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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Would you do this?

Just came across this story on the web. Do any guys actually do this with food?

I was warming my five cheese Lasagna left overs and poked my finger inside to see if it was hot. It was warm and felt nice and soft and gushy. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yep! I laid out a big piece of saran wrap placed two long pieces of Lasagna and rolled it up!It turned out to be almost two feet long and thick. I have a big cock so it worked great. I had to double wrap it because it was falling out the sides. When you have a nice roll with all ends sealed slice a slit in one end. MAKE SURE ITS NOT TOO HOT. After I did I got myself super hard Pressed my cock in the tight slit. Pushing the plastic back (like when you start to fuck a girl then you" break the seal"). When your inside its heaven!If you got a good wrap you can one hand it, Spin it, pump it, shoot your load inside like I did then eat it! This could be messy so lay out a towel or go jack on top tile or something making is easier to clean.

1 comment:

raulito said...

you are one sick puppy...lol...I love it...


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