little strange.

His thrusts were slow, and she enjoyed him being in there. He stimulated her clit while he was inside her. His thrusts got harder, but they still felt good to her. His breath got faster and harder, she could tell he was near orgasm.

She felt an orgasm coming on too. He pulled out and came on her ass. She could feel the warm squirts of cum run down her hips. He moaned over and over, she knew it felt good to him. She came as her whole body quivered and then she felt warm.

He caught his breath and hugged and kissed her. They took a shower, and then fucked again.

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