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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Meditation to Orgasm

Have you ever tried this? The basic principal is to orgasm by meditation alone, no hand touch involved. This vid is from a guy on XTube by the name of WeirdTwist. Let me know if you've done this and what it felt like.

According to WeirdTwist:

Its actually not that hard once you find the right muscle to focus on. Next time you're masturbating, close your eyes and see if you can feel the muscle that releases just before you ejaculate. Practice tensing that muscle and once you're confident you've found it, just lay back and "flutter" it (tense it, release it, tense it, release it, etc...)


raulito said...

I think it is possible...but you have to be very young...at my age even an erection is a welcomed event...lol

Anonymous said...

i thought it was beautiful... i got hard watching...


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